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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

How to start notebook Manufacturing business || How to start Notebook Making Business

People are earning a lot of money by producing many products with their hands and machines at home. We have brought one such business in front of you today and that is the business of making notebooks. Today we are going to tell you how you can start a notebook making business. Friends Notebook is a product that is used in every person's life. It is most useful for the students i.e. children. After that note book is used for accounting and for noting down your personal data etc.

Will this business work?

So let's see, the important factors driving the notebook products market at the level:

1) Today people have become aware of coming towards knowledge.
2) Also today the avenues of education have been opened for every human being.
3) Population is increasing, somewhere this is also one of the reasons why this business is growing.
4) The number of schools and offices is also increasing.
3) Government is engaged in making education available to everyone under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

Due to suitable reasons, today the demand for notebooks is increasing not only in cities but also in rural areas. Even today with the continuous efforts of the government, the number of schools and offices is increasing.

How many types of books are there?

While the number of students in our country is more, there is also a lot of difference in the books used by them. The more children, the more demand. Some of the more expensive books are –

record book
note pad
exercise book
drawing book

The one that costs the most out of all this is the notebook. Because it is the item which the student uses throughout the year. If you want to start your business in making notebooks, then first of all you have to go to the stationery shops near you to find out how much notebooks cost in a year.

This information will help you plan your business, as well as help focus your production. So that you will not face any problem in running your business.

What are the things that need to be taken care of in order to start a business?

There are a few things you need to know before starting a business.

What is the cost of this business?
How to promote your business.
What type of machines are required?
And what would be needed.

So let's see how you can not only start but grow your business.

What is needed for notebook making business ?

Notebook making business can also be started from home or you can also take the space for rent. You must register for this business of yours. When there was no machinery then note book was made by hand but now machinery is available for this you have to buy these machinery.

After this you need row material to make notebook. As far as the electricity connection is concerned, you can also operate these machines from the connections used in homes. You can hire workers according to your business. Make some cover to pack the notebook and along with it, it would be better if you take a warehouse to keep the made note book safe. After making these arrangements, you can start a notebook making business.

How much investment is required for notebook manufacturing business ?

To start this business, if you want to do business by buying a machine, then you have to invest 4 to 5 lakh rupees. In this, you have to manage everything from machinery to row material, in which this management is easily done.

What will be the machinery ?

There are many different brands of machinery available in the market for making notebooks. Note To make Bookmaker is to buy pin-up machine, etc. with a square machine, cutter machine . Even if many machines come separately, in many machines one or two jobs are done in one machine. So it would be better if you take such a machine in which more than one work can be done. Because such machines are cheap.

Pin up â€“ With the help of pin up machine, the paper is pinned in the notebook.
Square Machine â€“ With the help of this machine a shape is given to the papers.
Cutter Machine - Papers are cut with the cutting machine and they are given the right size.

What will be the Row Material for Notebook Making Business? 

First of all, you have to prepare a good cover page for your notebook. For the cover page you will need gatte which costs one rupee. After that you will need paper (shaft paper), the cost of shaft paper is 62 rupees per kg. And you can easily prepare 7 notebooks from one kg of shaft.

And if you want to do your business on a large scale, then you will also need printing ink, cover sheet, thread for sewing, gum, pin, sewing wire and cache. And if you are doing small scale business then you can buy already prepared paper sheet and sell it by making notebook. Which you can buy online from any store. You can easily get this row material from indimart online market or nearest market.

How to prepare notebooks ?

Although making a notebook is not a very difficult task, but for that it is necessary to have a good knowledge about its machinery. Let's know how to start making notebooks.

1- First prepare the cover of the notebook. The length and width of the notebook you are taking, prepare it in the same shape.

2- After this you have to prepare the paper, take out as much paper as you are making notebook and keep it with the cover and then start pinning with the help of pin up machine of cover and paper.

3- Now after this, correct its size with the square machine and prepare the shape. Meaning by finishing the notebook, give it a square shape.

4- After this, you can cut it with a cutting machine, if any paper is coming out more or is not in shape, you can fix it with the help of cutting machine and now your notebook is ready.

5- It takes at most 5-10 minutes to prepare a notebook and your notebook is ready for sale.

How to sell notebook in market ?

Notebooks are nowadays found in every small to big stationery and grocery store. So first of all you have to contact with every small big stationery and grocery store whether that shop is in any village or in city you have to reach your notebook to those shops. For that, you have to make the shopkeeper ready to sell your notebook at his shop by luring him with a discount.

To sell more and more notebooks, you can go to colleges and coaching centers and sell your notebooks by giving discounts to the students. For that, you can make different types of marketing plans such as one with free or two costing fifty rupees and one costing thirty rupees, so in this way you can sell your notebooks in good numbers by preparing offers.

How much money can I earn from notebook making business?

In making a note book, you have to spend up to Rs 12 on a note book. The same note costing Rs 12 is sold in the book market at a whole sale rate of Rs 14 to 15. That is, you can easily earn profit between 25 to 30 rupees on a dozen. The more number you sell your note book, the more profit you can get.

If you sell your note books through online market then you can earn huge amount of profit. Also your sales rate may increase when schools open and during exams. So friends, today we learned that how you can earn a lot of money by starting a note book making business.

How to promote your business?

If you are thinking about how to grow your business, then the easiest way is to

1) Go meet people yourself and tell about your business.
2) At the same time, until your business becomes very good, then reach the same yourself. With this you will get to meet new people, and at the same time there is also hope of growing business.
3) Ensure publicity for your company by distributing pamphlets, placing flexiys on the roadside in large public areas.

If we see, there are about 24 crore population in our country only students. So it is also certain that students will also need notebooks. So if you are one of those who want to open a new business, doing these notebook making business is a really great idea.

Hope you got your questions answered. So now you can focus on your business and increase it through suitable things.

Hope that you have liked the complete information about how to start notebook making business and it will help you in starting notebook business, then share this blog with your friends and family members. thank you

Learn how to start Notebook Manufacturing Business in India.How much investment is required ? Machinery for making Notebooks - All Details

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