How to Start Solar Business in India? Available Scheme and Cost Details

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Learn all details regarding Solar Business in India

Today, so much development has taken place in every field that in every house, coolers, fridges, TVs, bulbs, fans, and all electric and electric-powered things have made their homes, they will need electricity to run them. Sometimes while going to the village, many people must have seen, like a blue colored square sheet outside the house, have wondered what it is, the same solar, which many people use to run electric appliances, today we all You will get information related to this solar energy and panel, which will be mainly-

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What is solar business ?

According to the need of solar electricity and the budget of the people, they provide such facility, which helps in running the electric appliances in their homes, and for similar facilities, the business that makes profit by selling solar is called solar business. Is.

In this, solar means to use the energy of the sun in the form of electricity, it consists of large square sheet-like devices, which take the sun's energy and convert it into electrical energy, which can be used to run on electricity. used for the equipment.

How to start solar business ?

Solar business is a business where one can start a business on the basis of both product and service.

This business can be started mainly in the following way :

Solar Energy Auditing

In this, a person doing business of solar earns profit by working as an auditor, a solar energy auditor is one who explains all the equipment and tools that provide solar facilities, and the marketing of the sources, their information, and how much electricity It is his job to give information about all these things that is needed at some place, so many people can start this solar business even as an auditor.

as solar panel installation

Many people start this business in the form of solar panel installation, in which it is very important to have the right information related to the installation, it is a work based on technical knowledge, whose better information is helpful in doing the right installation, There is also a lot of profit in this.

As a Solar Product Distributor

In this type of business, profits are earned by distributing the equipment providing solar facilities as a distributor, to do this work has to be done in the manufacture of solar products and to find a company that is the distributor of solar equipment in that area. You can do business by working as a distributor by dealing with that company.

As a Solar Product Manufacturing

In this type of business, investment is taken in large amount, because for manufacturing it is necessary to have all the raw material and machines, place, the profit in this type of business is also very high.

Under this, the most manufactured segment solar lights,

There are solar gadgets, and solar rechargers, which have the highest demand in the market, apart from this, profits are made in this business by manufacturing high demand products.

Solar System Repairing and Maintenance

To do this type of business, it is very important to have technical knowledge, in this, the work of repairing solar equipment and maintaining them is very much, in this also the profits are high.

As a Solar System Associate

In this type of business, any company gives information about all its solar equipment to the associate, which he tries to increase the marketing and demand of that equipment and product by informing others, also helps in making the name of the company, And gets profits in the form of commission on each sale, training you can become a good associate by paying 25 to 30000 fees from the company to become an associate.

Business with dealership

In this type of business you can start the business by taking dealership, big big wants dealers to increase the demand for their solar products and equipments and make their company recognized in the market, dealers have to invest more, for this Dealers need marketing and sales workers, maximum support is given by the company to the dealers in marketing, in this way you can start your business as a dealer.

Investment is completely up to the company to take dealership, some company is such that it wants to invest up to 50000 and some 2 to 3 lakh in dealership, it takes some state and government licenses, tanning is also given, Its market is huge, so profits can be up to lakhs in it.

Taking Business Franchise in Solar Energy Area

In this type of business, we can start business by taking a franchise of solar energy, some licenses are required (TIN number, article of association, article of memorandum, certificate of comment) for these licenses some qualifications are also necessary, Cancels or does not give license if wrong information is received.

According to all these, profit is made by taking necessary things like license, office, investment, taking necessary machines, equipment dealing, or manufacturing, by conveying information related to it to the market.

In this way you can start the business of solar in all these forms.

What are solar panels ?

Solar panels are the devices that help convert solar energy into electrical energy to run all electrical equipment, they are made of solar cells, mostly made of silicon solar cells, which is a semiconductor, and electrical energy helps to change.

What are the types of solar panels ?

The main types of solar panels are as follows-

1) Polycrystalline solar panel

2) Monocrystalline Solar Panel

3) Half-cut Solar Panel

4) Bifacial Solar Panel

Today these 4 solar panels are popular and in demand.

Apart from these, there are some others as well-

What does it take to build a solar panel ?

In making any equipment, it is very important to have the material used in it, which helps in giving it a complete body and making better equipment.

The following are the components used in solar panels-

All these materials are used to make a solar panel.

How to install government solar panels ?

Today, in order to reduce the consumption of electricity and to make solar panels accessible to all, government solar panels are also installed, the methods of installation are as follows-

This whole post will help them for government solar panels, whoever wants to install solar panels.

What is Prime Minister Solar Panel Scheme ?

Such a facility given by the government to the farmers, in which all the electrical equipment used in their irrigation needs are being replaced by solar pumps and solar panels, which can be used to reduce the cost of electricity and fuel. Farmers can be saved from

These schemes are going on in some phases, in which the facility of solar pump will be provided for irrigation first, so that farmers can get easy irrigation.

Scheme run by the government-

1) Kusum Scheme

Documents required in Kusum Yojana

Benefits of the plan

In this way, many schemes are run by the government and the Prime Minister, whose aim is to reduce the consumption and expenditure of electricity in the country.

How to make solar power at home ?

Following are the steps to make solar energy at home-

In this way solar energy is prepared at home, which we can use to meet the small need of other electricity like mobile charger.

How much subsidy is available on solar energy

The subsidy for solar energy is always increasing and decreasing, according to the new update today, Kusum Yojana has come in 2022, under which there is also a plan to give subsidy or grant, under which 60 percent will be subsidized by the government, 30 percent loan which The government will get it, and later it will have to be filled by the farmer and 10 percent of the farmers will have to fill it while taking the connection.

Based on the new update, 60% subsidy will be given to the farmers in the installation of solar panels.

Subsidy - 60%

Loan -30% which the government will provide

Farmers will have to give -10% in connection

How much does a solar power plate cost

People demand for solar energy plate on the basis of their budget and need, 

These plates are priced according to /watt, and smaller panels and plates will be expensive, larger plates will be cheaper.

For example, if you want to take a plate or panel of 100 watts, and the cost of one watt is 40 rupees, then you will get a plate of 4000.

How much does a 100 watt solar power plate cost?

The cost of 100 watt solar plate and panel is Rs 3200 in the market, it is according to the price per watt, it means 32 rupees for one watt.

How much does a 250 watt solar panel cost?

The market price of 250 watt solar panels is around 7000.

(If for 100 watts / watt price is 32, then accordingly the price of 250 watt panel will be close to 7000.)

How much does a 5kw solar panel cost?

The cost of 1kw solar panel will be around 22000 to 24000, so accordingly the cost of 5kw solar panel will be around 100,000 to 130000, and the cost of the whole solar system will go up to more.

How much does a 3 HP Solar Pump cost?

The price of 3 HP Solar Pump in the market is close to 195000, which is used by the farmers to spend and consume electricity related to irrigation.

How many types of solar systems are there

In a solar system, the energy of the sun is converted into electrical energy and it is used to run electrical equipment.

These are mainly of the following types-

on grid solar system

off grid solar system

Hybrid Solar System

1) On Grid Solar System

2) Off Grid Solar System

3) Hybrid Solar System

What is solar inverter ?

Solar inverters help to run household appliances by charging the battery with the energy of the sun, Panvel is connected with this type of inverter, so that the panels take the energy of the sun and convert it into electrical energy, which Used in electrical equipment of homes.

If the solar panels are not getting the sun's rays or energy, then it can reduce the cost of electricity by charging the battery from the power supply of the house.

This inverter works on off grid solar system.

It consists of the following parts-

What is the cost of solar inverter ?

Based on the increasing demand for solar inverter, its Kim4 is also increasing, which is being used by the people.

The price of solar inverter is based on 3 types of solar system-

1) On Grid Solar Inverter Price


2) Off Grid Solar Inverter Price


3) Hybrid Solar Inverter Price

3kw (1P)75000
5kw (1P)78500
6kw (1P)83500
10kw (1P)178500
10kw (3P)239000

This is the cost of all the three types of solar inverters, which people are buying and saving in the cost of electricity.

How much is the profit in solar business ?

Solar business is such a business, which can start from 1 lakh and invest up to 10 lakh on a large scale.

In this business, there can be a profit of 50000 months in the beginning, and if the business grows on a large scale, then there can be a profit of 1 lakh to 2 lakh.

In this way, through this business, people are starting this business to improve their future, and are also earning millions of profits.

Efforts have been made to give almost all the information related to solar business in Hindi so that people can join this business as much as possible and make their future better by earning profits.

How to start Solar Business in India with Govt loan and scheme.Solar Business benefits and different types of solar panel details.

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