How to Start Tea Leaf Business (Chai Patti Business)

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Chai Patti Business

Today, most of the youth of the country prefer to do their own business rather than private job. The biggest reason for this is that one is earning more and secondly there is no workload. But the biggest problem in starting your own business is money. Because of which most people are not able to start their business. In such a situation, today we have brought a tremendous business idea for you. By starting this business in just 5 to 10 thousand rupees, you can earn good money. This is the business of tea leaves. So let's know the complete math of this business.

Chai Patti Business will earn big every month

Tea leaves are also prominent in everyday things. Today every section of the country is fond of tea. In most of the homes, the morning starts with tea. In such a situation, a good income can be made from this business. If you give hard work, dedication and some time, then in no time this business of yours can give an income of lakhs of rupees. The best thing about this business is that neither you have any boss  nor do you have to be tied up in the office.

Assam and Darjeeling 's tea to do business

Before starting any business, it is very important to know its ABCD. There is no limit to earning in this small budget business. You can slowly build your own brand. After which you will earn good money sitting at home. If you want to start a new business of tea leaves, then it should be kept in mind that only Darjeeling and Assam tea should be sold. The tea leaves here are in demand in the country as well as abroad.

Take franchisees of big companies to do Chai Patti Business

The business of tea leaves can be started with an investment of only 5 to 10 thousand. You can do this business in many ways. Like you can sell loose tea in the market or you can also trade tea leaves in retail and wholesale prices. Apart from this, there are many big companies that run a franchise program to sell their loose tea. This franchise is available on a very low budget, after which you get a good commission on selling.

Sell door to door

Apart from this, there is an option of door to door selling. You can sell tea door to door at reasonable prices by packing loose tea properly. People will like your tea because of selling it at cheap prices.

Online selling better option

If you do not want to do this business through door to door selling or other means, then online is a better option for you. You can sell good quality Kadak tea by packaging it well on online websites like Amazon, Flipkart. Through online selling, you can sell your product anywhere in the country.

Earn Thousand daily

You can easily get good Kadak tea of ​​Assam and Darjeeling at a wholesale price of Rs 140 to 180 kg. Which you can sell in the market for 200 to 300 rupees per kg. In such a situation, if you sell 10 kg tea leaves daily in the beginning, then you will earn Rs 600 per day. In this sense, you can earn 15 to 18 thousand rupees every month. At the same time, after a few months, your business will increase and if you sell 30 to 50 kg of tea per day, then you can earn 1800 to 3000 rupees per day.

Where to contact ?

If you want to start tea leaf business then contact here-

Website: www.assamteasellers.in

How to start Tea leaf business with very low investmnet.Get Chai Patti Business investment,profit and starting guide.

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