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Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Know how to start Grain Business ?

India is an agricultural country. 70% of India's population is engaged in agriculture. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people in the village. India's agriculture is based on monsoon. If the monsoon is good then agriculture is also good. Many types of cereals are grown in India like wheat, rice, pulses etc. Most of the wheat is produced in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Only 2% of wheat is exported to foreign countries, 98% part remains inside India. Wheat and rice are the cereals that people like to eat the most. Pulses are most needed in the homes of the people of India. People like to eat pulses more. Many types of pulses are grown in India like urad dal, rajmah, moong, masoor, tur, gram dal etc. Grain is one of the great needs of human beings.

Without food, man cannot survive. If a person wants to do grain business, then he gets more benefit in it. Whatever happens, the business of grain is such a business that never stops because without food it is impossible for a human being to live.

Man can survive without other things. But not without grains. When we start any business, we have to face some difficulties in it. Have to work hard. Sometimes failure has to be accepted. Cereal business is the best business. Whether one is rich or poor, everyone needs food grains to survive.

Before starting a grain business, we need to take care of many things.

1. Choosing the Right Location for Grain Business

The first place is selected for starting the business. Whether to start the business from home or to buy a separate place somewhere. To start a business, we need a warehouse. We should make warehouse in such a place where vehicles can easily reach. There should not be any problem in bringing and carrying food grains.

2. Be financially strong

A lot of money is needed to start a business. In business, sometimes there is loss instead of profit. For business we also need building, land, machinery, furniture etc. Therefore, to start a business, it is necessary for the first person to have money management.

3. Direct Contact with Farmers

If we want to do grain business, then we should contact the farmers directly. Farmers will give food grains to us at cheaper prices and we can earn profits by selling them at higher prices.

4.GST Registration and License Required

We also need the GST number to do the business of food grains. There is no GST on loose pulses and loose flour, 5% GST is levied on selling good quality pulses and branded flour. The business of food grains is related to food, so it is necessary for the seller of food grains to take food license, apart from this it is also necessary to take trade license from Municipal Corporation, Municipality etc.

5. Proper arrangement of storage of food grains

Before starting the grain business, it should be kept in mind that whether there is enough space to keep the grains or not. This requires a large warehouse. The size of the warehouse should be large. In India, the farmer works very hard, the grain is also abundant, but due to the lack of open grain of the farmers, many times it gets drenched in rain and gets spoiled, which causes a lot of loss to the farmers.

6. Cleanliness Attention

There should be proper arrangement for storing grains. The care of cleanliness It is very important to take care of the permanent in the grain warehouse. The grains should be kept neatly in sacks. Rats are the biggest enemies of grain. If you do not take care of cleanliness there, then rats spoil the grain, on which the grain is damaged.

7. Computer Knowledge

Nowadays is the age of computer. If you have knowledge of computer then you can increase the business of grains through computer also. On the computer, you can promote your business by creating a separate website of your business in your name. Dealers can talk to you about business online. Nowadays payment is also done online so that you will not have much trouble. You can enter your business information online.

8. Cereal Consumption Information

Before starting a grain business, you should know where the maximum grain is consumed. One can go to any hotel or restaurant to find out how much grain they need. You can go directly to the hotel and make an offer so that they buy the food grains from you. If they are given the facility of delivery, then they will be ready in such a way that you yourself are delivering food grains to their hotel, the more you have contact with the people, the more sales will be there and the profit will also be there.

Benefits of Grain Business

1. Grain is the most important thing for every person. Everyone has to buy Mahanar whether it is cheap or expensive. Therefore, profit is the only profit in this business, so there is no scope for eating.

2. By buying the grain directly from the farmers at a lower price, we can earn profit by selling it at a higher price.

3. Business of food grains can be done in both urban and rural areas.

4. Grain business is a business that can be run even in emergency situations. Even though all the shops are closed, the supply of food grains continues because food grains are very important for survival.

5. Grain business is such an easy business that not only men but women can also do it. Due to this women get the means of employment and they become self-reliant.

6. To start a grain business, not much money is needed. It can also be started at low cost. For this a godan is required where the grain can be stored properly.

Learn how to start Grain Business in India.Benefits of grain business and the starting cost.GST Registration and License Required

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