Potato Onion Wholesale Business,How to Start? Cost,Profit Margin

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Potato Onion Wholesale Business Guide

If you are thinking of how to start potato onion wholesale business then you are in the right place. Today in this page we will give you important information about the wholesale business of potato and onion. Potato onion business is a better business because we all know that it is difficult to make any vegetable without potatoes and onions.

Or in other words say that vegetables do not become tasty without onions. Potatoes and onions are needed in every household as well as by all the restaurant and dhaba people. Whatever be the weather, the demand for these two things is never less, that's why if you do business with it, then you can get a good amount of profit by investing very little cost.

The biggest advantage of doing potato onion wholesale business is that you have to do some hard work in the beginning, after that small traders and vegetable vendors, dhabas etc. take the goods from your warehouse itself, you need to go somewhere. Doesn't happen Potatoes and onions are such things that do not spoil quickly, that is why it is better to do business with them.

Know how to start a business ?

To do this business, you first need a warehouse or shop, in which you can keep potatoes and onions in large quantities, you should take the warehouse or shop very carefully, if you have taken the shop somewhere where But if there is a problem of commuting, then the customer may hesitate to come to you. That is why take the shop in the market and such a place where goods can be easily moved.

You all know that all such small traders who sell potatoes and onions in the market and set up vegetable shops in the localities, take potatoes and onions from the wholesale shop itself. If you want to increase your business quickly, then you can talk to the restaurant and dhaba people around you and give them goods too, if it becomes your thing, then the restaurant and dhaba will take a lot of goods from you so that your Profits will also increase significantly. Your behavior is very important for running any business, so keep your best behavior with everyone.

When you do business, your friends, relatives and visiting people come to know about it, many times it happens that when there is a function like marriage in their house, they can also take goods from your shop, because marriage Potato onions are needed in very large quantities, for which they find such a place from where they can get something cheap, since you do wholesale business, then you will give them potatoes and onions cheaper than the market.

To do potato onion business, you do not need to invest a lot of cost, you can start it with a small amount also. Small shopkeepers who sell vegetables in the locality will definitely come to you, the biggest reason for this is that the shopkeepers come to the market in the morning, sell goods and go away, if any small shopkeeper needs potatoes and onions in the day or night. From where will he buy it, yes he will come to you.

How to buy potatoes and onions cheaply for wholesale business

To do wholesale business of potato and onion, you can meet such farmers near you and ask them to give you the potatoes and onions they grow here, or you can buy potatoes and onions from them in whatever quantity they have, By doing this, you get potatoes and onions at a very low price and the farmer also has the advantage that he does not have to go anywhere to sell potatoes and onions.

There are many such wholesale traders who contract with farmers for a year or more, according to this contract, the farmer gives potatoes and onions to the same trader, the trader takes all the goods and the amount according to the contract. It is decided between them that they give it to the farmers. Different traders contract with different farmers.

By doing this, both the farmer and the trader get a lot of benefit, some only contract to buy potatoes and onions, some cut the cost of growing potatoes and onions in half, in the same way, whatever agreement the farmer and the trader feel is better. It is compromised.

Potato Onion Wholesale Business Cost

Whenever a person thinks of doing potato-onion wholesale business, then first of all a question comes in his mind that how much cost is required to start this business.

Let us remove this problem of yours, doing wholesale business of anything means that you do not have any shortage of goods. Because the meaning of wholesale is to sell goods in large quantity or quantity. You need 60 thousand to 1 lakh rupees to do wholesale business of potato and onion.

Items needed to start a potato onion wholesale business

To start a potato onion business , you need the following things –

1 - Warehouse or shop - To do this business, first you must have a warehouse, if you have your own warehouse then it is very beneficial for your business otherwise you have to rent a warehouse if you rent a warehouse or shop. But if you take it, then try to take it in the shop market.

2 - A helper - Helper is necessary because you need a person to unload and load the goods.

3 - Some women - You also need some women to clean the potatoes and onions.

4 – Electronic weighing machine

5 – Some jute sacks

6 - plastic bags

Profit in the wholesale business of Potato Onion

The profit of any business depends on the sale of goods, the more goods sold, the more the profit will increase. But if you do a little hard work, then you can easily earn 50 thousand rupees a month. If you work hard in the beginning and your behavior is good then you can easily earn around 1 lakh rupees a month.

To earn more profit, you have to keep an eye on the market too, the main reason for keeping an eye is also that suppose today you have bought potatoes and onions a little expensive and the next day the prices on both things fell a lot, then you what will you do

In such a situation, either you will sell the goods at a low price or you will keep the goods in the warehouse for some time. If you sell the goods then you will have to suffer a lot. On the other hand, if you buy potatoes and onions at low prices and the next price increases, then you can understand how much profit you will make, that is why you need to keep an eye on the market to earn better profits.

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