Nayara Energy's Petrol Franchise - How it Works ?

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

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Nayara Energy is an internationally integrated downstream oil company with a strong presence in the hydrocarbon value chain from refining to marketing in many segments, including retail.

Nayara Energy franchise

Nayala Energy's retail business has pioneered the concept of establishing a retail store using a franchisee-owned franchisee operating model with the aim of improving customer service. The franchisee rents the land to the company and then invests in the establishment. Outlet infrastructure.

Nayala believes in opening up opportunities for anyone who wants to own a petrol pump.
Here are the prerequisites for starting your own Nayala Energy Gasoline Pump franchise

Land to Rent :

The size of the land may vary depending on the location and the type of retail store you are establishing. As a rule of thumb, the land should be at least 800 square meters. Urban area or over 1200 square meters. On the highway. Land should also be leveled and developed. The dealer must lease his land to Nayala Energy for 30 years.

Investing in Retail Store Development:

The investment required to install a fuel station depends on the type and location of the retail store. Our completed franchise model requires the development of outlets according to solid knowledge and standards created by a team of experienced engineers, marketers, technicians and managers. Customers will never be disappointed because the franchisee must always carry the minimum amount of fuel needed by the pump for smooth operation.

Legal Permits:

Franchisees must obtain statutory permits, NOCs, and permits such as explosives licenses, retail sales licenses, and sales tax registrations in the name of Nayara Energy. An experienced and helpful national team is always available to help.

Business Engagement:

Nayara Energy shares all knowledge and learning about running gas stations, but its success invites people to work hard, show interest and adhere to best practices. Over time, businesses can accumulate a stable income stream for future generations.

Nayara Energy's Petrol Franchise in India.Get franchise approval details with important documents.

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