Start Gym Business,Earn Money from One Time Investment

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Start Gym Business - Earn money with GYM machineries

In today's time many people are trying to spread awareness regarding health and fitness with the help of health campaign.

It has been said that “If there is life, then there is a world”. We have been hearing this since childhood. And the true purpose of our life is to take care of our health, due to which we live a healthy and good life. In today's hectic schedule People take time out and think of staying fresh and fit, so they go to the gym.

The best thing about gym business is that once you invest in it, you can earn lakhs of rupees a month for many years. , discussing this in detail

What is Gym?

Gym is a work related to physical fitness of a person, gym means the place where we keep ourselves fit with the help of machines or exercises. Often people can choose any time of their day to go to the gym, at which time they can go.

The owner of the gym also gives a trainer to his customers in the gym. In simple language, the place where we exercise is called Gym. The exercise time in the gym is from 2 to 4 hours. Nowadays people are also moving towards yoga and spiritual growth, so the service of yoga center is also provided in some gym. Now we will tell you step by step how to open gym.

How to Start gym business?

If you want to open Gym, then you should have all the information related to Gym. Like what is the age to start gym?, what equipment is needed in gym, trainer fees, information about proteins and much more.

You need to analyze your budget and understand how much money you can invest. Let us tell you that if you want to open a gym, then you have to invest at least up to 5 lakhs. If you want to officially open your gym, then follow the method given below.

What type of gym do you want to start?

There are two types of gym, first gym which is equipped with facilities of cardio equipments and weight lifting etc. In this training is given for weight loss, body building etc. Second fitness center fitness center for weight loss, weight gain, yoga, aerobics, Martial arts, asanas etc. are taught. The business of a fitness center is a bit more expensive than a gym, whether it is a gym or a fitness center, both require detailed knowledge and experience.

Choose location

Location is the most important thing for the business of gym or fitness center, it is not that you should start it at any prime location of the city, you can open it in any street, but it is necessary that the people who come there There is a need for parking facilities, you can start it on any floor, to open a good gym, a plot of 2000 to 2500 square feet is necessary, if the budget is less, then a little less space can also be run At least 15 machines must come

GYM registration

According to the rules, the registration of the gym is under the small scale industry, for this the form can be obtained from the industry department of the district, all the rules are mentioned in the form, after filling this form, you get the license to run the gym. In the industry department gives temporary license, later you can also apply for permanent license, nowadays there is also a system of online application for registration, with online facility you can avoid the rush.

These machines are needed to start GYM business

A minimum of 15 machines are required for a normal gym. Machines required for a gym include Tread Mill, Bench Press, Leg Press, Lat Pull Down, Butterfly, Pack Deck, Bench Press, Leg Press, Cable Cross over, Dip bar, Preacher bench, Situp bench, Two normal bench, Yoga mat, Skipping rope, Rod, Dumbbell, Stand etc. It is important that the most expensive of these machines is the trade mill, people run on the trade mill in terms of business. The cost of a better trade mill is about Rs 01 lakh, a trade mill with a lower price is fine for home but not for business.

Apart from this, you will also have to make a one-time investment on AC, light, music system and interior decoration.

Where to buy gym machines ?

There are many big companies that manufacture machines for gyms. Such showrooms exist in every major city, where modern machines are sold for gyms. Maybe with the help of internet you can get information about machines of different companies, this will also let you know the rates everywhere and you can buy according to your convenience.

If there is no trend then...

Before starting gym or fitness center you need to be trained if you are not self trained then you need trainer or coach without trainer you don't even imagine business of gym and fitness center for experienced trainer or coach give preference to

To attract customers, the gym operator should also make his body fit, when someone comes to your gym or fitness center, he first looks at the operator's body, so if your body is not fit then the impression is bad. Is

Promotion of gym or fitness center is very important

Whatever the business, there is only one rule, the more sales, the more profit, this means that the more customers come, the more profit will be the income of the gym will depend on the customers coming there, the more people use your gym and fitness center. You will be a part, your income will be accordingly, try to promote your gym and fitness center to as many people as possible, make the promotion attractive, without publicity people will not be able to know about your gym. You can also promote on social media, local news channels and advertisements can also be given in newspapers.

Target the area

To increase the number of customers of your gym, you should target an area Remember that people will not come here from 10 kilometers away, so limit the promotional activities to a specific area Both your energy and money from unnecessary promotion will be wasted.

How much can a month cost to open a gym?

For example, suppose you have taken a rented space of Rs 15,000 per month to start a gym, in which Rs 10,000 is the electricity bill and Rs 15,000 is the salary of the trainer and Rs 10 thousand for other employees. Monthly expenditure is 50 thousand rupees.

GYM fees

Generally the gym fee is 1000 rupees monthly. When the cost of machines goes out, then your income directly becomes 01 lakh 40 thousand rupees monthly, try that the number of 200 customers is always maintained.

Ways to increase income

Whether you want to buy the machine or get it manufactured from a manufacturer, then keep in mind that the machines should be such that they can be used in many ways, the machines should be adjustable so that they can be used for many types of exercises, this saves you both space and money. Always keep an eye on ventilation, this will reduce electricity consumption and reduce the bill, when not needed, turn off the machines

If you are running a gym with the help of a coach or trainer, then start learning on your own, in such a way that your dependence on them will be less and you will be able to handle your work yourself. .

Start supplement business with gym When you start operating the gym yourself, people will also buy supplements from you. Try other activities such as dance or music classes

Some precautions are also necessary

1) Before starting the gym, some precautions are also necessary, sometimes due to not taking necessary precautions, you may have to take precautions. Because heavy heavy machines are installed in your business.

2) People coming to the gym must ask for their health certificate. Health certificate can be issued by any recognized doctor or hospital, if there is any health related problem with any customer, then he cannot claim you.

3) First get complete information about the machine which is not known, if there is more dilemma then you can take help of YouTube.

4) If you are also doing supplement business with gym, then sell only quality products, otherwise your credibility may be affected

Learn how to Start Gym Business in your city. Gym registration, Gym machines buying guide. Investment and Gym business profit details

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