Printing Press Business,How to Start? Profit and Set up Guide

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Start Printing Press Business - Complete Guide

Today, if there is any function in homes like marriage, birthday, or any puja and grand ceremony, people like to make invitation or visiting card, invitation card for marriage in weddings, etc., for which they go to the printing press, Where this card can be printed and printed.

So today we will discuss about important things or information related to the business of this printing press.

What is a printing press ?

Printing press where people print or make invitation cards or visiting cards for any function such as marriage, home entry, festival invitation, or any school function, so that their guests and relatives can be invited through it.

Inviting people through an attractive card has become a very big trend today, for which people often take the help of printing press.

What is Printing Press Business ?

The business of making profits by making invitations and visiting cards for wedding cards, and other functions is called printing press business.

Profits from printing visiting cards and invitation cards for events = Printing Press Business

In today's time, the demand for this business is increasing, because everyone is choosing to give invitations through cards for their business, in children's weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, updates or changes in lifestyle and style. Most important in increasing the demand of the business.

What is the information needed for the business of printing press

"Full knowledge of business, makes successful businessman".

Some important information for the business of printing press is-

How to start printing press business ?

To start any business, one should start it by taking understanding and knowledge from the market, and then start it.

Some of the main steps to start a printing press business-

Choosing the right business area

The basis of the place connected with the business is the transport facilities, means, market of raw material, access to the customers, then the place should be such where all these facilities are there.

No matter how much money you invest on the business, but if there is no access to the customers and there is no transport and other facilities, that business can never be successful.

Getting registration and license made for printing press business

The following licenses and registrations are required for printing press business-

Apart from this, according to your state government, you can get information about the license and registration of business.

Purchase and setup of machines for printing press business

In the business of printing press, printing and printing work is done in the printing press with the help of machines.

The machine used in printing press is-

All these machines and businesses have essential setups such as display sections where card samples can be placed, furniture, desks where computers, printers, and other materials are used.

With the help of all these main machines, the work of the printing press is done, and good profits are earned.

Buying Raw Materials in the Printing Press Business

In the printing press business, mainly using the required raw material, cards and visiting cards are made.

This raw material is the main-

A4 size paper, master paper, and other important papers are required.

Binding Tools

catchy, glue, thread

All these main materials are very essential for printing cards in a printing press.

Marketing the business

We all know, as if a talent is not brought in front of the world properly, then it remains the same, because nothing is done to promote it, so is business, you spend millions, fill the machine. Take raw material, do maintenance, but without marketing, that business cannot be successful.

“Marketing is the most important part of business success”.

Marketing Today, with the help of digital methods like digital marketing, by giving business add on different social networking and websites, you can give information about your business to the customers by marketing. Marketing can also be done by placing banners, pamphlets, intersections, outside the shop. By giving business cards, advertisements in newspapers, along with the shop address, contact number, you can take customers towards your business.

Make profit by making customer cards

In the end, as soon as the business is recognized, more and more customers are made profit by printing cards and visiting cards related to the functions.

All these main posts belong to this business, through which its business is done.

Where can I buy raw materials and machines in the printing press business?

Printing press machines and raw materials can be easily obtained by visiting online websites like Indiamart and amazon.

How much does a printing press business cost

The cost of printing press is mainly on machines, setup, raw material, space rent etc.

Machine cost-

The main one-time cost involved in starting this business is machine, setup.

Therefore, in this business, you can start this business by investing around 5 lakhs to 6 lakhs in the beginning.

How much is the profit in the printing press business

The profit in this printing press business depends on the size of the business and on the good marketing strategy, the more customers the more profit will be.

The initial profit in the printing press business can be around 40,000 to 50,000, and can be increased further if the business is successful, due to which the profit also keeps on increasing.

In view of the increasing demand at present by printing ceremony cards, one can earn good profits by doing this business, and can make a career in the field of business.


Q: What is the price of mini offset printing machine?

Mini offset printing machine price is 1.50 lakhs which is available on Indiamart.

Q : Where to find digital printer 12×18 size printer price?

You will find the digital printer 12×18 size printer price on Indiamart website.

Q: Which company's printing machine is the best?

Following is the company of best printer machine-

All these company's printers are considered to be the best.

Q : What is Semiautomatic Single 5 Color Offset Printing Machine Price?

Semiautomatic single 5 color offset printing machine price is around 9 lakhs.


Start Printing Press Business in your area.Know cost, setup of machines and how to select location.What is profit ? Raw Materials for business

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