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Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

How to start book and stationery shop business. Books & Stationery Shop Business Ideas 

Changes are being seen in the education world, India has always been ahead in the field of education, the world's oldest library, Nalanda University is in India itself. The importance of book is very much in today's time, people are becoming aware and are writing the story of development with time. Education is one of the basic necessities of life in today's time, just as tea leaves and sugar are needed, in the same way books and stationery are needed for education, we have to work for education or whatever. Chart paper, pen, pencil, rubber, spawner and measuring scale are required.

If you want to set up books and stationery, then it is a simple and low-cost business, for this your plan should be right, and it is a simple business, for this you should know how to deal with the customer, if you are thinking of starting a business then You can earn a lot of money by opening your own book and stationery shop. 

What is the market for book and stationery business?

India is a country of youth, today it has the highest youth population, today's youth pays a lot of attention in their education so that they can build a better future, good education is very important for a better future, so the expenditure on education today It has become a lot more than before, this situation is not only in India, but there has been a hankering towards education all over the world. Due to the increasing trend of education, today a good market is available for book and stationery business. One has to struggle hard to get a job, in which a person also studies many types of books to make himself capable, these increasing needs of students have brought this business into the category of a profitable business today.

This is a business whose market is never going to end, the business of books and stationery continues throughout the year. Makes business very profitable, along with this, today there is an increasing trend towards reading literature of people, which is a good thing for this business, so let's know in detail what is the business of books and stationery? How can I start this business?

How to start book and stationery business ? 

To start this business, first of all you have to select the place i.e. you have to rent a shop of yours. This shop can be in a school, college or a nearby market. After this, you will have to get the work of furniture etc. done in the shop to keep books etc., stationery items safe. After this, you will have to buy items like copies, books, pens, pencils etc. in stationery items. After all this, if you want to keep one or two workers, you can keep them. You have to enroll your shop under the 'Shop and Establishment Act' and you can easily do this enrollment online also. After this you can easily start your stationery shop.

What are the things needed to open a book and stationery shop?

A good plan

Be it any business, how soon it will be successful depends to a great extent on how it is started, and a good start depends on a good plan, so before starting the business of book and stationery some things should be considered. Make a plan for for example in the stationery shop for which students you will keep books etc. because when you start business, you will have a huge group of students in front of you, maybe you keep books for all the students, or you can keep a book for all the students. You will have to decide in advance that you will keep books for a particular class of students, along with this, it is also important to prepare a list of what you have to keep in the book and stationery, so that you can manage your money properly. be able to use

Aroom to open a shop

It is an important task to choose a good place for any business, along with this, how much space will be enough, it is also very important, so while choosing the place for your shop, keep some things in mind first of all. Make sure that you are going to open this shop in your own home, or outside because it is a business that you can start at your home also.

For this, you will need at least 500 square meters of space, in which you can easily open a book and stationery shop. Because in these places you get direct customers, from which your income is likely to be high.

Furniture arrangement

When the place for your shop is determined, after that the number of furniture comes, the furniture and its design is very important for any stationery and books shop, so when you go for the furniture, keep in mind that which Whatever furniture you are going to use, will it fulfill all the needs of your shop, if you want, you can also make the furniture according to you, for this you will have to arrange for a craftsman and wood, the artisan will make furniture according to your needs. Apart from this, if you do not want to make furniture, then you can also buy it, you can buy it from your city, and can also be ordered online.

How much investment is required to start book and stationery business? 

The cost of opening a book and stationery shop can be divided into two parts, one is the investment in furniture etc., the other is the investment in buying goods, your investment in books and stationery shop may be more. It is that you will have to make furniture etc. for this, you cannot make any deduction in this investment.

If you want to give a good and best look to your books store then you should invest 4 lakh to 5 lakh in the beginning, which your book depot looks good and attractive, understanding the simplicity of the time, you can also take a loan from the bank, yourself If there is a shop, then invest money on the interior, which will look best in the shop. You can take Mudra loan or business loan both types of loan from bank for start up. Invest less and do better, you have to focus on quality not in weight, then your business will be better after that.

The size of the shop you want to open will be according to your investment, but if we talk about a common person, who is not possible to invest much capital, he can start this business easily even by investing up to Rs 50,000 - 60,000. could

What items can be kept in the book and stationery shop? 

You can keep all the items related to studies in your stationery shop. Pen, pencil, copy, book, calculator, scale, rubber, softener, white board, fevicol, glue, cello tape, book cover, marker, highlighter, sketch color, cutter, thermocol seat, chart etc. Can be kept in stationery shop.

Along with this, you can sell books of every category in your shop. For example, books of every class and books related to competition etc. You can keep all kinds of books related to any course, apart from this, nowadays many good books of any famous author have been kept, so you can also do this. Along with this, greeting cards are also kept to congratulate marriage, birthday, new year etc.

Where to buy goods ?

Once the items to be kept in stationery are determined, it comes to where to buy these items, you will not have to think much to buy stationery goods. Because it is easily available. You can buy copies and accessories like pens, pencils etc. directly from their companies at low prices. You must have seen that many businesses are open even in homes, in which copies are made. You can buy the goods by contacting them directly.

As far as the rest of the goods are concerned, you can easily buy them from their wholesale seller, there is another medium, that is, you will find some such websites online which you will get all these items only after ordering them online if you can make your profit. If you want to increase, then you directly contact the company that manufactures the same, after that you can directly pick up your goods from that company itself, it will be a very beneficial way for you, but for this you will have to do some hard work.

How to increase sales of books and stationery etc. ? 

You have many avenues to increase the sale of books etc. First of all, get an impression of your stationery shop. Whatever book or copy you sell, you leave the impression of your shop on it. By doing this the identity of your shop will remain and customers will increase in your shop. One advantage of doing this is that many customers become permanent customers. Apart from this, you can promote your shop by visiting schools or coaching centers to increase sales. 

Along with this, you can get the pamphlet of your shop printed and distributed through newspapers etc. Apart from this, whenever schools open, you can give discounts on books, copies etc. to the students. Not only this, you can also give a pack of a pen with a set of two dozen copies. By doing this you can increase the sales of your stationery products. You can also take the help of online market where you can open your online book store and sell your products there at a good rate.

How much can a book and stationery shop make a profit from? 

The profit from this business depends on two things. If you are selling more of the branded goods to your customers, your profit is limited to 20-25% because the branded companies already add your margin to that goods. Only then, through Ad, you tell the price of your product to the customers, because of this you cannot sell those products for more than a certain price, the same when you sell any unbranded goods, then you do not sell them. You can also get profit up to 50-55% easily.

So your entire earning depends on what kind of goods you are selling. It means you can earn 40 to 50 rupees at the cost of hundred rupees. After this, it is up to the sale of your product that how much you earn. If you put a cost of 1 lakh, then you can get a profit of Rs 40,000 on it, so friends today we have learned how you can earn a lot of money by opening a stationery shop.

What to do for Marketing of Book and Stationery Shop ?

When you start a business, people have to tell about your business, so that people can connect with your business, you can adopt many ways to promote the business of books and stationery. If so, you have to keep up with the times, you will need to promote your shop i.e. Books and Stationery in social media. You can open an account on the business WhatsApp of your store,

In Facebook and Instagram, you can create a page in the name of your Books Store, and share photos of Books and Stationery there, which will benefit your business and also add customers, any work should be done according to the time, You can sell online, you can use paid promotion for this. Advertisement can also be given in the local newspaper in the name of your shop, which will increase your customers. You should get the card of your shop made, whichever customer comes to take the same, you give it to him so that he can buy the same from your shop again.

You can go to schools and colleges and tell children about your stationery, and motivate them to take items from your stationery, along with this there are many such government and private offices, where the need for paper etc. remains constant. You can go and meet any officer there and talk to them, as well as you can give them any special offer like you can offer them that you will deliver stationery items to them yourself, many such creative ways. You can take measures, so that your business can grow well

If you also want, you can try your hand in the business of books and stationery, this is a business in which the possibility of loss is very less.

Learn how to open Stationery Shop Business in India.How much investment is required. Stationery products profit details and setup guide

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