How to Start Rice Mill Business? Required license,Profit

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

In Indian cuisine, rice, lentils, and roti are considered as complete food, which the common Indian eats in his food, out of which the popularity of rice is such that rice is considered incomplete without food, ever thought, rice market What comes in me, which we are able to buy easily, how does it reach the market? So today we all will know all the information related to the business of rice.

Rice Mill Business

What is rice ?

These grains used in food are obtained from paddy, which are rich in carbohydrates, and make up the entirety of Indian dishes, through which we get calories and energy.

How many types of rice are there

The types of rice in India differ on the basis of its texture, colour, aroma.

On the basis of color of rice-

White rice 

These are such rice, in which the bran, husk, seed layer is removed, due to which it is white in appearance, this rice is one of the most popular rice, this rice is the most used in Indian food to reduce weight. Can not be used for food because it has the highest amount of calories.

Brown rice/brown rice

Brown rice is rice whose outer layer is removed, but the bran and seed layer remain, which makes it look brown, this rice is whole grain, it is considered the most healthy rice variety, it is rich in Its use is beneficial due to the presence of vitamins and minerals, fiber is also found in it, due to the best quality, its popularity is also very high.

Red rice

Such rice in which bran and seeds are present in more quantity, they turn from brown to red, and this rice is considered to be the most beneficial rice, it contains minerals and vitamins in more quantity than brown rice.

The use of red rice is considered very helpful in controlling blood sugar level, blood pressure, so in view of its benefits, its demand is also increasing.

Black rice

Black rice is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Types of rice on the basis of size

On the basis of aroma of rice-

Basmati rice

About 90% of the rice that is sent to foreign countries, it is our basmati rice, this rice is one of the special dishes used in special dishes due to its aromatic, grainy, and very flavorful, fragrance. The reason is the presence of 2 acetyl-1 pyrroline found in them.

Jasmine rice

These rice are also grainy with a mild aroma, they are also highly demanded in the cuisine, they are less aromatic than Basmati, and are also popular due to their mild aroma.

On the basis of texture after cooking-

Thus, due to the different characteristics of the varieties of rice, their types are also different.

What is rice mill ?

The place where the raw rice is made edible and the rice is separated from the paddy and sent to the market after all the process, that place is called Rice Meal.

In these rice mills, the rice is separated from the paddy and cleaned in different ways to make it edible, which we use in the dishes in our homes.

What is rice mill business ?

By cleaning the raw rice in the rice mill, making it edible, sending it to the market and making profit from it, it is called rice mill business, seeing the popularity of rice, its demand is increasing day by day.

What is the information needed to start a rice mill business ?

Before starting any business, take some important information and knowledge, so that the chances of success of that business can increase.

This information is as follows-

How to start rice mill business ?

Following is the process to start rice mill business-

Get information about the market of rice mill business

It is most important for the rice mill business, to get all the information related to this business and the price and type in the market, so that the chances of success of the business can increase.

Selecting the place for the mill

Choosing the right location of the rice mill is the most important task of this business, because according to the location itself, profits can be expected to grow in the business.

For example, the mill should be such a place from where rice or rice is cultivated nearby, so that one does not have to go far to buy raw rice and bring it to the mill, which saves the cost, and the place should be such that all the necessary machinery and workers can work easily. To be able to do this, there should be facility of passing air, water, facility of means.

Required license and registration for business

Some important licenses and registrations are necessary for rice mill business-

These are all the necessary licenses and registrations, which are very important for the business of rice mill, due to which your business becomes legally valid in the market, and becomes under some kind of legal rule.

Purchase of necessary machinery

It is very important to have some machinery in the rice mill, using which these machinery are used to separate rice from paddy, remove different layers from rice, and make it edible according to the variety.

The machinery used in the business is as follows-

In this way, all these machines are used in the rice mill, after which the finished rice is made ready to be sent to the market.

Worker recruitment

In the rice mill, skilled workers are required to prepare the rice, for which it is very important to appoint a worker.


After the setup and the appointment of workers, marketing is very important to take the business to the market to the customers.

Following are the marketing methods-

All these methods are helpful in getting your business brand recognition and name in the market and attracting customers.

Buying raw materials and preparing rice

After all setup and work, raw rice should be procured from nearby farmers and vendors, after which the rice is transported to the mill and sold to wholesalers and hotels after making it edible.

Selling chawalo to nearby wholesalers and hotels, restaurants.

Once the rice is ready, it is sold to nearby wholesalers and hotels.

Profit making

Profit is earned by selling the rice to the vendors, so that the business can be further expanded, preparing for its better future.

What is mini rice mill ?

What are the names of top 10 rice suppliers in India

Following are the names of top 10 rice suppliers of India-

These are all the main rice suppliers that supply rice.

How much does rice mill business cost ?

The cost of rice mill business depends on its machinery and raw materials.

In the beginning, it can also be reduced by taking a cheap machine, by which the rice is separated from the paddy.

The cost of machinery used in this business can range from 1 lakh to 10 lakh and above, depending on the size of the business, you can choose the machine,

You can easily buy machinery by visiting these sites, which are given below-


Machinery is also priced according to different tonne depending on the production of rice, the machine which produces more ton of rice per hour, their price is also accordingly.

Machinery cost for 80/120 Tons – 4 Lakhs can be approx.

Rice Mill Machinery Price By Ton-

machinery capacitylowest pricemax price
10-20 ton/day75000/piece200000/piece
120-150 Ton/Day75000/piece75000/piece

Similarly, the cost of starting this business can be done by investing 4 to 5 lakhs, out of which 90% is assisted by the government, for which the business related form has to be filled.

The link for the form is given below-


How much profit is there in rice mill business ?

In the rice mill business, initially after almost all the expenses and costs, there can be a profit of up to 1 lakh, this profit depends on the marketing of the business, and the reach of the business to the customers and the name of the business in the market.

Thus rice mill business is a very good business, due to its increasing demand, the chances of success of the business can increase further, which is still giving profits to many people, and helping them to improve their future. are being.

Apart from this, such questions are mostly asked by people interested in rice mill business.

This question is as follows-

Q: Which is the largest rice mill of India?

The largest rice mill in India is miryalaguda.

Q: What is the capacity of India's largest rice mill?

India's largest rice mill has a capacity of 80 to 120 ton/day.

Q: What is bran in rice?

After removing the rice peel, bran comes, which is fiber-rich and beneficial for our body.

Q: Which is the most expensive rice in the world?

KINMEMAI PREMIUM is the most expensive rice in the world, these rice are made in Japan.

Q: How much is brown rice worth?

Amazon is selling Kohinoor Charminar Brown Rice at 484 price, its market price or price which is 5kg, is 540 MRP.

Q: Which is the best rice?

Best Rice Basmati Rice which is popular because of its aroma and graininess.

Q: Which is the most expensive rice in India?

The most expensive rice in India is black rice, which is available in the market at a price of Rs 285 a kg, it is the identity of the main up of Chandauli.

Q: What are the benefits of brown rice?

Brown rice is helpful for bone development, lowering cholesterol, removing waste, preventing blood clot formation and other minerals and vitamins.

Start Rice Mill Business in your area. Get Required license and registration for business. Find profit in Rice mill business and investment

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