Online Business Ideas Staying at Home - Top 20 List

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Today, due to the increasing technology and development, everything is being done sitting at home, whether it is to get clothes or electricity bills or even people sitting at home are earning money by doing jobs, so due to the increasing technology advancement, there is a need for internet and mobile. With the help of people doing business from home through mobile and laptop, then today we will try to know about the things related to online business sitting at home.

What is Online Business?

Business! Friends, this is a word that we have been hearing for a long time. There are many business such as, Import and Export, Property Registration, there are many such businesses, but out of all these, online business is a business that grows very fast. If you read about online business, then you will know that it is a very popular option among people in today's time. In today's unemployment environment, everyone prefers to do this type of business. If I go to tell you the definition of online business, then the business that is done in the digital world with the help of internet is called online business.

what is online business idea

There are different fields of doing business online, today people earn through new ideas and jobs by working from home in each field.

Therefore, such ideas which help in profit and earning, without being told by staying on the online platform, are called online business ideas.

Some of the main business ideas to earn money online which are present today in 2022-

By the way, there are many ways to earn money online, whatever methods are told to you on the internet, may or may not be true, we will tell you some of the best ways which are quite genuine and are good by which you can earn real money. .

1) Click And Sell Photos Business â€“

Nowadays you must have seen on Facebook WhatsApp Twitter that models, many people click their very best photos and put these photos, the quality of these photos is very good, you can also earn a lot of money by clicking photos. There are many such websites where But you can click on your photo from your phone and put it on the website

This is a very unique business, the growth in this business is very high  , you only need a smartphone to start this business, you do not need to spend a single rupee to start this business.

In this business, you can earn 10,000 to ₹ 20,000 starting every month, to do this business, you must have a DSLR camera, it is not necessary that you have any good touch screen mobile, then you can start the business of photography. You should have knowledge. I should be interested in photography – Websites — www.Foap.com, www.Clashot.com, www.SnapWire.com

2) Book Review Business â€“ 

If you are fond of reading books, then this business is for you. If you have read many books like literature books, novel etc., then you can start this business by writing book review meaning book comment, there are many websites on which You can earn a lot of money from book reviews. Book review means your opinion about any book.

This business is growing very much in countries like America, Australia, France, India is not yet aware of this business, it is a unique business and by starting this business, you can earn from 5000 to 10000 every month, that too in starting I will not even need a single rupee to start this business, you can start this business only with your smartphone –  Websites — www.goodread.com, www.literaryhub.com, www.bookbub.com

3) Online Tutor Business â€“

Friends, do you have any skill in which you are expert. Or if you have a good hold in any one subject, then you can earn good money by teaching people online. There are many platforms online where you can earn money by teaching online. You can start this business from your home

You can make your video and put it on an online website, you can get a big amount, if you are a starter, then you will get between 500 to 1000 rupees for teaching 1 hour, you can educate not one, not two, thousands of millions of children sitting at home. Yes, this opportunity is very golden, if you have a passion for teaching, then this business is only and only for you.

To start this business, you will only need a mobile phone and if possible a mic, you do not need to invest a single rupee to start this business –  Websites — www.TutorVista.com, www.SmarThinking. com, www.e-Tutor.com, www.Tutor.com

4) Social Media Marketing Business – 

In today's era, everyone uses Facebook, Instagram, but have you noticed that advertisements also keep coming in between on Facebook WhatsApp, these advertisement companies do it, if you know Facebook, Instagram well, then you can run social media. become a marketing expert

In this business, you will have to take a contract from any company and share any company product, you will have to create a Facebook page, have to create an Instagram page and share it everywhere, this business is very simple and you can do this with the help of your smartphone. You can start a business in this business, you can earn 10000 to ₹ 20000 at least in starting –  Websites — www.Appen.com $13.75 per hour

5) Write Poems, Story And Earn Business – 

If you have a passion for writing a story or a poem, then this business is for you. With this business, you can go to the website and put your story, you get at least 1700 to ₹ 17000 for one story and you get 1000 rupees for a poem. Get up to ₹ 10000

If you want to start this business then you can signup and start this business by visiting these websites, to start this business you should be interested in writing this business, you can earn a lot of money in a month from this business. The business considered most unique in India is –

Websites — The Sun Magazine â€“ Payment : $100 – $250 per poem, Poetry Foundation â€“ Payment: $10 per line with a minimum payment of $300, Crazy Horse Rattle â€“ Payment: $50 per poem, Boulevard Magazine â€“ Payment: $25 – $250 per poem, Three Penny Review â€“ Payment: $200 per poem

6) Quora Answer Question Business â€“ 

If any person does not get a solution to a question, then he goes to Quora and finds a solution to that question. Quora is a website on which common people ask celebrity questions and give answers accordingly, but do you know any question. You can earn a lot of money even by answering

Quora also gives money to every person for answering any question, this business is also very unique, you get at least 10 to ₹ 20 for answering a question, this business is teenagers in Australia, America, New Zealand means that students Do this business in large numbers, you can also do it like a part-time business, whenever you get time, you can answer any question, this business is unique –  Website — www.Quora.com

7) Write Thoughts, Slogans, Quotes Business – 

If you like writing Shayari Thoughts Quotes, then you can start this business. so you get paid for it

You can do this as a part time business and earn a lot of money. Many people in India are earning 3000 to ₹ 30000 in this business. This is a growing business –  Websites — Sloganizer.net, Idiomsite.com, BrainyQuote. com

8) Sell – Resell Clothes Business – 

Who is not fond of wearing branded and new clothes, nowadays we can order clothes from the internet to our home, we are going to tell you such a thing in which you can sell clothes through the internet, there are many such websites where you can go. You can create a clothing store of your own clothes and in that store, you can send these clothes to other people by sharing them on social media like facebook twitter whatsapp

You can earn a lot of commission from these clothes and it can also become your full time business, many people earn lakhs of rupees from it in months. There is a whole website, by signing up for free, you can sell clothes by making a clothes stall –  Websites — www.Meesho.com, www.wooplr.com, www.ebay.com

9) Voice Recording Business – 

If you are able to make different voices of different people or different types of voices, then you can start this business.

To start this business, you will need a mobile phone and a mic, you can record your voice on the online website and you can also get very good money, this business has not come to India yet America, Australia, This business is growing more in countries like France, USA, Germany etc. You can earn between 5000 to 10,000 rupees every month.

If your mimicry is very good then this business is for you, you can start this business and make it your full time career and earn a lot of money. To start this business, you will need only one mic. Which is available between ₹ 500 to ₹ 600 –  Website — Voicebunny.com, Voice123.com

10) Listen And Rate Music Business – 

Today everyone is fond of listening to music, but do you know that you can earn money even while listening to songs, from some such websites, you can listen to songs throughout the day by giving them 2 out of 5, 3, 4 or even full 5 stars. can make a lot of money

This business is very unique and you can do it as a part time business, by starting this business, you can earn between 500 to ₹ 2000 every month, you also get many coupons in which you can get free in Amazon, Flipkart. You can shop in –  Websites — Slicethepie.com, Musicxray.com

11) Graphic designing:-

Graphic Designing is also known as Communication Designing. In this, doing the planning, projecting, content color combination of ideas is called graphic designing. With the help of this, many men or women can easily start their graphic designing business sitting at home and can increase their business to a high level in a very short time.

With the help of this business, you can easily earn good profits sitting at home. This business can be done by any person of any age, whether it is a student, a woman or a man.

While doing this, you can decide the rate of your project, content as per your wish. As your business continues to grow. You can also increase your rate, in this way you can automatically earn good money from this business.

12) Digital marketing:-

Digital marketing is such an art and skill, through which people can earn by working with a lot of information related to the digital world. In digital marketing, the traffic coming to any websites and how many people came to your blog and websites in how many days, how long was it, earning is done by reaching one's business to the people through an online post.

Digital Marketing Expert has a lot of Demand in the market. If you become an expert in a digital marketing course, then you can earn more than 1 lakh rupees a month. Everyone has to do marketing in business. In such a situation, if you are a Digital Expert then you will have no shortage of projects. You get Rs.30,000 to Rs.60,000 for a project of costomers. Due to this business being complete online, you can generate a passive income from it.

13) Social Media

You all will know about this that Social Media is the most used. Social Media is very best for Online Business. From here you can earn money by marketing. People use social media the most, so if you do Affiliate Marketing by removing their needs, then you can earn above $1K Dollars per month. For this, it is very important for you to take knowledge. Because no business grows without any knowledge.

14) Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing simply means such marketing in which you promote others' products or services on your platform, in which you are given a fixed commission. To run Affiliate Ads, you have to use any one platform. As if,

Amazon Affiliate

There are many such websites available that give you a commission to promote your product. Many people are earning up to lakhs of rupees a month by doing Affiliate Marketing. To earn money from Affiliate Marketing, you first choose any one platform, after that get a little knowledge about that platform. So that it will be easy for you to understand that platform.

Apart from these websites, there is also Clickbank and Digistore24. Which gives you a commission of 75% to 95% on selling Per Product. Meaning that gives you a commission of $ 200 on a product. In such a situation, if you choose Affiliate Marketing, then you can earn a lot of money, but for this it is very important for you to take knowledge first.

15) Freelancing 

Freelancing is a very big platform for online business today. Where people earn from their skills sitting at home, if you have any special skills or any talent then you can do this work. Freelancing is a way through which you can connect with people from abroad and with companies from abroad. If you work for these companies, then these companies give you money in return for the work. If you have any skills. For example, if you have Content Writing, Web Design, Graphic Design or any other skill, then you can earn millions a month by freelancing.

Also, this is such a way that you can create a Passive Income Asset for yourself. Today there are many such websites and applications in marketing for freelancing, through which you can get work like freelancer, upwork, fiverr etc. These are some freelancing websites from where you can earn money.

16) Google Adsense

Have you ever heard the name of Google Adsense? If not, then let us tell you that this is also a good option to earn money. If you have a website, blog or any YouTube channel, then you can also earn money through Adsense. To earn money from Adsense, it is necessary that you have unique content on your website, blog or YouTube channel. Suppose you have a website and traffic comes to it around 10,000 in a month, then you can easily earn 30,000 a month and if the same traffic comes from countries like America and Canada, then you can earn more good income from it. .

Some important things to earn money from Google Adsense

To earn money from Adsense , it is necessary that you have a video, blog, website, mobile application or any one of these four, then you can earn money from it.

To earn money from Adsense , your site, application, blog or YouTube channel has to be linked to Adsense, after which Adsense shows ads on your website, video or blog according to your content, for which you get paid.

Adsense 's policy is very strict, so you are advised not to misuse any policy of this Google product Adsense.

Adsense is a product of Google itself, so you can trust it. When you have at least 100 dollars in your Adsense account, then Google will send you your payment every month.

17) Youtube Platform

Today, the YouTube platform is being considered as a very good option to earn online by making your own channel by making creative videos on anything related to your interest, or by telling some knowledge related things, connecting it with Adsense.

how to make youtube channel

18) Video and photo editing 

Photo and video editing is also a skill, by which people are earning thousands and millions of money, under this the work of editing is done by removing and applying background, fitr, cut music editing, adding effects.

Process and term of photo and video editing business-

19) Trading Online Business

Trading comes under trading to earn profits by buying and selling shares in the stock market.

Trading Online Business Process

20) Content Writing

”Make money through the power of thought and creativity.”

The basis of content writing is our best way to express our thoughts about anything, so that you can attract people with your content.

Content Writing Online Business Process & Terms

Many freelancers associated with content writing can also do this work through the site, and can do business sitting at home.


Q: Through which platform can online business be done?

Online business continues through Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms.

Q: What is online marketing in online business?

To make the online business accessible to all, it has to be promoted on social websites by advertising, by post, by putting stories and earning by attracting customers.

Knowledge of digital marketing is very important in online marketing.

Q: Tell me a tips for online business success?

Put the online product in front of the people in a creative way, so that people go towards that product.

Q: What does online shopping or selling clothes on social sites come under?

The work of online shopping on social sites comes under the entrepreneur.

Q: What are the disadvantages of online business?

Disadvantages of online business

20 Online Business Ideas Staying at Home which you can start easily.Get the list and start doing online business without much investment.

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