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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

How to start milk production business ? How To Start Milk Production Business

The business of milk production is a business that everyone is familiar with, in India, this business is a traditional business, in which people follow milch animals including cows, buffaloes, goats, etc., after that they do business of milk obtained by them. Huh

The business of milk production is still a major basis for the livelihood of farmers in rural areas. Due to the increasing demand for milk all over the world, today the business of milk production is counted as one of the best businesses. Taking milk from the merchants and packing them and selling them, in return, they also pay a good price to them.

In this way, whoever does this business today can earn a lot of profit, but there is also some misfortune, that in our country, the way of earning money through milk production is very old, but lack of good technical knowledge, and milk production. The milk producers of our country are a little behind in terms of information about the scientific methods of promotion, but now slowly the awareness is coming, and the profits of the traders are also increasing, so let's know about the business of milk production.

Market for milk production business

If you are doing the business of milk production, then you do not need to worry much about its market, because this is not a business that is new, or in which you will have to create a new market, this is a business whose market is is all over india

There will hardly be any house here, which does not use milk in some way or the other, from morning tea or coffee to drinking milk at night, we use milk along with it, if we talk about the whole world market. If we do, India is in the first place in terms of milk production in the whole world, while in terms of production of cow's milk, India is in second place today.

In this way we are also exporting milk to the world today. Since 2015-16, India's milk production has seen a lot of increase in capacity, in this way it can be seen that any milk producer has a place to sell milk. There are several ways he can use the milk to supply milk for dairy.

What are the things to consider before starting a milk production business?

Milk production business is a business, in which you can earn millions, but for this also it is very important for you to have a successful plan, for example you should know which breed of animal can produce good milk. Along with this, you should also know about giving nutritious food to them, like this there are some other points which you need to think about before starting the business.

1)  Before starting a milk production business, you have to determine how many animals you will be raising initially, and what are the markets to sell your milk

2)  If you want to move forward in the field of milk production, then for this you should take advice from some experts regarding animal husbandry like what kind of diet will be right for the animals, how to keep the animals away from diseases, you can consult a doctor etc. can also consult

3)  Apart from milk from animals, you also find many waste materials in the form of waste, dung, you should get information related to its management, as well as how you can make fertilizers etc.

4)  You will also have to know about the conception of animals etc.

5) There  should be knowledge of modern technology in relation to milk extraction from animals, as well as what is happening in this field, and what are the new possibilities in this, they should explore

Which cattle are milch breeds for milk production business?

In our country, mainly two animals are used for milk production, cow and buffalo, both of them also have some special breeds which are very good in terms of milking, giving more than 10 liters of milk at a time. If these breeds are bred then you can produce more milk.

Breed of cows

Sahiwal, Gir, Jersey, Red Sindhi, Brown Swiss

Some breeds of buffalo

Murrah, Surti, Bhadwari, Mehsana, Jafrabadi, Neel Ravi, Nagpuri

Types of Milk Dairy –

There are 4 types of milk dairy which are as follows.

1- Small Milk Dairy

2 – Mini Milk Dairy Farm

3 – Midi Milk Dairy Farm

4 – Commercial Milk Dairy Farm

You can start your milk business by choosing any type of dairy out of these four types of milk dairy. Let us now know about these four dairies in detail.

Small dairy farm

Small dairy farm is the most format of doing business in the field of milk production, you do not need to invest a lot to start this business, for this you can start this business easily by taking two cows of any good breed.

Small dairy investment

This business is started on very low investment, for this you can take 65% loan from the bank of the total investment, 25% is received from the Directorate of Development, you have to invest 5-10% in this business by yourself. How do you get financial help in this business?

Earnings from small dairy farm business

While raising any milch animal, special attention has to be paid to its food and health, for this you also have to invest money every month, for that, some money is spent in arranging the best quality of food, medicines, cleanliness etc. If this expense is removed, then you can easily earn Rs 40000-45000 in a year.

Mini Dairy Farm

This farm is a little bigger than a small farm, in this farm you can keep at least 5 cows, for this farm also you have to make the same arrangements as you have to do for small farm may need more space

Investment to be made in starting a mini dairy farm

If we talk about investment in mini dairy farm, then it can be up to 2.5 lakhs, out of which you will have to take 65% loan, 25% from Directorate of Cow Development and you will have to invest the rest of the amount yourself. Will have to invest more in food etc.

Profit from mini dairy farm

If the cost of starting a mini dairy farm is increasing, then the profit in it will also increase, here the cost will increase mainly in their maintenance, you will have to buy nutritious food etc. in more quantity for this every month, thus their food, maintenance, loan installments If the expenses of etc. are removed, then you can earn more than 1 lakh in a year through this business.

Commercial dairy farm

This dairy farm is started on a large scale, if you have enough experience related to animal husbandry, as well as you do not have space for this, then this business is for you, this business demands more investment from you, because of this You start this business only when you are financially capable because the monthly expenses in this business go above lakhs, if you are not able to spend so much every month then you will also go into loss can

Investing in starting a commercial dairy farm

You may have to invest at least 15 to 20 lakh rupees in this business, for this you can also take loan from banks etc. To start this business, banks can give you up to 75% loan from departmental grant. Basically you can get Rs 2 lakh, you will have to invest the rest of the money.

Earning from commercial dairy farm business

You can earn a lot from this business, just for that you have to take special care of catering of your dairy animals etc.

Any one of these types can start milk production business

Benefits of milk dairy farming :

1- You can earn a lot by selling milk, so that you will be able to take care of your family easily.

2- Animal dung is used in many places such as dung gas is made, dung is also used in the fields as food. and is used for cooking food in the village. So you can also earn by selling animal dung.

3- The biggest benefit of this business is to the farmers, through the farming of animals, they can get many benefits.

4- And you do not even need to be very educated to start this business.

Hope you have liked the information given by us on how to start milk dairy business .Now you will have got answers to all the questions related to milk dairy business. If you like our information, then you can share it with your friends and family members who are thinking to start milk business.

how to Start Milk Production Business in India.Earnings from small dairy farm business.Investment to be made in starting a mini dairy farm

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