Slipper Making Business,How to Start? Profit of Hawai Chappal

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Slipper Making Business Plan - Know the Hawai Chappal making business details.

Start sandal making business in less money. Slipper Making Business Ideas

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about the business of making slippers, how you can start this business and earn good profits and make your daily life happy,  slippers protect the feet in every way. As important as clothes are for us, sandal is equally important. Chappals are used in both villages and cities. In cities where slippers are used as a fashion, in villages slippers are used to avoid pebbles and stones.

Slippers are sold in huge quantities in India. Most of the people use slippers indoors. There are many types of slippers, some are such that you can even go out of the house by wearing them. Many types of small and big colored slippers are available in the market. Companies earn huge profits by selling these slippers. If you also want to start the business of making slippers, then you can earn a lot of money through this business.

How to start sandal or Slipper Making Business ?

Before starting any business, we have to plan about it, that is, some things have to be determined like. :-

Determination of budget From where to buy
raw material
machine for manufacturing slippers
, items for packaging etc.

When your business plan is made, that is, things are determined, that is, after determining which thing from where and how to get it, you should take the next step for business.

Required license for the business of making slippers

We all know that in order to do any business or business here, its registration is very necessary, without this you may have to face many problems in your business and its manufacturing, so you must get your business registered. You can take advantage of the facilities provided by the government

List of documents required for registration of this business :-

*GST registration has to be done
* after that you have to get your company registered in ROC.
* If you want to do this business on a small scale, then you (one farm company) or you can LLP (Limited Liabilities Proprietorship).
* If you want to do sleeper business from village, then you can do it, but for this you have to take permission from your village block.
* After this you will need a trade license for which you will have to apply in the local municipal authority.
* After this you have to get SSI registration done by DIC (District Industries Center).
* After this you will have to take permission from the pollution control department.
* If you want, you can register your business online by visiting Udyog Aadhar website .

To start the business of making slippers, we need some machines, the machines we will need are

1) Hand Operated Hawai Chappal Sole Cutting Machine – 

The rubber sheet which is used to make slippers through this machine, is used to cut that rubber sheet into every size with the help of this machine die very easily. kind of thongs can be made

This machine runs on electricity and it needs 3 phase electricity to run this machine, you can buy this machine from the market then online india mart very easily and you will get this machine up to 1 lakh

2) Hawai Chappal Grinding Machine – 

With the help of this machine, the sole of the sandal is rubbed and plain, by doing this the beauty of the sandal increases slightly, this machine can be run by 1 3 phase electricity, the cost of this machine ranges from 6 to 7 thousand and it will help you. It will be found online easily in the market

3) Hawai Chappal Screen Printing –    

With the help of screen printing machine, you can make a design in the upper part of the slipper, this adds a little beauty to the slipper, this machine is available in 2 to 3 thousand .

4) Hawai Chappal Drill Machine –

The drill machine is used to make a hole in the shoe's shoal, then a strap is put in it, when initially cutting the shoe's shoal, only then 3 small holes are made in it by the die, the same hole is made by the drill machine. It is enlarged through the medium so that the strap can easily enter, you will get this machine online in the market for 12 to 14 thousand . 

5) Hawai Chappal Strap Machine –

 Through this machine, a strap is applied to the sole of the slipper, this machine will get you from 4 to 5 thousand . 

6) Die of sandal from number 3 to 10 – 

Dies are used to make slippers of different sizes, with the help of this die, the sole of the slipper is cut, from this die the size of the slipper is made and this die is of different sizes, its cost is from 400 to 600 per. There is a die online, you will get this die even more cheaply, there are three types of die, single die, children die, double die

Raw Material for making thongs

After all the machine setup is done, you will also need the raw material. Of these raw materials, which is the most important, only 2 raw materials are used to make thongs.

1) Rubber sheet –

It is used to make thong sole, due to this, thongs have sole so that they do not wear out quickly, but it also depends on the quality of rubber if the sleeper's seat is made of rubber, if it is If it is of better quality then it will not wear out quickly; But if the rubber is not of good quality then the chances of your slipper sole getting worn out are very high.

This sandal making rubber sheet is available in the market of different quality, the cost of thin rubber sheet is a little work, it is available in 200 to 250 and from this slippers are prepared with cheap prices and the second is thick sheet, it is a little It is of good quality and its price ranges from 400 to 450, 20 slippers are easily made from one rubber sheet.

2) Strap of sandal –

Strap means sandal lace, it is applied in the upper three holes of the sandal, its price is 4 to 5 rupees per strap.

There are many types of sleeper straps:-

Wide sleeper strap men's to 10 rupees worth Rs 2 for
pipe strap (transparent straps) 4 rupees for the Womens 12 rupees
you can do it using the strap at more or less the price per your requirement

The raw material used in this trade is easily available in the local markets. If you don't want to order it online then you can order it.

3) PVC Paint :-

This is the paint with which you do the work of painting on thongs.

How to make Hawai Chappal (Hawai Chappal Making Process)

Let's know how the slippers are ready? First the rubber sheet is placed in the sole cutting machine, after that the number of sole you have to make is placed above the rubber sheet and the die is pressed with the sole cutting machine and the sole of the same size is cut. It happens that during the cutting, there are small holes in the slippers, if the machine is of good quality then the cutting is good.

After cutting, the rough part of the sandal is leveled with the help of a grinding machine. This is done with great care and is machine plane all around the sandal, due to which the beauty of the sandal increases a bit.

 After this there is also a need to print the slippers. It costs very little. With the help of screen printing machine, the design is made in the upper part of the thongs, which makes the slippers look more beautiful. After the slippers are printed, it is necessary to leave it to dry for some time.

After the sandal has dried, now a drilling machine is required, with the help of this machine, the small holes which are already there at the upper places of the sandal are further enlarged with the help of drilling machine. 

After this, with the help of strap inserting machine, laces are inserted in the slippers. In this way the slippers are ready and it can now be packed and supplied in the market.

Slipper packing: -

You have many options for slipper packing, out of which you can choose any one option and do it for slipper packing like packing boxes, when your slipper is ready as a slipper and its packing work is completed then you You can sell it, you can use online or offline method to sell

How to Promote?

You can also promote slippers in various hoardings, magazines, newspapers.

How much will it take to make hawai chappals? How much will you earn?

If you want to sell your slippers offline, then you can sell to distributor and shop person, if you want to sell your slipper i.e. product offline as well as online, then you can sell it on Flipkart, Myntra. profit will be

If you are starting the business of slipper or hawai chappal on a small scale, then it can cost at least 1 to 1.50 lakhs. If you want to start this business on a large scale, then it can cost you from 5 to 6 lakhs. Because the machine is a bit expensive in the market

Roughly your total cost = Raw Material + Machinery + Labor Salary + Land + Vehicle Rent
Let's say 10,000 + 90,000 + 7000 + 50000 + 4000 = 161000

If the land is your own, purchased or not on rent, then your cost will be less than the total estimated cost.

The total cost to make slippers comes to 20 to 25 rupees. If you sell a pair of slippers to the wholesalers for 50 to 60 rupees, then you will make a profit of 25 to 35 rupees. If the machine produces 100 slippers daily, then a machine can get a daily profit of 100*30=3000, while 250 such slippers can be made on a large scale.

According to the considered daily slipper manufacturer / production and production, your one month's earnings will be so much, if your production is more than this, then you will get more profit than this in a month, in this way you can calculate the earnings.

How to reach Chappal Market (Marketing)

First of all, to take these slippers to the market, some people will have to be engaged in this work so that these people can go to the market and reach your made slippers to the wholesaler and retailer. Due to which you will have an advantage that your made slippers will also be marketed and sales will also start.

Just once the order of slippers starts coming from the market, then your business has started. You have to take special care of the quality of slippers in your business. If your machine is good then your quality will be very good and higher will be the quantity of your slippers sold. Special attention should also be paid to where not to get the raw material from. 

Slipper Making Business details.Learn how to start Hawai Chappal business.Required license for the business of making slippers - profits

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