Start Electronics Repair Shop Business? Benefits,Investment

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Start Electronics Repair Shop Business - Advantages,Knoweldge required for running business.

Electronic repair shop is such an idea, so that you will not go into loss, if you love electronics, then you can undoubtedly earn more than a government job by staying at home.

Why Electronics Repair Shop? 

Today there is no such house, where electronics items are not used, if electronics goods are there, then it will be damaged and if it gets damaged, we Indians give importance to repair more than getting new items, so electronics repair shop option is better.

How to Open Electronics Repair Shop? 

Some important components of opening an electronics repair shop 

1. Electrician –       

You put a repairing kit worth 1 lakh in the shop and if you are not a good electrician, then all the work done is in vain. That's why you need to be the best electrician in your area or you should hire a good electrician on salary or share only then you can be successful in this business.

2. Location (place) -     

The surest way to double the amount you earn by doing good work is to have your shop in a good location where there is a steady flow of people.

3. Knowledge of latest technology -

If you do not change with time, then time will change you i.e. you will have to adopt new technology information like from Black and White TV to Color TV – LCD – LED – Amoled – Plasma – 4K TV available in the market, then you also have to be normal. You will have to have the information to fix up to 4K TV. Always motivate yourself to be aware of new technology, otherwise your customer will be returned and customer return means money has gone out of your hands and into someone else's hands and in whose hands that money would have gone at that time. who had respected the knowledge of new technology. Therefore, keep complete knowledge of whatever you repair, if the information is not there, then you should learn that thing first or keep the electrician with its knowledge with you.

4. Tools (Repairing Tool Kit) -

If an electrician is a warrior, then the tool to repair is his weapon, if the army does not have a weapon then how will he fight. So now buy all the good quality tools, it is your lifetime investment because "cry cheap again and again, cry expensive once" so don't buy bad tools because while fixing something, only the tool that repairs gets spoiled, man a lot. It will be a bad experience.

5. Investment -

The advantage of investing in this business is that this investment becomes your asset in no time.

main place to invest

First investment – You should do it on your own because if you don't know anything about electronics, then you should learn to take a little bit of information. So that the electrician you keep with you cannot steal work with you or you are an electrician yourself, then it is like icing on the gold, just you should learn how to fix new technical items and in this It will not take you much time as you already have a lot of information related to it so you can learn in minimum time without any difficulty.

+ Second investment – You should make good repairing kit, which last for years and do not cheat at the time of work, and take complete repairing tool so that while working you do not have to use other tools in exchange for a particular tool.

+ Third investment – You should make a good place to make a shop, because your good investment will be your good profit.

+ Fourth investment – You should make a good electrician, if you want to keep a separate electrician in your shop, because his quality is more important than the person, if someone is virtuous then he will take ₹ 10 or more wages but that quality person By earning ₹ 100 more than one will give you. Therefore, always make this investment with an open eye, because if you keep a selfish person with you and he is not dedicated to your work, then your money as a customer will not take long to go to someone else's hands.

+ Fifth Investment – Make for your customers Try to keep your customer happy always because “Laughing face always comes back” If you exploit the customer to earn more money then he will understand that he is cheating me in such situation I will never come and will not advise anyone to come to you because when the market of Chinese electronics goods was flooded, the repairing business also suddenly grew and many electricians exploited the customers by tricking them. As a result, this business became infamous for taking more money. Therefore, if you take a reasonable price, your kingdom will remain here for a long time and you know that once you become the king of a region, then you will become the king of your life. 

+ Sixth Investment – Do it in publicity This is also important because people will soon come to know that there is a good repair center open around us, although you do not spend much in promotion but can do a little, so that your shop Soon you will start giving income, this will boost your morale. This is fine for the initial phase, the rest of your life you cannot promote, because your whole life will be your work for your shop, people will keep telling themselves to someone that go to that shop, there is a good electrician there.

6. Benefits-

First advantage – I think so, the synonym of electrician should be profit, because if you are a good electrician and you have opened an electronics repair shop, then you can setup the best shop repairing tools etc. in around 20 to 40 thousand And it will not take you even 1 month to earn that much, if you do the work to the satisfaction of the customer then and you become a lifetime electrician for that customer which will prove to be beneficial for you in the long run. How hard is it to win trust You can guess from this that you don't want to wait a second for someone but if you win someone's trust with your work then that customer can stay for 1 week for you but he is from you Will fix it because the customer has confidence in you you can imagine that someone can wait for 1 week to give you money

What a big deal in today's time, and it is possible only in the repairing sector because it will get repaired by someone else and if it gets damaged again then it will be a problem again which no consumer wants to take the risk if your home I have run out of sugar, if you do not get it from the shop from where you take it, then you will take it from another shop, but if your goods are spoiled, then you will want to get it fixed where you have faith.

Second benefit – You can also do home service in your spare time, by taking extra expenses which will be your extra income.

Third Benefit – Whatever insect you plant in lieu of the spoiled insect, you will earn separately, which is being sold along with the service, because if any insect is damaged, then the customer does not buy it from another shop. It is said that you put it yourself, which also increases the sales in your shop.

Fourth Benefit - Many customers leave their damaged goods and sell them to you at a low or throwaway price, the rest of which you put at a lower price or new price in exchange for the pest of another customer's damaged equipment. Selling tax is also a great deal for your profit.

things to keep in mind

+ Do not make the customer unhappy
+ There is so much margin in electronic repair that no matter how little the customer will give you but you will not lose.
+ If the client once will reduce benefits no matter the next time she would make more profit opportunity for you so the next time you come it
is + if the client has given you less money, but he was glad he himself will make so much publicity that You will not even know and you will get 4 times more profit.
+ Never use substandard parts in repairing because the image of your shop can be tarnished in order to save 50 rupees

Learn how to Start Electronics Repair Shop Business in India.Important tips for running Electronic Repair Shop successfully.

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