How to Open Pathology Lab in India,Cost,Requirements details

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Pathology Lab business

Today, due to the increasing pollution and health factors like poor eating habits and mental stress, every person is at some point in the grip of some disease or the other, and for any disease, the doctor first gets the test related to it, for which Pathology is sent for this, so today we will discuss about all the necessary information related to pathology lab.

What is pathology ?

If you look at the meaning of pathology-

It is derived from the English word pathology, which is made up of two words pathos and logy.

Meaning of pathos = Disease Logy = study 

That is, the study of disease is called pathology.

Studying the disease caused to a person comes under pathology, today pathology is the only way to find out after studying the diseases caused to people.

Who are pathologists

Those people who investigate and tell us about the disease that the person has suffered, so that we can get treatment.

Therefore, only the people who tell us after proper examination of diseases are called pathologists.

What is pathology lab

The place where work is done for the investigation of diseases, from where any sick person can get better and correct treatment by getting his blood or the tests prescribed according to the doctors, getting the correct diagnosis of the disease, that place is called a pathology lab. says.

That is, the labs that are made to do the process of investigation to detect diseases are called pathology labs.

Different types of tests are prepared from the pathology lab, which helps the patients in further treatment.

What courses are required to open a pathology lab?

To open any pathology lab, it is very important to do some necessary courses, only by which one can work in pathology lab, because without knowledge it is not right to do any work.

Required course for pathology lab

CMLT Course

The full name of Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT) is, it is a certificate course.


10th or 12th pass 


6 months to 1 year max


CMLT course can be completed in 15000 to 20000 fees only.

DMLT Course

The full name of Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) is, by which you can also be eligible to work in pathology.


From 12th Science Subject


1 year


20000 to 25000


Initially around Rs 10000

BMLT Course

The full name is Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT).


From 12th Science Subject


3 year


around 30000 to 40000

MLT Course

Master in laboratory technology

This is the most high level course, by which you can do the work of your pathology lab, by doing this you get the highest salary, because it is considered to be the most knowledgeable in the pathology sector.

All these are courses providing information related to pathology i.e. examination of diseases, in which the complete process of conducting all types of investigations is explained in detail, so that the pathologist can properly diagnose any patient by examining his disease properly. Can you

What equipments are required in pathology lab?

If any pathology lab is useless without equipment, then some essential equipment is mainly used for any pathology lab, which are used for investigation.

“Pathology lab without equipment is like a battlefield without weapons”.

Required equipment in pathology lab

These are all the main equipment used in pathology labs.

Injections, test tubes, flasks, slides, and other necessary small tools are also used in the necessary materials and tools in the pathology lab.

What are the licenses required to open a pathology lab?

Some important licenses for any pathology lab are-

All these necessary licenses are necessary to open any pathology lab.

How to open pathology lab

To open pathology, the lab can be opened easily by doing sequential work according to certain terms and conditions.

Through these sequential process, pathology lab can be easily opened.

Which tests are done in pathology lab?

Many diseases are tested for dignosis in pathology labs.

These tests are mainly the following:

In this way, there are tests related to the whole body in the pathology lab, which a pathologist studies, acquires knowledge, the above tests are some of them main, and apart from this there are many tests which are tested in these labs. Work is done to get the treatment done.

For more information related to these tests, better information can be obtained by pathologist and course.

How much does it cost to open a pathology lab

The cost basis for opening a pathology lab is mainly doctor's payment, some electricity bills, land rent or lab rent (always ie monthly cost)

Equipment purchase, setup cost (one-time cost)

The total cost in this is around Rs 2 lakh to 2.5 lakh, the main cost is equipment and setup, the rest is monthly expenses.

What is the profit in pathology lab

In this work of pathology lab, there can be a profit of around 20000 to 30000 in the beginning, and this profit can also go up to 50000 if the reach of the lab increases in the market.

Dedication and honesty about work is what brings success in work.

Thus by opening a pathology lab one can secure his future by making good profits with the help of patients.


Q: Which is the cheapest and duration course for pathology lab?

The cheapest and shortest duration course for pathology lab is CMLT, which is a certificate course, and is of 6 months duration.

Q: When is the correct sugar test done?

Correct sugar test is done in stale stomach.

Q: What is mainly tested in CBC test?

The CBC test mainly examines the contents of hemoglobin, platelets, RBC, WBC, lymphocytes, etc.

Q: Name one of the popular pathology labs?

Dr Lal Pathology is one of the popular labs, whose lab is there in every district and place, and people have more faith in the investigation here.

How to open a Pathology Lab in India.Get basic requirements, license,intial investment and profit details.Pathology Lab starting guide.

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