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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Start Readymade Garment Business - How to start clothing business Know the process of starting a clothing business and in which market clothes are cheap?

Clothing business is a business that is running the most in today's time, because in today's time every person thinks of looking something special, for which he also wears different types of clothes and along with this. In today's time, clothes have also become so cheap, that everyone can easily wear different types of clothes.Especially if we talk about it For women's clothes, in today's time, most people start selling only women's clothes because men buy clothes very rarely, but women often buy clothes three to four times a month.

How to start clothing business?

If you want to do clothes business, then you have to keep many things in mind before doing clothes business and clothing business is such a business that you should have complete knowledge about it before doing that means from where to get clothes. And how to sell clothes, if you take clothes, then you will come easily but it is most difficult to sell them, if you come to sell clothes, then you can easily do the business of clothes, now we tell you some points below, from which you know well. It would seem that how to start a clothing business

1. Mode of Conversation

If you are starting a clothing business, then before that let us tell you that you should know how to communicate properly because clothing business is a business that runs only through conversation, if your dealings with the customer. If it is good then you will be able to do this business easily because in the business of clothes everything depends on our conversation, we have to convey the customer well, you must have often seen in the market that when we go to get clothes. So the shopkeepers selling clothes talk in very sweet and sweet words, and sometimes we cost more of those clothes but still we buy those clothes, and we buy clothes only because of the conversation of the shopkeeper We like the way we do things, that's why if you are starting a clothing business, you need to learn how to communicate.

2. Complete information about clothing

If you want to be successful in doing clothes business, then for this you also have to take complete information related to clothes because there are many types of quality in clothes too, if you have all the knowledge about clothes, then you will be able to contact the customer. You must have often seen that whenever you go to buy clothes in the market, there are many such people who also answer many questions about clothes, or you are also a shopkeeper. You must be asking a lot of questions like, what is this cloth, does this cloth shrink after washing, there are many more questions that are asked, and you should know about them all. So you can also work in a clothing store for a few days in the beginning to get more information about clothes so that you get better knowledge.

There are many good things to start a clothing business, which you have to take care of such as: -

Clothing store location

Before opening a clothes shop, you first have to see an area where your shop runs more, that means you have to see the shop in a place where more customers can come to your shop, such as your clothes market. You can also open a shop inside, apart from this, if you do not have that much budget, then you can open a clothes shop in such a place also. Where there are more people's houses in the vicinity and where there is a park nearby and when people go for a walk in the park, then also look at your shop,

Apart from this, you can also see a place to open a clothes shop where there is a school-college, and especially if you open a shop near two schools college, then your shop runs very much there, because school college Whatever children come to me, I see your shop and then they definitely come to your shop, that's why before opening the shop, decide a good location so that your shop can run well.

Clothing store interior

After you have selected a good place for clothes shop, after that you also have to decorate your shop well, that means the interior inside the shop should be very attractive. So that people like to come to your shop, when the customer comes to your shop, first of all his eyes are on the interior of your shop, that's why you should put a good interior in your shop and at the same time you should also decorate your shop. Should be done well.

As you have often seen that whenever you go to a clothes shop, there are many mannequins, who are dressed in clothes, you have also kept such effigies in your shop so that people will be attracted to see those clothes. Yes, and especially make the front part of your shop with glass, so that people can see the attractive clothes kept inside your shop from afar.

Where can i get the cheapest clothes

When you think of opening a clothes shop, the first thing that comes to your mind is where you get cheap clothes, then friends, let us tell you that there are many places from where you can buy clothes at very low prices like That :-

You can also buy clothes for your shop from Ludhiana, Ludhiana is a city in Punjab and this city is famous all over India due to clothing factories, there are many such clothing factories from where You can also get your favorite clothes made, and in addition to this, if you want to buy ready made clothes, then this facility is also available here, so if you want to buy clothes for your shop at cheap prices, then you can also from Ludhiana can buy.

If the city of Ludhiana is far away from you, then you can also buy clothes from Delhi Chandni Chowk, Delhi's Chandni Chowk is known all over India for clothing stores, and there is a wide range of clothing stores. There are many factories located where you get your favorite clothes at very low prices, which you can earn a lot of money by selling at your shop, in the beginning when you are opening the shop, then at that time you have little need to buy clothes. The problem remains, but gradually you get experience, but we will tell you that before buying clothes for your shop, you should find out at least 10 places, and then buy clothes from any one place. You get more profit when you buy clothes

Cost of starting a clothing business

Clothing business, on one hand, the person gets profit, but initially a lot of expenses have to be incurred in the form of cost in this business. If you are thinking of doing readymade clothes business, then first of all you should have your own shop, otherwise you will have to rent the shop, whose rent will be around 7 to 8 thousand. In the process ahead, you will have to arrange for furniture and maintenance items etc. Now it comes to readymade garments i.e. goods which you have to pay in advance, the cost of which comes between 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs. 

How to register a clothing business

Doing business of clothes is not so easy, for this you have to be registered.

TIN number

Whenever you start a clothing business, for this you need a TIN number, this is needed because you have to deduct tax on the goods purchased by you on the basis of this given number. Considering this as the basis, the clothes sold by you are presented to the income tax for checking.

If you do not have a TIN number, then you will have to submit your PAN number, an identity card, address proof, bill of purchase, business name, and your product information along with your signature. On departure, an 11 digit TIN number is received from the Commercial Tax Department. If the business of clothing has to buy goods up to the limit of two lakh, then it is given exemption. You will receive the goods from the distributor by assuming the TIN number as the base, you can deposit money to the distributor only after the complete sale of your goods.

Form 32

This is a form with the help of which the distributor will give you the goods Do you know that you get the goods in exchange for a form. In the presence of this Form 32, you do not have to face the problem related to paying tax, as soon as your Form 32 is completed, only after that your goods will start coming from other city to your city and now you can transfer your goods to any other city. Can also be taken and sold in the city.

Some important tips for starting a clothing business:

1) Clothing business is such a business where after some time a new fashion comes, so never keep too many items with you, otherwise you can go into loss.

2)  Always treat the customer well, the behavior done by you on the customer has a lot of effect if your speech and language is good, then you can sell the same to the customer at your own price, this is possible only because of good behavior It is possible

3)  Negotiating more than ever in the clothing business, it comes to the mind of the customer that they always have a low price, due to this, the customer will always expect you to take the same at a much lower price.

4)  Every business has good times sometimes bad times, so it is very important that when your business is going on a good time and money is coming, at that time you should try to save as much as possible. Will help you a lot when your business is going through a bad phase

How profitable is the clothing business?

As you would know that if you buy clothes in bulk then you get clothes at a lower price which you can sell at a higher rate.

If you buy the commodity Wagera, then you get this one commodity in bulk for 250 or 300 rupees. After this you sell this commodity for 700 to 800, then you get a profit of 350 to 450 rupees on a commodity. Similarly, if you buy saris, suits in bulk, then you cost 250 to 300 rupees per sari. can get Rs. 

That is, if you sell seven to eight commodities in a day, then you can easily earn 2500 to 3 thousand rupees per day i.e. 80 to 90 thousand rupees per month. Apart from this, even if you sell eight to ten saris, suits in a day, you can earn 2500 to 2800 per day i.e. at least 70 to 75 thousand rupees per month. After this, if you sell well or are successful in attracting customers, then your profit will increase in the same way. 

Clothing deal is completely beneficial for you, even if it is wholesale clothes, in which the trader gets 100% profit. When it comes to branded clothes, the merchant's commission is already kept in it, which is about 25 percent.

What are the main challenges in the clothing business?

Clothing business comes in the category of profitable businesses, this situation has not been created today, it has been a favorite business since long time, due to this there is a lot of competition in this business whenever a new business man enters this business. So some major challenges have to be faced

As the biggest challenge is that this area is already dominated by many old and expert traders, customers also mostly go to the same side which is the old shop, because they feel that more money is being charged from them in the new shop. It is just a matter of trust, so it is a challenge to attract customers towards you. 

The second big challenge is that the clothing business is very sensitive to the weather, the clothes keep changing according to the season, so if you have accumulated more stock of clothes related to any season, then you will also have a loss. Maybe if the season is over, then it becomes very difficult to sell those clothes, because in the next season new design clothes come, then it becomes very difficult to sell the old clothes. 

Another challenge comes to the fore is the quality of the fabric. You must have good proficiency in checking the quality of the clothes so that you can never be deceived as the customer thinks that they will buy quality clothes. Sometimes the shop from which he is issuing the purchase. They see a lack of quality in those clothes, which makes them reluctant to buy

Learn how to Start Readymade Garment Business.Clothing business advantages and profit margin.First investment details - How to register

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