Small Scale Business Ideas,Top 30 Low Cost Business

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Small Scale Business Ideas - Low investment business and very profitable.

Here today we are going to tell you about the idea of ​​small scale industry which can give you a good business in today's time. First of all know that after all.

What is small scale industry ?

Small scale industries: Any business that costs between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh, can be done by people belonging to the middle class, for which government assistance is also given, in which loans and training are given to the person for small scale industries. Which will generate employment and benefit more people.

Top 30 Small Scale Business Ideas

1) Dairy Industry-

If you want, you can start animal husbandry as a milk business, for this you can take a good breed of buffalo which is very good in giving milk. You have to make a fence where you want to keep buffalo, you can keep less buffalo in the beginning, there should be proper arrangement of water and food in the enclosure. You can sell milk to a big dairy or to different people, nowadays the price of milk is skyrocketing, due to which the expectation of profit is very high but you will have to work hard.

2) Toys Shop :

Toys business is also seeing a lot of growth these days because children can never stop playing with toys, you can start this business at your very low cost and this business can become a source of good profit for you.

3) Mobile Repairing :

You can also start the business of mobile repairing because nowadays you see a phone in everyone's hand, whether it is small or big, this business is considered a very good business at low cost if you go to any mobile repairing shop. There is always a crowd of customers, you have to stand in line to get your phone made, after seeing all this, you can open a small shop for mobile repairing, keep the necessary equipment in it, take the necessary training of mobile repairing for 4 to 5 months. There is a course, you can do it, then hire a boy who knows how to do mobile repairing, from this business you can easily earn 25 to 30 thousand a month, that too at a low cost. 

4) Gift Store

If you are thinking of starting a gift shop business, then this business can be a very profitable business for you because there is so much demand for it in India that it can never be less, be it any party, this birthday function can be anything. Yes, giving gifts to people has become a common thing, if you do this business after getting complete information, then you can earn maximum profit, you can start this business in just 30 to 40 thousand, for this you need a good The shop will have to be opened in the location where people can easily come

5) Ice Cream Shop – 

Ice cream is such a thing that people want to eat them as soon as they see it and there are children who once see ice cream, then they do not believe without eating it, it is a business that is in demand throughout the year, this business is only for you. You can start in 35 to 45 thousand , for this you have to take a shop in the right place where there is a population of children, it is a good locality where good people live, if there is such a place in your eyes, then you can start this business immediately. You can also make good profit in this business, you can earn 20 to 25 thousand a month from this business, if you show a little more hard work and dedication in this business, then you can earn even more.

6) Sports Product –

 If you are thinking of starting a sports product business, then it is one of the most profitable business. There are many products in sports such as cricket bat, badminton, football, hockey etc. which are sold in the market at a very good rate and whose demand is also there. It is very much if you have good knowledge of sports product then you can start this business at low cost, initially you can start this business in 45 to 50 thousand.

7) Ladies Suit Business –

If you want to start a business by investing small capital, then this is the business of women's suits you can start because due to the daily changing fashion of ladies clothes, its demand has increased even more. Margins are very high and our business of ladies suit is very much in demand in India and you can earn maximum profit from this business.

You people will not know that ladies kurti or suit are available in very work rate if you take it from the right wholesale market manufacturer. The suit you get for 800 in the market, you will get the same suit from suit manufacturer for only 225, you can start this business in just 40 to 50 thousand and you can buy ladies suit kurti from Surat because Surat city is the only place in India where ladies suits are available in very cheap rates and you can earn maximum profit.

8) Book and stationary shop –

Hello friends, nowadays we see that many schools, colleges are open around us and people keep needing books and stationery for this, the most important thing before starting any business is that the cost is there. How much will it be and how much will be the profit, then friends, I want to tell you that you can start this business at very low cost, you can start this business with less than 10 thousand.

For this you do not need any big shop, take a small shop and find a school near the college, then it is even better for you, you can get stationery items from New Delhi Chandni Chowk, this is India's It is the biggest market and you will get it at a very low rate, which you can sell and earn a lot of profit.

9) Fast Food Center – 

Fast food business is a very running business in today's time, such as children studying in school, college, working people go to breakfast in all fast food centers in the morning or evening, so if you start a fast food center So this business can be very slow for you, you will find a lot of fast food shop in the market, but if your fast food center is a little different and your shop is clean and the food tastes good, then people You will always come to your fast food center and you will continue to get maximum profits, you can start this business in just 35 to 40 thousand and you can earn 10 to 15 thousand per month. 

10) Xerox and Lamination Service Business

Xerox and lamination business is also a very running business nowadays, people always need to get some document Xerox, this lamination again and this business remains in demand throughout the year, it also costs to start the business. Doesn't seem like much you need 3 machines

Like a computer, Xerox machine and a lamination machine, you take these 3 things and open your shop in a good place and sit down, this business will cost you at least 30 to 35 thousand and you will get good profits always. will remain

11) Mobile Recharge Shop –

Mobile recharge business is one of the very good business, in today's time everyone uses mobile phone and nowadays there are at least 4 to 5 phones in every house and if we talk about mobile recharge then from every house. There is recharge in the phone from 1000 to 2000 in a month, in this business you get a profit of 3 to 4 rupees in one recharge and your cost in this business is very less.

You can start this business with just Rs 20,000 yes you can also use it

If your mobile recharge shop is in good place and you are recharging 500 phones in a day then you can earn 1500 to 2000 daily this business is very low cost profit business anyone can start it and good can earn money

12) Achaar Making business – 

Pickle making business is such a business that you can start it from your home without any special cost and with your hard work and dedication, you can make this business go ahead. First of all, remember one thing that no one in the world Even less big it is not small, if you do any less with the right dedication and hard work, then you can earn a lot of profit from this pickle business too.

Pickle industry is such an industry that any woman or man can start it from their home at a very low cost, although pickles are used in every household in India, it is very important to have pickles in the food, pickles are very popular. There are ingredients and its demand is always there in the market, you can start this business in just 7 to 10 thousand and whatever pickle you know how to make well like mango pickle, lemon pickle, by making it, you can make it in the market. can supply

13) Grocery store – 

You can earn a lot of money even from a small grocery store, opening a grocery store in India can be very slow because its demand never decreases, for this you have to open your shop in the right place where people are comfortable. Grocery store is a useful thing in daily life, so you will continue to make some profit every day.

It is very easy to do this business, you can bring groceries from wholesale market and sell it to your customer at retail price and earn profit, you can start this business in just 30 to 35 thousand.

14) Juice Shop 

Juice shop can also be a very beneficial business for you because juice is considered very good for health, that's why people always drink it, whatever juice shop you see in your city, there is always a crowd of people and Its demand is also very high in the market.

If your juice shop is in a good market area, where people are always coming and going, then you can earn maximum profit from this business, you can start this business with very little cost, you can buy different types of fruits. You can make juice and some mix fruit juice and sell it, it will cost you 30 to 40 thousand to open a juice shop and you can earn 800 to 1000 of daily profit in it.

15)  Bindi Making Business –

Bindi making business is also a very profitable business, if your budget is work and you are thinking of starting a business, then you can do this business of bindi, the advantage of this business is that you can start it from your home itself. And in this you do not even need much space and thirdly, the cost is very less and the profit is more.

Its demand in the market is also very high, due to which your business will run a lot and this thing is such that even if you keep it for a year, it does not get spoiled, this business is completely safe for you, there is no fear of loss in it.

16) Beauty Parlor –

 Be it women, men these days everyone is very sad to look good and people go to beauty parlors to look beautiful, this is the reason why the demand for beauty parlor business is increasing very fast, beauty parlor you can start with very little money. can

For this, you will have to take a shop in the right place and some beauty cream and tools will be needed, this business is a very good income business for women, for this you have to take necessary beauty training, after taking training, you can open this business. You can start in 25 to 30 thousand and earn 1000 to 1300 per day

17) RO Water Plant-

In today's time, be it the city or the village, people everywhere ask for RO water in marriages and parties. This business is also more beneficial and can give you good income at low cost, for this you have to install a big machine of RO plant and buy some water supply boxes after which you can supply by taking orders in weddings, parties, so that you You can get good benefits. For this, you will also have to hire labor because you cannot supply everywhere and later you can increase your business.

18) Plant Nursery Business – 

In today's time, the demand for ornamental and flowering plants has increased, the best business at such a time is nursery where you can get profit by selling different plants, for this you can also take information through an institute. Or training so that you have every information about the nursery and you can get more money in less cost. For this you do not need much money, you just find a good place which is also shady and where sunlight also comes, you can also collect seeds by bringing seeds or if you want, buy small plants in bulk from big nurseries and sell them, You should bring less plants in the beginning, rest when the business is good then plant more.

19) Candle Industry

If you want, you can start the business of candle industry, which can give you good profits, candles are often in demand in birthday parties, homes and festivals, so this can be a better idea, for this you need a candle making machine. , raw material (wax), thread, etc. will be required.

Where you can easily make candles by machine, if you want to make more quantity of candles then you will have to employ more machines and labor, apart from this you also have to find a good market of candles where the candles made by you can be consumed.

20) Leather Bag

For this, you will need leather as a raw material, which you will have to buy, after that you will have to clean that leather by machines, after that the leather will have to be given color and design as per the requirement and after cutting and sewing it is done by skilled craftsmen. It can be sold in the market.

21) Soap Industry

Soap industry is very useful in today's time, you can make any soap or detergent, if you have good soap, then the demand will also increase and your business too, for this you have to have good knowledge of chemicals or you can hire someone knowing. Can, for making soap, you need nylon sheet, gloves, mask, mixer, scales, glycerin, a mold, sodium sulfate, cents, paint, car oil etc.

You can make soap from these things and for sale you can also sell it door to door first and also sell it by contacting the shops.

22) Ghee Industry

Ghee is a good settler which strengthens our body, nowadays there is a lot of demand for good ghee in the market, if you want, you can start a business of ghee, for this you can apply industrial stove, machines, and labor, after which you can use that By filling ghee in a box, you can sell it in the market by giving the name of your company. For this, you will have to take permission from the Food and Logistics Department. After this, you can start selling the product by contacting the local market and shops, if your ghee is good, then you do not need much publicity, people will come to you themselves and the demand for your product will increase.

23) Beekeeping-

For this, you can take training from any government or non-government organization, we get honey and wax from bees, honey does medicinal work in many types of diseases, after training you can start this work yourself, as per your requirement. Land and boxes, beehives, large bees, the above sweets, and labors will be required. For this, the above time is considered to be from January to March, in which after planting the boxes on the ground, they have to be looked after and then the bees come and from which we get wax and honey.

24) Match making-

If it is a matter of small business, then the match industry is a good solution, for this you will need chemicals, wood, cardboard, paper. The match wood is mostly used of cedar which absorbs chemicals easily, the upper part of the match is phosphorous and on the lower part of which many chemicals are applied so that the combustion process can be done well. You get the company government registered and after making a matchstick, you can make a box of the company and sell it in the market by placing matches in it.

25) Wardrobe Box-

Making almirah or box Box for rural area and almirah for both urban, rural is an essential item, which requires little training and experience or you can hire a skilled experienced, you can promote it in the village or Can in the city and on getting the order start manufacturing the goods gradually. For this you will need raw material steel plate and nail thorns which you will easily get in the market.

26) Flour Mill-

You can also do the work of flour mill, if you want here, if you want to use small machines for grinding pulses, also for grinding spices, then you will get more work. In this you will need a good place and also many big machines, for this you can take information from any experienced. But once the work starts, the profit will also be more, because the grinding of wheat and other grains is more, so you will not be short of work, yes you may have to work a little more here and for other works.

27) Biscuit making-

This work can be easily done from home but for this you will need training, for this you will need flour, sugar, and many other things as raw material. You can start work alone first and after the demand increases, you can give the form of such a factory, you will be surprised to know that Parle company also started in the same way, business starts from small level and reaches to big level. Huh.

28) Electronic goods-

If you want, you can make and sell electronic items such as mobile chargers, and other accessories in the mock, but you should have good knowledge of electronics for this, for this you can also take training from any organization. After this you can start this work with the help of two or four people, for this you have to buy some machines, wires and small electronic items and after some time you will start getting good money. When you become successful in the business of electronics, there are only advantages, after that you can set up a factory of yours and do big business.

29) T-Shirt Print-

In today's digital and fashionable time, new and unique ideas are doing more good business, one of which is to print and sell T-shirts, it is an easy task and also beneficial, nowadays youth can print colorful pictures or pictures. Wear clothes and at such times you give them the option that they can wear whatever they want by getting them printed on their clothes, then what would be better than this and nowadays the craze of all these things is more among the youth. For this you will need a shop and a printer machine and some plain t-shirts with the help of which you can earn a lot of money.

30) Bakery Industry

Bakery industry is a good business which can give good profit at low cost, for this machines are required and together with raw material flour, yeast, sugar, salt, soda and many things will be required, you will need large scale But you can also do this work by keeping labor, but you need good training for this. Through bakery, we can sell bread, fen, rusk and many other things which can give us a lot of profit. It can also be sold in the local mock and you can also sell it direct if you want.

Top 30 Small Scale Business ideas that can be started without much investment.Get these low cost business details - Start Today

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