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Updated On : 26-Feb-2024

Petrol Pump Business Plan - How To Open Petrol Pump in India

Although there are profits and losses in all business, but it is believed that the business of petrol pump is such a business where the chances of making a loss are almost negligible. If you open a petrol pump in a good place, then you can earn a lot of profit every month. And there will be no need to read the article.

In this article, you will be able to know the whole process from beginning to end, how to open a petrol pump.

Eligibility to open petrol pump

Earlier, the age of application for petrol pumps was 21-45 years, now it has been increased to 60 years, and to apply earlier it was necessary to have graduation but now this rule has been changed, i.e. now Those with 10th pass will also be able to open petrol pumps. The financing conditions for initial dealerships have also been canceled under the new rules. The security deposit has also been reduced. Obviously, even if you have less cash, a petrol pump can be opened. Your age should be between 21 to 60 years, it is important that you are an Indian citizen, only Indian citizens can open a petrol pump in India. You must be at least 10th pass.

How much land will be required to open a petrol pump

If your land is on State Highway and National Highway, then you need to have minimum 1200 sq.m. from 1600 sq.m. Land will be needed. If you want to open your petrol pump in urban area or city, then you will need at least 800 square meter area. You have to invest at least 50 to 70 lakhs to open a petrol pump. 5% of this will be returned by the company.

The land documents should be complete, where the address and title of the property is mentioned. Property map will have to be made. If the land is arable land, you have to convert it yourself, you have to convert it to non-agricultural. If the land is not yours, and you want to build a petrol pump on someone else's land, then you will have to take the No Objection Certificate (No Objection Certificate or Objection Certificate from the owner of the land) from the owner of the land. There should be water and electricity connection on the ground.

If you have taken the land on lease, then it is necessary to get the lease agreement, and if you have bought the land, then it is necessary to have a registered deed of purchase. If the land is in the name of a family member, you can apply for a petrol pump. For this you have to give an NOC (No Objection Certificate) and Affidavit.

What to do to open petrol pump ?

To open a petrol pump, you have to keep checking the advertisements of petroleum companies which are seen in the newspapers, or the websites of those companies. Companies issue advertisements on websites and in newspapers, the address is also written in those advertisements, where those companies want to open their petrol pump. If your land is near those addresses (which are given in the advertisement of companies) then you can apply for setting up of petrol pump.

What should we ensure before starting petrol pump business?

Location – It is very important for you to have the right place before opening a petrol station. The most important thing is that if your petrol pump station is in the city, then try to take the place where the vehicle can reach the petrol pump from both sides. And both the bikes need to have enough space to stand, otherwise people may also stop coming to your pump due to the wrong location.

Service - If you will give good service in your petrol pump like good billing, e-mail service, credit period, cleanliness at the pump, right drinking water etc. then the number of customer in your petrol pump can increase and your pump You will get a lot of benefit from this, you will have to provide better service than your competitor in your own petrol station.

Quantity of competitors – You need to be aware of the number of petrol stations at the place where you are opening your petrol pump.

Honesty - If you are opening a petrol pump, then it is very important for you to be honest, if you are cheating people in your pump and people come to know about it, then your business can be over.

Advertisement – If you advertise your petrol pump in the right way, then it will benefit you even more and your customer number will also increase. will get

Which company helps you to open petrol station ?

There are many companies that help you to open a new petrol station such as:

Hindustan Petroleum
Indian Oil
Bharat Petroleum.(Bharat Petroleum)

All these companies which are in the upper list, advertisements are always coming out to open this new petrol pump, wherever you live in the village, if it fulfills the requirements given by them, then you can apply for your new petrol pump today. can do

Rules and requirements for opening a petrol pump station in India

1) The first rule that you Indians (Indian Citizen) would have to be if you're thinking of opening a petrol pump in India

2 ) The second rule of your age (Age) Minimum (Minimum) 21 and more than 56  years if you (Age) you can not just Aeplai so that more work

3) Education (Education) - If you plan to open a gas station in the village and every class (Cast) SCST or OBC you are 10th must be near

If you are thinking of opening a pump in the city and your class (Cast) SCST it is OBC then you must have 12th  pass and if you come in general category then you must be graduate if you do not have so much education then you Can't open petrol pump

4) You must have all the documents of the land on which you are opening the pump.

5) If the land does not belong to the Land Owner 's NOC must take

6) If your land is on lease then it is necessary to have an agreement paper

7)  If you land Green Belt (Green Belt) are in the area where people are not allowed to build houses or factories by law can not open any pump

8) Water and electricity are managed in the area where your land is located, so they are a good thing for you.

Which certificate and permission required to open a petrol pump ?

To open a petrol pump, the applicant has to obtain certain certificates and permits to operate his petrol pump without any hassle and pressure. Some of these include:

The location of petrol pumps is an important aspect of the success or failure of a business. Petrol pumps should be installed on busy national or government roads, residential areas, popular markets, high traffic as well as roads. As per the specifications and guidelines of the OMC, the applicant should install the petrol pump and oil tank after obtaining the license.

Process to open a petrol pump

First of all, regularly visit the website of the company whose petrol pump you want to open. Or if you get an advertisement in the newspapers, that you can open a petrol pump at this place. After getting the advertisement you can apply offline or online. After you apply, the company will check your application, its company officials will inspect the land where you want to open a petrol pump. And if all the documents and land is correct, and your land meets the rules of the company, then you will get the dealership within a month and then you will be able to open your own petrol pump.

How to apply online ?

The application process for Bharat Petroleum's petrol pump is slightly different. For this, you have to visit Bharat Petroleum Retail Outlet page, where you have to first create your account, after creating one, login. After logging into the site, a new page will open where you have to select the state, district and region. If there is a vacant vacancy in your area, you will have to fill in more details.

The application process for HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM Petrol Pump is also very simple. To apply online you have to visit HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM website which you can do by visiting this link. After reaching the HP Petrol Pump site, you need to click on the applicant registration link. After clicking, you will get an online form on the next page where you have to enter your name, email and PAN card number. Submit the form after filling the details. After submitting the form, your account details will be emailed to you. Helpline (Toll-Free) 1800-2333-555

Essar (Essar) is a simple online application process for the gas station. To apply for Essar Oil fuel pump, you need to visit Essar Oil website where you have to click on the given franchisor link. After that you have to fill all the details. After filling all the details you will get your Application ID. Essar team will get in touch with you if there is any vacancy for any petrol pump in your area. For more details, you can call toll-free Essar Oil. toll-free 18001200330

Application fee

The application fee is Rs 1,000 for regular outlets and Rs 100 for rural areas. Applicants belonging to SC/ST categories can avail 50% relaxation of application fee.

The order fee for petrol pumps in rural areas is Rs 100 while for other pumps it is Rs 1,000.

Note: Applicant can apply for only one location i.e. rural or urban area.

Fee prescribed for petrol pumps :-

If the applicant is the owner of the land in the concerned area, he/she will have to pay Rs.5,00,000/- to rural retail outlet and Rs.15 lakh to general retail outlet. These charges are non-existent for both the locations. are refundable.

How much will it cost to open petrol ?

To start a petrol pump, the applicant will have to spend 12-25 thousand rupees. It depends on the location. If you want to open on National Highway or State Highway, then you have to pay at least Rs 25 lakhs to the applicant for normal petrol pump cases. Minimum investment required is Rs 25 lakh and rural petrol pump up to Rs 12 lakh. The money to invest can be in these.

Deposits in Savings Accounts and Bank / Postal Schemes, National Savings Certificates, etc. Bonds, shares of listed companies are in the form of DEMAT, amount invested, Mutul Funds. It does not contain cash, jewelry, etc. Further, the balance amount will also not be included in the current account. For stocks, mutual funds, and bonds, only 60% of the value will be valid. An asset valuation certificate has to be obtained from a Chartered Accountant.

1) If your land is in the rural area, then the cost of opening a petrol pump will be 12 to 15 lakhs.

2) If your land is in the urban area, then your expenses may range from 20 to 25 lakhs and depending on the company, your cost may increase or decrease.

How much profit will be made from petrol pump

Profit in Petrol: - If you sell at least 1,000 liters of petrol per day, 2,500 to 3,000 are earned per day. A petrol pump which is well maintained sells comfortably 4,000 to 5,000 liters of petrol per day. 5,000 liters per day means earning Rs 15,000 per day.

What is the profit margin in Diesel ? : - Profit in Diesel is less than that of Petrol. A liter of diesel ranges from Rs 1.80 to 2.50. If your petrol pump is well located on the highway, you will be able to earn well. If you sell diesel in 1000 liters per day, then your profit can be comfortably from 1000 to 1200 from diesel daily .

If you get hold of a big transport company and keep good relation with your customer and give good facility, then all this can also increase your profit and you can earn more than 2 lakh profit in a month.


There are many types of deception in the name of setting up a petrol pump, and many fake people implicate innocent people in it. If someone comes to you and says that he is going to get a petrol pump started, you should check whether the company he is talking about is a man from that company or not. You should contact this company and ask whether this guy belongs to the company or not. These fake people have fled by taking money from many people. Never give money to an unknown person.

Learn how to open Petrol Pump Business in India.Know Petrol Pump Business application process,eligibilty,setup cost and profit details.

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