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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Shoes Manufacturing Business Plan

Know how you can start your own shoe  making business – it is said that a lot can be estimated about a person by looking at the person's shoes, the garment of any person presents an image of his personality, so choosing such a garment Whatever suits our personality, it is very important that when it comes to apparel, shoes are also very important. Wears different types of shoes on different occasions, this creates good employment opportunities in the field of footwear

Shoe making business is a very promising business, if you want to start a shoe making business, then it can prove to be a good decision. Everything is not so easy in this area, where there is a lot of competition, today many big companies have occupied in the field of footwear.

In such a situation, creating a market for your new business is the biggest challenge, so it is very important to have a good plan before starting this business, as well as it is a business that demands more investment from you because of the good quality of the product. Due to quality, any person can stay in this business for a long time.

What kind of shoes do you want to make?

Jute making business is such a business, in which you have many options available, you can start the business of making children's shoes, or after adults, there are two categories in it, for women and men. For after this there are many options in these too, like sandals, formal shoes, formal shoes etc. So after having so many options, sometimes a person enters this business without any clear vision, and in the process of making everything, anything. can't make it well

Therefore, before starting the shoe making business, make it clear that what kind of shoes you are going to make, once it is determined, you can focus on the next things, which will be suitable for the shoes you have set. It is necessary that in the beginning of the business, do not focus on more variety, instead focus on one type of product.

Prepare business plan

Once everything is determined, build a very effective business plan for your business. The success or failure of any business depends on how high your goal was, so prepare a good business plan for your business. In which determine what is your future goal? How will you grow your business to achieve those goals?

But also keep in mind that your goals should be such that you should not make any goal which is impossible to achieve, for example, for the first 4 months of business, you have made a target that during this time you can buy 1 lakh shoes. Pairs will sell but a very difficult goal for a new company is just as close to impossible

Define a brand for your product

What you can give the most in your shoes, this is called brand. You should create a brand for your product, so that customers can recognize that brand only by looking at that brand, and they do not need to search for more information for example your shoes. You can design the shoal in a special and completely different way, so that whenever a customer sees the shoes on the shoal, he can immediately recognize that these are the shoes of this company, thus you can make such a special identity of yours. Can connect to products, only by seeing which customers can understand your product

Shoe making Process

Shoe making business is considered to be a traditional business, which can also be made through hand. Here it is important to note that there are many different parts of a shoe, such as Shoe, Inner Shoe, Outside Shoe, Shoes. The front part of the shoe, the middle part of the shoe, the back part of the shoe, etc. In this way, making 1 pair of shoes has to go through many different processes, if all these processes are done by hand then it is very time consuming.

But today all these processes are done through machines, these machines just need to give some commands, after that the whole process is done by itself, along with it there are different departments to make every part of the shoes in the company. To make shoes, leather is first cut, which is shaped according to the design of the shoe, this process is easily done by the cutting machine in the cutting department. Goes 

Shoe sales is to undercut leather upper shoes Nane process it is the first process, the process is dealt with very carefully, because the leather is very expensive, and the cost if the shoe is too much leather waste After all the parts are ready in different departments, they are stitched in the machining department.

Inner sole – This is the part of the shoe on which a person puts his foot, it is made very comfortable.
Outer sole – This is the outer part of the bottom of the shoe, it is made very strong so that the bottom is strengthened from the outside.
Mid Sole – This is the part between the outer and inner sole. It is made quite thick.
Heel –  After this the heel is placed in it, it is mounted on the back side of the outer sole, and it is made high.
Vamp – After this there is a vamp, this is the part in which a person puts his foot and it is easy for him to walk and feel comfortable.
Designing - After this the design of the shoe is prepared.
Designing cut –After this, this design is cut and applied on the shoe.
Sewing - After all this the jute is stitched so that the upper part and all the parts are stitched firmly.
Fitting the heel – After connecting the top parts, the heel is attached to it.
Shoe Out Side Stitch – After this the outer side of the shoe is stitched and this stitch works for design and strength.
Testing - After making the shoe, it is tested, so that its strength can be measured and it is tested in every situation.
Packing - After this the shoe is packed. And sticker and tag is put on it.

license for Shoes Manufacturing Business

Before starting any business, it is necessary to do the necessary registration related to that business, so before starting the business, get information about the necessary rules of your city and get the necessary registration done, for this you have to get the necessary registration done by your city corporation, district panchayat, The necessary information will be obtained after visiting etc. will not sell

What should be the location to start a shoe making business?

Its location is very important for any business because the success of the business depends on whether the surrounding market is favorable for your business or not, wherever you start your business, there must be a means of transport. See, shoe business is such a business, for this you do not need a huge space.

You can easily start this business in a rented building also, if you want, you can start the shoe making business from any old factory. In the beginning of the shoe making business, you will need a big hall, in which your entire There will be production work, along with this you will also have to build a small office, in which all the planning activities related to your business will be done.

Along with this, you will need at least two storage rooms, in which you will keep raw material related to shoes in one room, in the other storage you will keep your finished product, in this way you will have at least 4-5 halls, Room will be needed In shoe making business it is not important whether it is happening in rural area, or in urban area, so you can choose any place according to your convenience, whatever place you choose, there Do keep in mind that there must be a 3 phase meter installed, because in this business you have to run many machines.

Machinery Required for Shoe Making Business

Shoes are also made from many different types of materials, which may require different types of machinery. they are not much

To start this business, you will need the following machinery

Raw material used

As many types of shoes are made, the same types of materials are used, some of which are very difficult to find and some are very expensive. Information about them is given below

TPR Material – This material is a material between plastic and leather. It is used to make sols.
Rubber – It is also used in making sols.
PVC material – This is also used to make sole.
Adhesive – It is used to connect the sole and the top part of the shoe.
Leather – This is a very important material for making shoes.
Rexene – It is used to make inner sole.
Heel – It is made of plastic and wood and it is applied on the outer sole of the shoe.
Fittings and Decorative Items – eg buckles, rings, diamonds, elastic
Threads –It is used to sew shoes.
Color – It is used to give color to the shoe.
Dye – It is used for coloring.
Neolite – It is a hard plastic so it is used for making heels .
Packing Material – boxes, cartons, tissue papers, tags, barcode labels
Finishing Material – polish, lace, waxes
Nails – It is used to set the position of the heel in the shoe.
Foil paper –  It is used to add the tag.

In this way a shoe can be prepared for about 200 to 250 rupees.

How much investment will be required to start a shoe making business?

In starting a shoe making business, the most expense is in buying machinery because if you want to produce on a large scale, then you will have to buy all kinds of machinery, thus if you see the total cost of machinery, then it is about 5 to 8 lakhs. If you start this business by taking a rental place, then you get about 25 thousand rupees of rental expenses every month, apart from this, including the cost of raw material etc., it becomes an investment of about 10 to 15 lakhs.

How much profit can be made from shoe making business

Shoe making business is such a business, in which there is no fixed graph of earnings, money and name can be earned through this business, you can sell a set of shoes very easily up to Rs 300, along with this, if you want any big By tying up with the shop, your 1 product can be sold at high prices, in this way after some time you can earn more than 50,000 per month every month

Learn how to start Shoes Manufacturing Business in India.Get all information related business cost,profit and marketing strategy.

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