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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Paper Bag Making Business Plan - Machinery for Paper Bag Making Business:

After the ban of plastic bags, the demand for paper bags is increasing in the market, paper bags are being used from small shops to grocery shops, shopping malls. Paper bags are very easy to produce and get good price due to good market demand for paper bags.

Paper bags are attractive to look and eco-friendly, nowadays attractive paper bags are very attractive to most of the customers. Today, the use of plastic has been banned in most countries, because plastic is harmful to the environment. The plastic ban has also been welcomed at all levels. Due to which the demand for paper bags has increased a lot in the market.

If you want to start a small scale and more profitable business with less investment, then paper bag making business is the right choice for you. When choosing this business, you should focus on the quality of the product. Here we discuss some of the important aspects which are kept in mind to start a paper bag making business.

Why is it easy to make profit in this business?

The business of making paper bags can easily prove to be a better profit making business because ever since the use of plastic bags has been banned and imposed, the demand for paper bags is increasing in the market. It is being used from small shops to big showrooms, shopping malls and even small industries.

Paper bags are very easy to produce and get good prices in the market. Paper bags are attractive in appearance and do not cause any harm to the environment. For this reason, their use is becoming popular among the people. To make profit in this business you just need to focus on your market requirement and product quality.

How can paper bags be made?

You will always need to think creatively to make a variety of paper bags to suit your market demand. There are some special types of paper bags used in the market-

•Paper bags for shopping goods •Paper bags for
packing food items
• Paper bags for medical use • Paper bags for packing
fruits and vegetables
• Paper bags for packing jewelery etc. â€¢ Paper bags for
industries or other use

Paper bag making is a small scale business and minimum investment is required in this business. While investing in paper bag business, space, machinery and labor are required. Better research before starting a paper bag making business will help you reduce the cost to some extent. Choose your suppliers wisely as it will affect your investment as well. The most important thing in this business is the raw material.

What is needed for paper bag business

To start the business of making paper bags, first you have to select the location. But as we told you that you can start this business from home also, then you do not need to think much for the location if the space is available in your house. If you want, you can buy a paper bag making machine and if you want, you can run without the machine.

You also need workers to do this work, so you can take the help of your family members or you can hire someone. Now you have to buy some row material to make paper bag. For example- paper, glue, scissors, ruler, pencil or choke etc.

Let us tell you that in the olden times people used to make flour lye and use it instead of glue, so you can use it too. To pack paper bags you have to buy some packets etc. If you want your company logo printed on your paper bag, then you can also get it printed or you can send it for printing. After arranging all these, you can start paper bag business.

Machinery for Paper Bag Making Business:

Selecting the right machines for the paper bag making business is the most important decision. Different types of machines are used to make paper bags. You can buy the machines as per your requirements and budget. Both semi automatic and fully automatic machines are available in the market.

The list of machines for making paper bags are:-

– Roll Feeding Paper Bag Machine
– Eyelet Punching Machine
– Handle Rope Making Machine
– Sheet Cutting Machine
– Printing Machine

Where to get paper bag making machine and material?

The machine and the necessary material or raw material for making paper bags are easily available in the market. The price of this machine starts from around 3 lakhs. It may take Rs 3-5 lakh to start the entire work. This machine can make 50 to 60 bags per minute and you can get 10 to 12 paise profit on each bag. In this way, by getting profit of Rs 6.5 per minute, you can earn around Rs 2900 per minute and around Rs 70,000 per month, but for this you will need to focus on your production and marketing smoothly.

You can easily buy this machine from the market or online.

How Much Investment is Required for Paper Bag Business – Investment For This Business

Investment to start a paper bag making business depends on two things. First, when you buy a machine and work, secondly when you start work without a machine. If you want to buy paper bag making machine, then you will get this machine for three to four lakhs. If you don't buy the machine you will have to manufacture the paper bags by hand. After this, you can spend up to 70 to 80 thousand rupees on row material etc.

How to Make Paper Bag Making Process - How to Make Paper Bags

We have already told you that you can do this work in two ways. When buying a machine, you do not need to think about it because the production machine will do it itself. We are talking about how you would make a paper bag with your own hands. First of all you have to take paper and decide what size paper bag you want to make. Accordingly, you will have to cut the paper.

After that its side boarder has to be glued with the help of glue. Keep in mind here that the necessary border should be placed for the closure of the paper bag so that it can be closed easily. This work is very easy, once you make it, you get used to it and you can make many paper bags in five minutes.

How to Increase Paper Bag Sales – Paper Bag Business Marketing

Increasing the sales of paper bags is not a difficult task as it is needed in every sector. Paper bags are used for everything from books to sweets. Not only this, paper bags are used for glass pictures, photos, sarees or clothes etc.

You contact the shops near you and tell them your product. Not only this, if there is a company related to these products near you, then talk to them that you will make paper bags for their product. By doing this you will be able to earn a good amount of profit.

How much profit will be made in the business of making paper bags - Profit From This Business

On selling a paper bag, you get a profit of ten to 15 paise on a paper bag after deducting the cost. If you sell by hand then you will make profit on a small scale like between five hundred and thousand rupees a day and if you make by machine then you will make paper bags around three hundred to four hundred in five minutes. You can imagine yourself how much you can earn.

What to pay special attention to when buying a paper bag making machine?

While buying this machine, pay special attention to the fact that all the facilities related to making paper bags should be available in it, such as-

• Double color or four color
• Printing unit attachment
• 3 horse power motor for main drive
• Flat farming die
• Stereo design roller etc.

If you do not pay attention to these features while buying a machine, then you may have to buy several machines instead of one. So find all these features in one machine.

For making paper bags, white and colored paper rolls, flexo colours, polymer materials etc. are needed which are easily available in the market.

You can start paper bag making business even without machine. That is, you can also do the work of making paper bags by hand. For this, you have to learn the art of making paper bags very well, investing very little capital can prove to be a profitable business - making paper bags

Learn how to start Paper Bag Making Business in India.Know paper bag business cost,set up guide.The profit details and marketing startegy.

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