How to Start Juice Shop Business?License,Business Cost Details

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

How to open fruit juice shop Fruit Juice Shop Business Plan

India is considered to be a more health conscious country since ancient times, the awareness of people towards health is increasing with time. could

In the modern era, juice is becoming a necessity in the daily routine of the people, starting a fruit juice shop business through the present situation and future perception is not a loss deal at all, there are many types in juice, which can be changed according to the season. And it should also be changed so that different types and tastes of juices will be available to the customers at the same place. Juice has always been very useful for health.

Juice can be taken in any season in the deteriorating and forming condition of health, juice never harms health For this, various things should be kept in mind:- 

What is juice shop business? 

In juice shop business, juice of all types of fresh fruits, vegetables is made available, this business can be started with any one fruit or juice of different fruits, in this business, the choice of the customers is taken care of because on the choice of the customers. The profit and loss of business is dependent, this business always flourishes near the hospital or in a very populated place.

This business can also be started with a small handcart and if you have more budget then you can also open a shop for it. And if you have a good budget then you can start it from a shop also. You can get this work done by someone else instead of doing it yourself and you will give him salary in return for that work.

Juice business started with low cost remains a profitable deal, if there is no lapse in the quality of juice, then this business creates a good image among the customers in a short time, it is one of the few business in which immediately There is profit and very soon you will earn a lot of money from it.

What is the scope of juice shop business?

Just as cold water is necessary for us in the summer season, in the same way drinking juice has become the need of the people during the summer. Apart from this, nowadays everyone is worried about their health and this is also a big reason why people often like to drink pomegranate or beet juice too, because drinking this juice makes blood in the body and it also has many benefits. to our body. Keeping all these things in mind, people often prefer to drink juice. Now you see for yourself that when the demand for juice is so high and the number of juice drinkers is so high, then this juice business will give you a lot of profit.

How to start a juice shop :- 

1) Choose the right place for the juice shop 

For the beginning of a juice shop, it is very important to first choose the place for the shop, whether the place of the shop should be in the middle of the big market, near the hospital or on the main road of people's daily commute so that people can see- Keep visiting your shop and people do not have to think much to get juice 

2) Employees needed for juice shop 

To start this business, you will need at least 3 employees like two workers will make juice and shake and one will do fruit cutting, chopping and you can sit in the cash counter. 

3) Raw material for juice shop 

ताजा फल, सब्जियां, ice-creams for shakes, milk, ice, and some dry fruits 

4) Utensils and equipment for the juice shop 

If you want to start a juice shop business, then in the beginning you have to take some items that you can use for a long time, you will need the rest of the fruits everyday, that's why you have to buy fruits everyday. This is a business in which very few items are needed, which you must have often seen in the juice shop. At least 3 branded juicer machines to make shakes and juices, a refrigerator to store fruit and ice creams, a chopping board and fruit slicer, a few glass tumblers of different sizes (250ml, 500ml), some bowls, knives Fruit juice shop can be started keeping in mind all these things like spoon etc. 

Even if you do not have much money, you can start this business. To do juice shop business, you will get these items easily in the market and if you want to order this goods online then you can also order these goods online from Amazon, Flipkart or similar ecommerce platform where you will get good quality. With this you will get all this at a good price.

How much will it cost to start a juice shop business?

Juice shop business that can be started easily at a very low cost, from 40,000/- to 50,000/-, the machine, utensils and equipment for extracting juice and freezing the juice are available in the beginning with some less fruit juices. can be used, as soon as the taste of the customers is assessed, the business can be increased in the same way, it costs 12/- to 15/- to make a glass of juice, 6/- to 10 on a glass. There is no need to put much cost to start this business, starting with low cost, the business can be increased further by earning good profits. 

How much will the juice shop business earn?

We tell you roughly that a handcart earns between 18 to 25 thousand rupees from the juice business, but if you have a juice shop then you can earn even more money than that. You can earn more than fifty thousand rupees a month from juice shop and in today's time some people are earning lakhs of rupees from this business. Overall, there is no loss in this business, if you start this business even with less money, then it will only benefit you, not loss. You can also sell juice of multiple fruits in your shop, which will benefit you a lot, but for that you have to take special care of your service quality. He would prefer to go to another juice shop, so pay more attention to the quality of the juice.

How to advertise your juice shop :- 

In the modern era, it is the era of network marketing, before doing business on a product, it is very important to know the network of that product so that the business can be carried forward accordingly, nowadays it is not difficult to promote any product at all. Through network marketing, you can reach your product to more and more people in a short time, network marketing should be taken along for the promotion of fruit juice shop. 

So that people get to know about the specialty of the juice shop and then the customers are willing to taste the juice. Accordingly, the juice can be made of the best quality and the juice can be made available to as many people as possible. 

How to get license for juice shop – 

To start a juice business, many types of registration have to be done, only after registration, it is allowed to open a juice shop, it is necessary to take FSSAI LICENSE and TAX REGISTRATION before starting the shop , after taking the license and registration Municipality, Mahanagar It is also necessary to take a business license from the Municipal Council etc., only then the shop is allowed to start legally. 

If the dealer whether it can achieve beneficiaries of schemes given to small businesses by the Government of India, for it also is required to register separately to business juice shop Food Safety Standards Authority Of India license and Tax Registration is highly mandatory

Apart from this, the trader should also get his trademark registered, it is mandatory to get the license done before starting the shop because in the future, the trader will not have to face any kind of trouble and in any of these works, Any type of negligence can harm the business.

Many times, there is a possibility of interruption in business if these rules are not fulfilled, then for all these reasons it is beneficial to start the business without any interruption and trouble , through all these information, doing business of fruit juice shop and earned profits in the future. And through this business many new employment opportunities will also open. Overall fruit juice shop business is a low cost profitable business. 

Few tips/advice : 

1)  Try to find the location of your juice shop business nearest market and gym area, where the population of youth, women is found more

2)  Appoint at least one physically smart employee for your juice shop

3) Give some discounts and facilities to your customerin your juice shop,all this will increase the number of customers

Start Juice Shop Business in India.Know required license for juice shop details.Intial investment to start juice shop business.

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