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Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Paint Shop Business Plan and marketing strategy.

We often want the world around us to be filled with many colors, so that we continue to have a good positive energy. Because it is said that colors give good power, that's why when we sit to paint the walls of our house, we ask for advice from every member of the house so that whatever is best comes out and There should not be any shortage.

There are 2 reasons behind this because the colors of the house make us proud in our society and our relatives and secondly it also makes us feel good. At the same time, many different types of paints have come in the market, these include textures which are in trend nowadays, while plastic paint is also being liked by people because it lasts for a long time and when dirty. Clears up too.

Today we will also tell you through this post that what is the business of paint shop? How to start a paint shop business, and we will also tell you how you can buy paints agency of a big company. So if you are going to open a paint shop or you have to take the agency of a company, then you have come to the right place, in this post we will give you such information which will be very valuable to open a paint shop.

What is a Paint Shop? 

Paint shop means the place where we can buy different types of colors and all the equipment needed to paint the house. You will find your favorite colors in the paint shop. And if you want to do the business of paint shop then you have to. Will have to work as a distributor.

Today every person wants his house to be beautiful and shiny. People paint their house with some colors so that the house looks clean and beautiful. It has been proved from science that if the environment of our right side is beautiful, then it increases the energy power inside us.

When there is a big function or festival in our house, people paint their house. This business makes a lot of profit during any festival. Especially people get their house painted during Diwali. Let us now know how to open a paint shop and how to take the agency of Asian paints.

How to open a paint shop business?

Opening a paint shop is not an easy thing, if you want to open your paint shop, then first of all you should have knowledge related to color and business so that no one can cheat you. You should know what are the types of colors and at the same time you should also know which colors run in the market, you should come to know the choice of the people and how do you sell any product. Must know.

Let us now tell you how to open a paint shop in a step by step process, following which you can easily open a paint shop.

Step #01: Proper Planning

The most important thing that is done to start any business is planning, a person cannot be successful in business without proper planning. What I mean by planning is that you have to collect the knowledge of all the things.

Like, first of all you have to see how much money you can invest in your business, and you have to consider who is your competition, what is the advantage you have, what can you give different to your customers. And at the same time you will have to find suppliers for your business.

Step #02 : Select Location

As soon as you make your plan, after that you have to select the location for your paint shop, you have to keep in mind that while choosing the location, there should be no paint shop near you because where there will already be paint shop. Earning your money can be difficult. But you have to take special care of one thing that this shop should be in a place which is more busy and there should be a whole market around. So that your shop does not hide in any corner. So in such a situation, try to take the shop in a big commercial market, but if you are unable to do so, then you must take the shop on a big road.

Step #03: Buy Paint Stock and Machinery

After you have selected your location then after that you have to buy stock for your paint shop and machinery to make the paint. What I mean by stock is that you have to buy the equipment needed to paint.

Keep things like primer, touch wood, sandpaper, brush, POP, which are very much needed in paint so that the customer does not have to go anywhere else and all the goods are available from you to the customer at a good price and if Talking about machinery, you have to get information about machines from some of your competition and you can get these machines from anywhere, if you want to buy it online then you can also buy it online.

Step #04: License or Permit

To open your paint shop, you have to go to your local municipality and complete the process of permit and license. Apart from this, you are also required to have a trade license and GST registration for your paint shop. You have to take the help of CA to do GST registration. A CA will give you all the information related to GST.

Step #05 : Manage Laborers

Now you have done more than half the work for your paint shop, now you will also have to have 1-2 helpers to help you, who can help you and remove the stuff. At the same time, it is important for you to be aware of the items related to paint and teach them about it as well as those who keep it as a helper. Apart from this, the painters who are going to take forward their business will have to be persuaded to buy those goods from themselves. Because there are many customers who tell the painter to bring all the goods himself so that the customer remains completely responsible and the artisans work by bringing the goods according to their own accord, so for doing this the customer will pay more money to the artisan. give.

In such a situation, now you try to keep a good rapport with the painters so that they buy the goods from you and if needed, you can also give some commission to them so that they can also benefit themselves and the rest of the artisans too. Tell me about you

Step #06: Advertising

Now you have done all the work for your paint shop, now you just have to reach your product to the people, due to which more and more customers can come to you.

Now the question becomes that how to do marketing of your shop, then let us tell you that there is some way to do marketing like you can run ads of your shop or you can also get the holdings and banners of your shop installed. You can also print Jahirat in your city's Akbar and if you want, you can also create a website of your shop and promote your product on your social media handles as well.

How much does it cost to open a paint shop ?

Your biggest expense in opening a paint shop is if you already have a shop then it is a good thing and if it is not then you need to rent the shop for it. The biggest thing in this is where the shop is located, so it should always be on a commercial or big road. So in such a situation, the rent of this shop is also very high.

In this, let us assume even 10 to 15 thousand rent for a month because you will need a big shop. Apart from this, you will have to take goods on credit, which you can take from the local city distributor, but still it will cost you about 5 to 7 lakhs. Apart from this, the cost of the machine is also there, which is about 3 lakhs. And if you keep 2 helpers and also give 5 to 10 thousand rupees to 1 helper, then for 2 helpers you will have to pay 15 to 20 thousand rupees every month. 

After the helper, you will need a computer through which the colors can be mixed in the machine and the color can be given to the customers according to their choice. For this you will need at least i-3 processor and 4 GB RAM. The price of this computer in the market is around 25 thousand. Apart from this, if we assume 20 thousand more including the cost of the rest of the furniture, then in total this expenditure will be around 8 to 1.5 million. But you can take a lot of it on credit as well. And you can start your own business.

How much will be the profit from the paint shop ?

When you start the business of paint, you get a margin ranging from 5 percent to 20 percent in the goods, which is in the price of the distributor and in the retail. So by doing this you can generally earn 40 to 50 thousand rupees a month. But it all depends on your marketing skills. If you sell less goods then you will make less profit but on the other hand if you are successful in selling more then you are likely to make more profit.

How to find an Asian Paints dealership ?

To get an Asian Paints dealership, first of all you have to talk to the sales officer of the area of ​​your city or area. You can get the number by talking to the customer care through their website or you can also mail them. Normally the sales officer will ask you to pay Rs 5 lakh which will also include the color mixing machine and first time item as well.

But you can bargain here but 1.5 lakh rupees will definitely be charged for the machine and for the rest of the goods, then you can comfortably assume 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees in it. After this you will have to do the paperwork after which ask them for the AGS color machine only.

Let us tell you that this will be a one-time effort subject to certain conditions and then your Asian Paints dealership gets confirmed. Let us tell you that although there are many other brands in the market that you can take dealership such as Berger Paints, Narolec, Indigo and many more, but the method of all is similar in some way or the other. That's why we have told you only about Asian Paints.

How to open Paint Shop Business in India.Where to Buy Paint Stock and Machinery? How to take dealership from big pain company? Profit details

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