Open Ayurvedic Medical Store? Investment,License - Complete Guide

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

How to open a medical store from Ayurvedic Pharmacy?

Ayurvedic medical store is a kind of medicine store just like allopathic medical store, but in this medical you will get only Ayurvedic medicine, whose demand is increasing today, earlier it used to demand a lot, it is increasing again in today's time. Allopathic medicine is made by chemical action, and in today's time, pain and disease are relieved in a moment, but in some cases it does not work or works for some time, for this Ayurveda, Unani And herbal medicines are used, side effects are negligible in it, so it has proved to be very effective, the use and importance of Ayurvedic medicine is understood today, in such a situation, if you want to open Ayurvedic medical store then Ayurvedic medical store go about.

Rules for opening Ayurvedic Medical Store:

• Anyone can easily open a medical store, drug license is not required to sell Ayurvedic medicines.

• Also you can sell Unani and Herbal medicines and also sell cosmetic items in which you do not need a license.

• You must have a degree in Pharma, after 12th Science you can do Pharmacy.

• You must have a fire extension in medical.

• There should be cold storage to store the medicine.

• Must be completely systematic to open in medical under 24×7.

• If you want to keep allopathic medicine along with Ayurvedic medicine, then you should have a drug license.

• All paper work must be complete.

Documents required to get license:

• If you have your own land, then the land paper or if it is from rent, then rent-nama.

• Two passport size photos

• Aadhar card and voter ID card

• Must have a degree in D.Pharma (Diploma in Pharmacy), B.Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) or M.Pharma (Master of Pharmacy).

• Copy of Income Tax Returns File

• Business certificate authorized from municipality or municipal corporation

• Copy of GST paper work and Income Tax Returns file

How to get license for Ayurvedic Medicine:

• For the license of Ayurvedic medicine, first of all you need to have a pharmacy degree registered with the Pharma Council.

• After registration, you will have to register for a medical license with the Central and State Drugs Standard Control Organization.

• Apply for license after clearing GST paper work, municipal work, fire extension work, land paper work etc.

• The form has to be filled, and the required documents attached, submitted, and the license amount has to be paid through cash, check or online transaction.

• Keep the form for checking, on completion of all the paper work, you are granted the license within the time limit.

• After getting the license of Pharma, you can use your shop well, you will get the benefit of increasing your business.

Licenses are obtained in two ways:

1. Retail Drug License – Available for selling small quantity of medicine directly to the customer.

2. Whole Sale Drug License – In this license is provided to the wholesaler of the drug.

Course to be done for Medical Store:

1. D.Pharma It means Diploma in Pharmacy, it is a two year course, you can also open a medical store.

2. B.Pharma It means Bachelor of Pharmacy, it is a three year course, in which you get a bachelor's degree.

3. M.Pharma It means Master of Pharmacy, it is a two year course, it is a course after B.Pharma.

Investment for Ayurvedic Medical Store:

You can invest in two ways for a medical store, if you want to become a seller, then you can set up a good medical store at a low cost, for this you will have to invest 3 to 6 lakhs for medicine in the beginning, only then your business will be successful, you If you want, you can spend more, you have to invest at least 1 lakh in the interior of medical, as well as if you want to become a whole seller then you need to invest more than 12-15 lakhs, only then you will get profit. And the margin will also be good, which you can profit up to 30-40% in the medical store.

Who can open Ayurvedic Medical Store?

Now no one can open Ayurvedic Medical Store, if you have already opened and your age is not to read, then you must have 10 years experience. Also those who want to open now. For that it is necessary to have a diploma or a bachelor's degree in pharmacy, only then you can open your own medical store, even if you can open a medical store with the license of your relatives.

Can ayurvedic medical store open without degree?

Without degree you can open in one condition if you have opened long ago or you have 10 years experience then only you can keep store open otherwise you will have to close your medical store anytime fine notice may come . If your relative has a degree then you can get a license.

Advantages of Ayurvedic Medical Store:

You get a lot of margin in Ayurvedic Medical Store and Ayurvedic medicine is very expensive and its demand is increasing day by day, in such a situation, if you are thinking of setting up your establishment, then you can enter, there are many benefits of Ayurvedic Store. Is

Uses and benefits of ayurvedic medicine:

The symptoms of Ayurvedic medicine are not found immediately, it takes time and it has no side effects at all. The demand of Ayurvedic is very high in the market today. The knowledge of Ayurveda dates back to ancient India, an ancient method of natural and holistic health. Ayurvedic medicine acts slowly and is effective in increasing immunity.

Learn how to open Ayurvedic Medical Store in India,Know the basic required documents and license details.Ayurvedic Medical Store profit,cost

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