How to start Sign Board Making Business?Cost,Machinery Details

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

How to start sign board making business || How to Start Acrylic & Signage Board Business

Friends, marketing and advertising are very important for a business. No business can run in the market for long without advertising. That's why many companies and businesses spend a lot on advertising. Along with this, you must have seen many signage boards on the streets and outside the shop, this is also a way of promoting. People spend a lot of money on these too. And these signage board makers earn a lot of profit, if you also want to earn a lot and want to start the business of making "signage board", then this article is the answer to many of your questions, by reading which you can start the business of signage board. And you can earn lakhs of rupees per month.

Today any business, whether it is in profit or loss, reads the need of signage board. Everyone wants to make their office face look good. So if someone wants to do business of this, then they can make a lot of profit.

In this article, we have told you how you can start a business of making signage boards and earn lakhs of rupees. Let us know what we need to start a signage board business.

Area for locating signage unit

First of all, let us know how much area you will need to start this business so that you can easily setup your own. So let us tell you that if you want to install signage unity, then it is mandatory to have an area of ​​at least 1000 sqft. With this, you need to keep in mind that the place where you are starting your business should have more voice.

Because if someone comes to shop for his business, then he comes for his shop, then after seeing you, he also got the idea of ​​making a signage board for himself. Let us tell you that most of the signage boards are made by coaching centers or institutes, so you can keep in touch with them too.

raw material | Raw Material and Manpower

To start signage board business, you need Acrylic sheet, color paste, aluminum composite panel, LED and power supply driver . All these things will be needed to make the signage board. You can buy this from the local shop or even through online websites these days.

If there is a need for artisans to work in the unit, then you can keep it according to your cost. Let's assume that you are starting the unit on a small scale. In such a situation, you will need 2 skilled and 2 unskilled craftsmen. If your unit is big and making good profit then you can also increase your manpower.

machinery | Machinery

Let us know which machine is required to start a signage board business. For this you will need CNC Router Machine, Channel Bonding Machine, UV Curing Machine . But machinery cannot run without electricity, so they also know how much electricity will be needed in the unit.

The signage unit will also require electricity to run. You will need 5 to 7 watts of power to run the entire signage unity. You have to take special care of this because all this is one of the instructions given by the government.

Cost | Investment

If you want to start a small scale signage board business, then the cost of the machines that will be needed is around 15 to 20 lakh rupees. If we talk about working capital, then investment of up to Rs.25 lakh will be done.
If you want to set up a good quality and big unit, then the investment in it increases, then you can also increase the number of laborers working in the unit.

License and Registry

To start any business, it is very important to get its license and it is equally necessary to register that business in government papers. If you are starting the business of signage board, then definitely take its license and if you are a sole proprietor or if you are starting business in partnership, then get them registered under the heart given by the government.

Do not forget to take your GST number after license and registration. With this, the legal identity of your business will be made, so that you will not face any problem in doing business.

Online website

If you are starting the business of making signage boards, then do not forget to make its website. Because nowadays social media plays an important role in business. By creating a website, you can show your business to the whole world by sitting at one place.

This also builds the trust of the customer and reads your good impression. For this you can contact any digital marketing person. By digitizing your business, you can reach more and more people and earn good money.

Keeping all these things in mind, you can start the business of making your own signage board. By starting this business you will start making good profit in no time. Because nowadays everyone wants to promote his business, then he must have needed a signage board. The rest remains a matter of your quality and service.

If you give quality work, then you can become a lot of customers in no time. You can also contact with political parties. Because during the election days, they read the need of making such signage boards. We hope that in this article of ours, you have got answers to your questions.

Start Sign Board Making Business in India.Learn How to Start Acrylic & Signage Board Business with very low investment.Raw Material and Manpower

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