How to Start Flour Mill Business,License,Profit and Cost Details

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Start Flour Mill Business in India , know investment and profit details.

It is necessary for any creature to fill its stomach to live life, because its food gives it energy and health to live on earth, we all like to eat rotis in food, and we all know, rotis Flour is made from flour, and flour is made from a flour mill, so today the business of flour mill can be a better option, so today we will all know about the information related to the business of flour mill, which will contain the following information-

What is flour mill, what is flour mill business, how to do flour mill business, what is the process of making flour mill, what are flour mill machines, what license and registration is necessary for flour mill business , what are some tips for success of flour mill business, how much is the cost of flour mill business, how much is the profit in flour mill business,

What is a flour mill ?

The machine that makes flour by grinding wheat is called flour mill, in which the washed wheat is ground, and flour business is also done.

Some essential parts of flour mill-

These are some of the main parts in the flour mill, with the help of which Aata is made.

What is flour mill business ?

Flour mill business is by producing flour, making and selling flour to the shopkeepers, customers and fixed customers of their area according to them and earning profit.

This business is becoming a very emerging business today, which can be done from small to large scales.

How to do flour mill business ?

There is a proper way for anyone to start, which helps him to make a successful business, similarly there are some important positions to start a flour mill business-

1) Location selection

It is very important to have a place for any business, there should be a place to start the mill business where that work can be done easily, this place can either be taken on rent, or Who has his own property.

2) License and Registration

For doing any business, it is necessary to have some registration and license, similarly some important registration and license for flour mill business are as follows-

They can start the flour mill business by doing the main license and registration.

3) Commercial Power Supply 

To save electricity for the flour mill business, the electricity bill is also reduced by taking commercial electricity connections, these connections can be taken for 8000 approx.

4) Buying the machine

Flour mill is the most important machine for business, through which profit can be made by making more and more flour. 

Machines are of different types, their price is above their production, the bigger the business, the more capacity flour mill is used, some are as follows-

7.5 HP 3rd phase power motor – up to 80kg flour approx / hour

10 HP 3rd phase power motor – up to 100kg flour approx/hour 

15 HP 3rd phase-power motor – up to 150kg flour approx / hour

Similarly, the capacity of 2HP, 3HP, 5HP power motors can be used to float dough of about 25 to 30 kg, 35 to 40 kg, and 50 to 55 kg approximately / hour.

For these machines, you can buy machines from nutraj, haystar, sansar and other companies by visiting their websites.

This machine also comes from 15000 to 1 lakh, which are used according to their business.

5) Manpower

To run any flour mill, it is necessary to have a worker, whom people keep according to their business, their payment is 10000.

is approximately, and can be more than that.

6) Business Marketing

Marketing is required to make your flour mill business reach everyone, customers are attracted towards them by doing that marketing both online and offline.

7) Making and selling flour to the customer

According to the demand of the customers, flour is made and sold to them, in the beginning the price is kept low, and if there is any other flour mill nearby, then by keeping the price less than that, the customer can take the woolen side.

8) Profits

Profit can be made by selling flour to customers, that is 1kg / 5 rupees, then up to 500 rupees can be made on 100kg.

Flour mill making process

What are some tips for success of flour mill business ?

Following are some tips for success of flour mill business-

How much is the investment for a flour mill ?

Investment for flour mill can be around minimum 50000 to maximum lakhs according to your business.

In the initial phase the following happens-

material and machinePrice
machine15000 -100000
commercial electricity connection8000 approx
Place10000 and above (according to the location)

Up to a maximum of lakhs can be invested in this business.

How much are flour mill business profits ?

If according to today's price it is Rs 1kg/5, then Rs 500 in 100kg, if the machine is grinding 100 kg of flour in 1 hour and getting Rs 500/hour, the flour mill is running minimum 8 hours in a day then in a day There will be a profit of Rs 4000 and around 120,000 profit can be made for the month.

Therefore, in the initial phase of the flour mill business, there can be a profit of up to 50,000.

In this way, good profit can be earned by putting low cost in flour mill business, and your business can be increased, which can improve the future.

Starting Start Flour Mill Business in India.Know What are some tips for success of flour mill business,Flour Mill Business investment details

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