Pani Puri Business (Golgappa),How to Start? Profit and Investment

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Pani Puri Business Plan - Know how to start Golgappa business

Hello friends welcome. Today in our website we have brought something like this for you in this post. Which will help you to give employment to the unemployed. A business that is everyone's favorite.But everyone hesitates to do it. That is the business of golgappa (pani puri). Today we will tell how you can open a pani puri shop. We will discuss about it in detail in this post.

Why there is more demand for Pani Puri (Golgappa)

Friends, water has become the identity of the whole of India. If you ever go to the market with anyone. So you get to see pani puri stalls or shops within every two kilometers. Today's time which is a digital time, even in modern times, there has never been a dearth of demand for this fine dish.

Everyone goes crazy about it. Especially girls like pani puri very much. For this reason, you will get to see pani puri in every big city and every major mall in it. Friends, you too can start a very good business with very little money.

Which you can easily do even sitting at home. Friends, to do this work, neither you will have to read to open any office nor you will have to keep employed. This work is such that even you can do it alone. Today we will tell you that how you can do the work of pani puri in less money sitting at home.

Enough means to make golgappas (pani puri)

To start a pani puri business, you first need sufficient resources. You can also start the work of pani puri with your hands. But friends, if you do them with your hands, then you will not be able to make more and more. Therefore water is the best remedy for puri. That you first buy a machine.

This machine will not come for lakhs, friends, so don't worry about it. You will get this machine at less cost of 30 thousand to 40 thousand. In today's modern times, you will find it on many websites online. Which you can also get at a discount.

Friends, when you take this, after that you will only need a small room. Meaning you need a shop. Where will you start your business. These were some suitable means. Which you can start your work by buying them.

Process and method of making Golgappa (Pani Puri)

Friends, now we will tell you how to make pani puri. Which will be very easy for you, if you adopt it, then you will also learn to make pani puri very well.

First of all, take a mixer and take maida or flour according to your requirement. Mix it with semolina and put it in the mixer. After that, turn on the machine and keep adding little water to it. The water should be completely clear. Take good care of this thing.

After this, you will start kneading the added flour little by little. Keep in mind that the dough has to be kneaded very hard, which will make it easier for you.

After this you have kneaded the dough. Put it in the water puri maker. When you add this, it will start making poori. The advantage of this machine is that when you make the poori, it will become perfectly round.

Then when the pooris come out, then you put them in the pan for frying. Take special care of one thing that the whole should not be broken. Because it is very hard and hard. After this, when you fry them, they will become puris.

In this way you can start this business. If you follow this easy process. So you can make lots of puris in no time. Let me tell you that 100 or 120 pooris are made in one kg of semolina. So you can make according to your requirement. You can make about 4 to 5 thousand pooris in an hour with the help of the machine.

How much profit and profit are there in Pani puri business?

Started the work of Golgappa (Pani Puri). Making pani puri also arrived well and did everything on its own. When you open the shop

Then you think that if I have done this work then I should also make profit so that I can also earn something. Friends, by doing this work, when you will make 4 thousand puris in an hour, you can earn at least Rs 800 to 900 in these 4 thousand puris.

In this way you will earn more profit by working less. Let me tell you that you can earn 6 to 8 thousand by working 8 hours. That too everyday, that's why you have to work hard and earning is also a lot.

How to increase golgappa (pani puri) business?

Friends, then the most important thing comes. When you've done everything. They earn a lot too. But then think about how to take this work forward. Let me tell you, you can go to the market yourself and set up a shop. If you do not have to work from home or you can set up small stalls at other places by giving employment to a poor person.

With this, you can earn more profit by keeping it on the salary of the month. You have to look for such a place to set up shop.

Where there is a large crowd of people and people eat more and more. For example, by looking at the bus stand, railway station, school time, you have kept yourself or whom you have kept in these places. You can set up shop. This will increase your business and you can earn more and more.


Friends, today we shared with you how you can open a golgappa (pani puri) shop? In this post we told you in detail. If you follow this method,you will grow and earn a lot . We hope this post was useful.To read more such posts, tell us by commenting so that we can write the best articles for you.

Learn how to start Pani Puri Business in India.Know Golgappa business profits,cost and location selection tips from our post.

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