How To Start Tent House Business? Complete Guide

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

How To Start Tent House Business | How to Start Tent House Business in Hindi

Human being is called a social animal, he works only for the society by living in the midst of society, in everyone's life, there are moments when we are very happy, and in these happy moments, we help the society. For example wedding ceremony, someone's birthday, anniversary, any special achievement, all these are important and happy moments of our life.

Invite our friends, relatives etc. to these moments, India is a country where even the smallest functions are celebrated with great pomp. Now when the function is celebrated, it requires things like tent, table, chair, light etc. 

Now if you think in terms of business, then you can also start a tent house business in which you will have to rent tents and other items. For which you will charge a fare from your customers. If the business of tent house is done properly then it can prove to be very profitable.

In India, it has a very good scope, along with this, you can also do tent house business as a side business because it does not require a lot of hard work, if you are also looking for a good business idea, then You can think about this business, so let's know in detail what is the business of tent house? How much investment will be required in this? And how much can be earned in a month from this business?

What is the Scope of Tent House Business?

If we talk about the future of tent house business in India, then it looks very good. If you do, it goes on almost throughout the year, as well as India is the youngest country in the world today.

Because of this, marriages are expected to take place here at the same rate in the coming years, so there is no danger of slowdown in the business of tent house. Only people used to get it, who did not have the problem of money etc., but nowadays it has become a common thing.

Earlier it was not so much trend in the villages, but today the trend of setting up tents in the village is increasing, the reason for this is that today the standard of living of the people of the village is also improving, so people also get tents etc. to make their ceremony look beautiful. After considering all these reasons, it can be said that the possibilities of this business are very high.

How to start tent house business?

A plan has to be made to do any work and to start any business like this, it is necessary to have a strong business plan.

The business of tent house is such a business in which you have to buy the goods only once and that stuff goes on comfortably for at least 15 or 20 years. If you also want to start a tent house business, then you have to choose a place, this place can also be a big room of yours or can also be a shop in cities or rural areas.

At the place from where you are starting the tent house business, you will need laborers to assist in the work of the tent house business. The place where the goods can be stored should be such that the goods can be transported to the customer's location by hiring trucks and laborers. That is why in the beginning you have to take care of all these things.

Some important things to remember before starting tent house business

Make a good plan for tent house business

You can start the business of tent house very easily, but before starting, do business planning and get some information about how this business is managed, any business can be successful only when you have it. The more effective this plan is, the more the chances of success of the business increase.

That's why a good plan is very important, you should include some points in your plan like you decide which items you will buy for your business, as well as determine the quantity of each item in advance.

Apart from this, you should have a good plan for marketing your business, how much money will be invested to buy complete goods etc., and how much money you are able to invest

On the basis of all this, make a good plan, which will be very helpful in future, after investing in the beginning, you will have to take your business to the people. If people like your work, they will themselves contract with you.

Salmon engaged in tent house business

If you have planned well to start a tent house business, then now you will need the necessary items for the tent house. Apart from this, there is something similar, which you can buy after some time, then it tells you what equipments you will need to start a tent house business .

• First of all you will need small and big tents and other items of all sizes.

• After that you have to arrange for iron poles, boss poles, as well as rope and other types of tent related clothing.

• To start a tent house business, you have to buy different types of cooking utensils, oven, tandoor, large steel utensils, stove etc.

• Utensils for cooking and eating food, plates - spoons, glasses, pans, dag, tawa, utensils for water and other food related things will also have to be arranged.

• In the work of tent house, you will have to buy beds, quilts and mattresses for people to sleep with tents.

• Furniture, iron tables, sofa sets, wooden tables, carpets, steel and plastic chairs, all of which you will have to keep in your tent house store for weddings or other festivals.

• To start the business of tent house, you must have your own small elephant or pickup or a small truck so that the goods can be taken from here to there. But if you are just starting your business and you do not have much budget, then in the initial phase you can also operate from a hired vehicle and take this business forward. When you start making good profits after a few months, then you can buy a small elephant or truck for this business, which will make it easier for you.

It is mandatory to have all these things to start a tent house business.

Where to buy tent house accessories?

Once all the planning is done, it's time to buy some items like a tent house, you can also make some items according to your own, apart from this, you can buy all these items from a good seller, if you do not have much knowledge about this. You can gather information from the tenters already working in this business. They can give you some good advice related to taking the same, talk to as many people as possible and buy the goods from where you get the cheapest items.

Capital arrangement for tent house business 

You cannot start this business without investment, in this you will have to spend money to buy goods. If you already have capital then it is ok if you do not have capital then you can start tent house business by taking loan easily from bank for your business under government scheme and nowadays even loan from them Taking has become easier than ever.

How much does a tent house business cost?

Tent house business is such a business in which you do not need to invest every time, if you buy a tent house item once, then it will run smoothly for about 10 to 15 years. But some items you have to buy in one to two years or even 5 years like chairs, new items of lights, and some decoration items.

If I talk about the cost of starting a tent house business, it depends on how big you want to start a tent house business, because many festivals and weddings are big where there are more people, then there are Large tents are needed and many weddings and festivals are small in which fewer people come, so smaller tents are needed there.

If you have a good budget to start a tent house business, then you can buy all types of tents and related accessories, big and small. But if you have capital problem then you start with small tent house and you buy items according to your budget. When this business of yours goes well, then you can buy expensive and more items related to the tent house.

If you have a good budget to start this business, then you can invest 5-8 lakhs or even more in it, but if you have less budget then you can start this business from one lakh to two lakh rupees. can also start.

How much profit can be made from tent house business?

The business of tent house is a good business which if it goes on then your profit is your profit. In the beginning, you may have some trouble in running this business, but if your service quality is good then it is obvious that your business will definitely run. If your business runs, then you will also get a lot of income from it. The profit from the business of tent house depends on the population of the people and the place where you have your tent house. If there is more population around the place where you have your tent house, then your business will definitely run, but if the population in your area or village is less then your business will give you less profit. That is why for the business of tent house, choose the same place where more population and people can easily contact you.

The profit in this business depends on how many people your tent is reaching, if you do not have any rival around you, then it is a good thing for your business, the chances of your tent house business growing will also increase. Also, if your business has been started for some time, then you can earn up to Rs 25,000 to 30,000 per month, if we talk about the months of marriage, then this earning can increase to 1 lakh.

Marketing the Tent House Business 

Once the business starts, it is not that customers will start coming to you directly. How successful and big your tent house business will become, will depend on how many people you have told about your business. As many people know about your business, they will contact you when needed.

That's why a good marketing plan is necessary, you can work on many plans to market your business, like you can get a promotion about your business in the city newspaper, along with this you can talk about your tent house business. I can distribute it from house to house by getting printed

You can tell about your business in the city's Fm channel etc. All these are better marketing methods, if you are new to business then your chances of getting a chance increase during the wedding season, all the old tent houses get booked. So at such a time you can make your business bigger.

Can a loan be taken to start a tent house business?

Today, the government is giving a lot of encouragement to business in the country, like Make In India , the government is motivating the youth to open new businesses, as well as helping them financially, the government of the country has given this order to all the banks. It has been given that any person who wants to take a loan to open a business must be given a loan, so if you do not have the necessary funds to start a tent house business, then you can start this business by taking a loan from banks. Huh

If you find yourself suitable for this business then you can also start tent house business.

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