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Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

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Whenever we all come tired from outside, then we drink water, some drink plain water, some take anything sweet with water, in today's era there are many people who like biscuits, sweets and other things. Instead of sweet, we drink water with jaggery, have ever wondered where this jaggery comes from, how it is made, so today we will talk about some important information related to jaggery which is as follows-

What is jaggery, what are the benefits of jaggery, how to start a business of jaggery, what is the process of making jaggery, what is the machine to make jaggery, how much does it cost to make jaggery, how much in the business of jaggery There is profit, what is the reason for the failure of the jaggery business.

what is jaggery

Jaggery is a sweet substance, which is made and obtained by boiling sugarcane and palm juice, then drying them. People use it for both health and taste, many sweets and toffees are also made from jaggery, due to which jaggery is one of the favorite sweets.

what are the benefits of jaggery

Jaggery is considered a favorite sweet in today's time because of its benefits, some of those benefits are as follows-

Due to some of these main advantages, the demand for jaggery is increasing today, and its demand is bound to increase further in the future.

how to start jaggery business

Following are the main steps to start the business of jaggery-

Market information related to jaggery

Before doing business, one must keep information about the market of that product, such as quality, quantity, how people should be, technology, price, profit, machines, advantages, methods, everything is important to know, so that a good jaggery can be made. Business can be done, and it can also be accumulated.

Factory site selection

It is most important for any business to have a place to run it, so first of all try for the business of jaggery. Because it is necessary to crush immediately after harvesting, so that the juice does not dry out.

Dealing for sugarcane and buying sugarcane from farmers

In the business of making jaggery from sugarcane, it is most important to buy sugarcane from farmers and deal with sugarcane, dealing in price and quality sugarcane, so that jaggery can be made further.

Crush sugarcane immediately after reaching the factory

Sugarcane is transported to the factory as quickly as possible and crushed, so that its juice is extracted before it dries up, and further production of jaggery can be done.

Boiling, drying and preparing crushed sugarcane by machines with the help of technology.

Jaggery is prepared by drying crushed sugarcane juice by boiling it by machines and with the help of people and by furnace or machine, for this work both machine and people are used.

Packing the finished jaggery and transporting it to the nearby wholesaler.

The finished jaggery is packed in a box by machines and by the logo, and it is given to the nearby wholesalers and places, sweets and other things are made from jaggery, then the seller delivers it to the visiting customers. Huh.

profit making

 The jaggery trader earns profit by selling jaggery at wholesalers and other places, and gradually moves the business forward, and gives a better direction to his future by earning profits.

In this way a good business is established by doing business of jaggery, whose demand never ends.

What is the process of making jaggery

The main steps of making jaggery are as follows-

Sugarcane Harvesting

The first step in making any jaggery is to grow sugarcane, grow it, so that it can be made jaggery by the rest of the steps.

sugarcane crushing

Immediately after harvesting sugarcane, reaching the factory and crushing it is a very important part, so that the juice can be extracted properly.

boiling sugarcane juice

This juice of sugarcane is boiled, due to which gradually it starts turning into solid form, and helps in the formation of jaggery.

dry jaggery

This boiled juice of sugarcane is then dried and given the form of jaggery, and jaggery is prepared.

jaggery making machine 

Today, many machines and technology have come to make jaggery, through which jaggery can be made easily.

Some of the main machines are as follows-

All these things are useful for making jaggery in the jaggery factory, without them jaggery cannot be made, and nowadays more new technology has come, they are also being used.

For more information about the machines follow the link given below-


how much does it cost to make jaggery

Traders doing business of jaggery initially run their initial business by using hand machines, in which the price of diesel machine can be around 15000 to 85000 thousand, crusher machine cost is around 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh, good The price of the machines of the brand is also high, and if the total price is about 20,000 to buy sugarcane, then the total cost is a minimum of 2 lakhs, and later on the growth of the business and by using better technology, the jaggery is prepared. goes.

How much profit is there in jaggery business

In the initial phase of jaggery business, the profit can be around 1000 per day, if jaggery is being made from 30 to 35 kg per day and selling it at a minimum rate of 30 rupees per kg, then the minimum profit can be around 1000 per day, and When the brand and name of our insistence make its place in the market, then this profit keeps on increasing.

Some reasons for failure of jaggery business

Starting the business of jaggery and opening a factory does not only help to establish it, but its success also depends on its quantity, quality, cost and other things.

Some of the reasons for the failure of the jaggery business are as follows-

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