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Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Mustard Oil Extraction Business Plan - How to start a business of extracting oil from mustard seeds - Mustard Oil Mill Business Ideas

Our country is an agricultural country. 70 to 80% of the country's population is dependent on agriculture. The farmers of our country do all kinds of farming. Every type of oil, from spices to food. One of this cultivation is the cultivation of mustard. You must have known about mustard, these small small ones are black, white, or yellow in color. It is used to extract oil. Mustard oil is used for cooking all over the world.

Mustard oil is in high demand all over the world. Because mustard oil is beneficial for health and it is completely natural. In view of the demand for mustard oil, the farmers are also moving towards the cultivation of mustard. And India is the largest producer of oil seeds.

Therefore, more employment opportunities are being created in this related field. One of these jobs is to extract oil from mustard seeds. That's why today we will talk about how you too can earn millions by starting your business by working together to extract mustard oil. Where we will give complete information related to starting this business from cost. 

What is Mustard Oil Mill ?

The mustard crop grown by the farmers in the village is obtained in the form of grains from the pens, the grains are very small and smooth in appearance, which cannot be caught easily in the hands, these grains are filled with oil. When the crop is ripe, the whole system of the machine from which the oil is extracted from the grain is called mustard oil mill, here the oil is separated from the mustard seed with the help of machines and the rest of its pulp is dried. So that we can easily sell clean oil by filling it in cans and people can use clean oil in food.

Benefits of mustard oil mill ?

Key Steps to Start Mustard Seed Oil Extraction Business

Knowledge of business ( Mustard Oil Extraction Business)

If spoken, it is a big task to get the oil out of the mustard seed. Therefore, before starting this business, get the small and big information related to it. Because there are many such things in this business for which it is necessary to have enough information. For example, about the parts related to the mill, the information about handling the  machine, apart from this, keep enough information about the mustard seed deal, where to get the mustard seed, what type to take at the right price. Being aware of these things plays an important role in making the business successful.

How to choose a place ?

Like the rest of the business, the location in this business is not necessary to be in a big market or any crowded area. You can do this business at your home or even in any village. There should be proper transportation facility at your place of business so that there is no obstacle in transporting the goods. Or choose a place where more farmers live nearby and where mustard is cultivated more. So that you can easily get mustard seeds at low cost.

Required machines and their cost :

Machines are of different types, small and big, so obviously their price will also be different, machines are available in the market from 1 lakh to 20 lakh rupees, it depends on you what kind of machine you want to buy, you If you want to install mustard oil electric machine then you have to buy motor and if you want to buy diesel machine then you have to buy a diesel engine instead of motor. You have to buy some necessary machines for a normal mustard mill which are as follows-

In these devices, a motor is used to drive the machine which runs on electricity. But in case of no electricity, you can use diesel engine instead of motor.

Raw material required

Talking about raw material, the main raw material for this business is mustard seed. from which the oil is extracted. Apart from this, a bottle or pouch etc. will be required for packing the oil.

Where to buy Mustard-

The main raw material for this business is mustard seed, from which oil is extracted. Mustard stock is very important for this business. For this, you can take more and more goods in the mustard season itself, which will last you throughout the year, you can get these goods directly from the mustard farmer. Or else you will get large grains easily available in the market, you have to buy only after seeing the big grains of mustard, you should also know that there are many types of mustard, out of which there are two main types on the basis of colors - black mustard and Yellow Mustard. But there is also a problem with this that the production of mustard is not high in every state, in this case you have to take goods from another state where the production of mustard is high. But it will cost you dearly. Therefore, before starting this business, find out in your area whether enough mustard seeds can be found in your area or not.

How much oil is released on 1 kg mustard?

Now if you want to do oil mill business, then you should also know that how much oil is produced in 1 kg of mustard or how much mustard will be required for 1 kg of oil. So we are telling you that more than 350 grams of oil comes out in 1 Kg of good big grained mustard, that means for 1 Kg of oil you will need about 3 kg of mustard, the market price of 1 kg of mustard is about 50 to 60 rupees. It happens, if we talk about quintal, then the price is around 5000 +-.

How does the oil come out from the mustard seed ?

First of all, dry the mustard seeds thoroughly. So that the amount of water is removed from the mustard. After this clean it thoroughly so that there is no garbage left with mustard. After this, this mustard is put in the oil expeller machine. Due to which the oil comes out from the mustard and the remaining part of it separates in the form of cake. Which is used for manure in the fields or to feed cattle.

How much will it cost to open a mustard oil mill ?

15KW/20 HP motor approx 50,000, Oil dispenser 1 to 2 lac, Oil canter plastic bottle etc 10,000, Electricity connection 3 phase 20,000 In this way the total cost for labor staff etc. will come up to 3 lac. Since whatever the business is, first some money has to be invested, after which you start getting profits, you can also take a loan from a government bank because the government is constantly trying for small industries, here loan from the government and some on the rest of the machinery. Subsidies can be available, for this you go to your respective bank and take the information and then apply, before applying, read all the papers thoroughly so that any fraud can be avoided. First you have to invest all the money, you will get the subsidy after that according to the plan given by the bank.

How to earn from mustard oil mill ?

For 100 kg mustard you will have to pay about 5000 rupees and for 100 kg mustard you will need 3 liters i.e. about 200 rupees diesel (if you will run a diesel mill) otherwise the power unit cost may add different according to your area. Huh. Due to which your cost price is about 5000+200 in which your oil will come out about 35 kg and Khari rest 65 kg approx from which you will sell Rs.120 per kg of oil to Rs.4200 and Rs.25 per kg of Khari 65 kg you will sell for 1600+ which in total 5800 rupees and your expenditure was 5200 rupees approx, due to which you will get 600 rupees as profit on just 100 kg mustard. If you want to do business on a large scale then you will need more mustard. You can extract and sell 100 kg of oil in about a day. For whose consumption you have to pack the oil in bottles and bring it at a slightly cheaper price than the rest of the oil in the market, so that people

Mustard oil mill registration :

Mustard oil mill comes under small scale industry, for this you will also have to take a certificate from the food department in your area and after that you can also register in the government's campaign industry base, the industry base is related to a small scale industry where any shop Or your private small business can be registered, for this you can apply at any nearest public service center, where you will have to take Aadhar card and other business documents. After which, on completion of the process, you will get a certificate which you can apply in your mill, due to which you will be considered as a register under the small scale industry. You can also apply in FCI i.e. government organization related to food, after meeting the standard, you will also get the support of the customers and also relief from the legal problems of the government.

Double trade

Here you are getting double business because when you plant mustard oil mill then you will also get its anus i.e. Khari along with oil from mustard which will give you double business where you will sell oil in retail or wholesale market and also Khari will be sold to big fertilizer companies. Will sell them at good prices, due to which the expectation of profit increases even more.

How to supply mustard oil in the market ?

After extracting oil from mustard seeds, you can label this oil with the name of your company and supply it in the market. For this, you can supply these oils by packing them in plastic bottles, sachets, oil decanters and labeling the company.

How to increase sales ?

To increase sales, you should do maximum branding of your company. And contact as many grocery stores as possible and ask them to sell your wares. Apart from this, you can sell your oil to another company. Which already sells mustard oil.

Learn how to start Mustard Oil Extraction Business.Get Required machines and their cost details.Mustard Oil Mill setup cost and earnings

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