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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Open a School - How to open your own school, the whole process and its rules 

India is the second largest country in terms of population. Due to the large population, the demand for schools is increasing in our country. Seeing this increasing demand, it can prove to be a good profitable job. You can earn a lot of money by opening a good school.You must have seen that what system are all government schools going through these days, it is not that the government does not give money, the government spends a lot of money, but that money ends up reaching the school, because most of the employees are corrupt and talk If you study, then no sensible person wants to teach his child in any government school, because you also know very well, for which parents look for a private and good school, in such a situation, you have a good solution to open the school, although opening the school The cost is high but the benefit you will get after opening the school is very less than that. Whatever be the business, the higher the investment, the higher will be the returns. 

Here today we will tell you in simple language how you can open your own school.

Make a plan

It is very important for you that first of all you should make a roadmap or plan so that it can be known what things you have to take care of and how your school will be. First of all you have to decide which school you want to open. Pre-school, day care, and up to class 6, you can open a school with the permission of the municipality and it will also be good for you so that you will also get a good experience. If you want to open a school above this class, then it will be mandatory for you to take permission from the state education board and other boards.

Area Required to open a school

You have to find a good area where you can start your school easily. There should be such an area where other schools are far away, the number of children is more and transportation is also easily available. With this, you will easily get the children who take admission in your school and the necessary staff will also be available. You will need to hire staff before you start school so that your parents can trust your school. The requirement of staff depends on the type and level of the school you are opening.

Till which class does the school open?

Now you have made up your mind to open a school, then let me tell you that in the beginning you have to decide for which class you want to open your school, it is also important to take this decision because according to this the school For space and registration etc. will have to be done. There are mainly three types of schools which include play group, pre-primary and primary.

Furniture arrangement :

There was a time when children used to get education sitting on the ground but today the time has changed a lot and with the times the human being should also change. For children, arrangements will also have to be made to make benches and tables etc. For which you will have to arrange benches according to the rooms and children, you should keep in mind that children can sit comfortably.

Types of school-

You also need to know that how many types of schools are there-

First comes the primary school where the foundation of the education of the children is laid and they are taught to read, after that comes the secondary school where you are taught from 6 to 8. Now new education rules have come, then some changes have been made in these rules such as – from class 0 to 2 and then 3-5 then 6-8,8-10 and so forth but here high school i.e. 10th has been removed from the board. has gone.

School Management :

1) Manager of the school having D. Ed after 12th or B. Ed after graduation. can do.
2) You can also do school management course from any institute
3) After all this you can take the responsibility of school management.
4) You should also have experience of teaching in a school for about 5 years, only then you will be considered eligible for the post of manager.

Requirements for opening a school

1) You should have a well ventilated building.
2) The building should be at a reasonable distance from the liquor store or any street shop.
3) The building should be new or strong.
4) It is necessary to have the necessary rooms according to the class in the building.
5) The building must have an office and a library with classrooms.
6) Also it is necessary to have toilet which is in working condition.
7) The teacher should be pursuing any teaching course of the State Government or B.Ed. Or BTC should be done.

Registration for school

1) This is a very important work, to open a school, you need government permission for any business, even if it is a school.
2) For this, you have to first form a society or committee in which there should be at least 7-10 people.
3) For that society you have to register an educational society by going to the registrar office of your area and paying fees.
4) After this you will get a certificate of this.
5) After that you can apply from any public service center in the online school registration to be held in April.
6) Where you will have to attach the certificates of your society as well as the rest of the documents.
7) Where you may have to spend some money around 10000 rupees.
8) After this, a team from the government will come to examine your college and staff.
9) After checking your documents and rest you will get approval and you can run the school.
10) You will be given school related rights and training.

School opening rules

There can be many rules to open a school, you have to follow every rule very well. To open a school, you have to do D.El.Ed. Should be done. Apart from this, if you want, you can also do B.Ed. It is mandatory for you to qualify its exam for B.ED. After qualifying the exam you have to do graduation. After taking training here, you have to do school management course from “IGNOO”, this course is mandatory. After this, you should also have experience of teaching in school for 5 years.

Accreditation process

If you meet the above, then now you are ready to get recognition. So to get the school's accreditation, you have to follow many different procedures. Opening a primary school is very easy, for this first you have to form an organization with 9 to 11 people.

Immediately after the establishment of the institution, you have to go to the registrar, there you will apply for the registration of the institution. In the registration of the organization, you can spend up to 12 thousand rupees. And after the completion of the registration, you will get the certificate of registration of the institution.

After this, every year in the month of April-May, online registration is done to open new schools, you will have to register to open the school. It may cost you around 3 thousand rupees.

After this, you have to take this form and fill it, after filling the form, attach that form with the copy of the certificate of the institution, then submit it to the DEO office. In the DEO office, you will have to pay 12 thousand rupees along with the document.

After a few days of submitting the documents, some officers will come to see your school. This officer will check all your documents one more time. Also look at the whole school. If these people pass your school and papers then you can open your school

On what basis should the teacher take it?

While taking teachers for the school, keep in mind that at least 2 of your teachers must be B.Ed. This is an important standard for opening a school, which is mandatory to follow.

Profits from school

If you try from school, you can easily earn 2 to 3 lakhs every year. Suppose a total of 100 students study in your school. And the fee of each student is ₹ 6,000, so from having 100 students, you will earn ₹ 6,00,000 annually. But in these rupees you will have to pay your teachers, electricity bill and other expenses as well. Even if you combine all these, you will be able to spend only up to 3 lakhs. 3 lakh will be left with you which will be your profit.

School Promotion - Advertisement

After the school opens, the promotion of the school is most important, people know about the school, for this you can promote the school online and offline-

Online- You can create a page in the name of the school on social sites where you can attract people by putting posters of the school, facilities there, photos of the rooms there. For this you can also take the help of a social media expert.

Offline - For offline publicity, you can use many methods of publicity like you can give advertisements in regional newspapers, you can distribute pamphlets by printing, you can also get hoardings and banners installed. Here it will be necessary for you to make a budget and keep a check on the expenditure. Your advertisement should be such that it attracts the people. The more marketing you do, the more you will benefit in the present and future.

Be careful with these things

Apart from the above mentioned points, there are some other issues which you need to pay attention to.

1) If you want to start school, first of all take the help of someone who has experience in this. He can give you all the information so that your dream of building a school can easily come true. From which boards you will have to take permission, how is the inspection done, what documents will have to be given, from where will you get which permission, from which department which permission will have to be taken and how much time will it take for different permissions to come to you. This will come to know which will be very important for you.

2) You have to follow some rules and regulations of various boards. Whatever infrastructure you have should be according to the guidelines of these boards, only then permission can be easily obtained. The safety, health and other important things of the children coming to the school, whether you are capable of carrying it properly or not, this is the most important thing for all the boards.

3) You also have to see that which medium of education you will keep, which facilities will be able to provide to the students and what will be the fees in every standard of every student because you cannot take more fees than the permission of the state education department. Apart from the fees, you will also have to show the education department from which fund you are going to take from the parents and you should have sufficient knowledge of all these things.

4) Your school building should have water facility, good washroom, provision of fresh air in the rooms, all resources and toys for the children, trained staff and no risk to children's health. Yes, there should be no such thing.

5) Pre-primary school should have 3-4 room building. For primary school, you need to have 5 rooms for class, 1 office room, 1 library and 1 staff room. Apart from this, proper arrangement of toilet will also have to be done.

Open a school,know what are the mandatory registrations required.School Management,School promotion and profit details.

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