Subway Franchise,Cost,Profit,Owner - How to Apply (2022)

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Subway Franchise - investment,contact number,subway owner & application process.

Subway Franchise,Cost,Profit,Owner - How to Apply

The business of fast food is increasing in India day bay day and all the traders who trades, making good money. If you also want to invest your money in a restaurant or food related business, then you can start franchise of Subway. Subway is one of the best franchisee distribution companies in the world.Currently, there are 353 subway franchise stores in India. Subway has also been proving to be a very powerful brand in India for quiet long time.Similarly, you  can also open McDonald's franchisees  and  KFC franchises .

Subway Franchise Opportunity

 Who is Subway ? Company History

What is Subway Food Franchise ? 

Subway offers franchisees to open their branches worldwide. Taking Subway franchise means, you have obtained permission to use the brand name of Subway. Along with this, Subway gives you a list of all its menus, along with this you receive training how to make food items.The biggest advantage is that subway experts are ready to help you. The subway company shares with you a fee as a commission.

Why should you chose Subway franchisees ?

  1. Worldwide growth 

When you own subway restaurant, you become a part of biggest restaurant chain of the world. People all over the world trust food quality and love their food. Besides this, subway franchise owners of the world work together. So that every problem encountered in the franchise's business can be easily resolved.

  1. Special Food Products

The biggest advantage of taking the franchise of Subway is that you can offer many types of delicious food. The special thing of Subway Company is that these tastes also change according to the customers from time to time, Customers always like to visit repeatedly to Subway restaurant.

  1. Large and supportive network 

When you join Subway Company, you will receive training and world-class support from Subway. Apart from this, you will be given guidelines from ground level to every little thing from time to time, so that your business can grow further.

  1. Promotion , training and marketing 

Subway arranges training at the time of giving franchisees, so that you can easily understand the business structure run by Subway. With this, your skills also improves, together you get to know the formulas to take the business forward.There is no need to worry about marketing. Because the company is always thinking about promoting its brand by itself and keeps focusing on its advertising and marketing.

Subway Food franchise Benefits

The food business is a business where you can earn more money. But all these things are dependent on your food quality, marketing, publicity and restaurant locations. The average earning of the owner of the subway franchisee is up to 20 lakhs per month. Some franchises even earn around 3 crore rupees within a year. 

Subway Restaurant Franchise Processing Steps

  1. Getting a Franchise brochure

In the franchise brochure itself, all kinds of information related to opening the subway franchise described. For this,  you have to fill the form by clicking on this link https://www.subway.com/en-in/ownafranchise/registeryourinterest . You will have to fill all the information related to personal address, name and contact. After that you will be contacted by the company yourself and you will be given all the information related to the franchise.

  1. Submitting the application 

For this, you will have to talk to a subway agent near you, who will explain the whole process to you, as well as give information related to franchise business which can be useful for you.

You should have complete knowledge about the business which you want to open. If you are thinking of opening a franchise of Subway, then find out what the people around you, like market value and customer potential. This way you will be able to choose the right and favorable business.

Take a franchise according to your investment because the risk in this business is also high. You have to consider how will you manage if you have lack of money or at the time of loss.

FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) is signed by both the parties, in which all the conditions of the company are written. Along with this, the information about how long this agreement between you and the company will be considered valid and how much will be charged, will also be mentioned.

Franchise Training

Every person who signs a franchise agreement has to be a part of the training program at Subway headquarters. The franchisor can also be confident that you have all the information about the franchise and you can manage the business well. You are given approximately 53 hours of training in which your accuracy should be around 80 percent in web based training. Only after acquiring that you can get the franchise.

A safe & secure place will help you to run your franchise easily and without any problem. Apart from this, you have to keep in mind that your franchisee is among such people where people often come to eat fast food. For example, it would be appropriate to open a franchise in a mall or market or even near a cinema hall.

To promote your franchise you have to have a grand opening party. Because of which people around you get to know about your franchise.

What is the Investment and Franchisee fee ?

At present, all subway franchisees pay 12.5% ​​of the total amount after removing sales tax from gross sale every week. In which 8% goes towards royalty fees and 4.5% is charged for advertising.

Required license by the Government of India

To run any food related business in India, a license has to be obtained from the Ministry of Food . Along with this, you will also have to get permission from the state government due to the Shop Establishment Act, in addition you have to get a NOC letter from your municipality. Due to the new tax system of India, you will also have to register your franchisee and get a GST number. Only after getting all these certificates, you will be able to run your franchise without any hindrance.


In the precautions, it will be very important to take care of the quality of the food, the service given to the customer and other maintenance related things. Because all these things are going to directly affect your business.

How to contact to get subway franchise in India

For subway franchises in India, you need to visit Subway Systems India Pvt Ltd. which is located in Gurgaon. For this, you have to go to the unit number 20-24, 3rd floor, MGF Mahanagar, MG Road, Sector 28 address. Or you can get information directly by calling the company's landline telephone: +91 1244188700. Not only this, you can also contact them through email: SA_development@subway.com .


Before doing this business, make sure that you have the enough money or not.  In this business, sometimes there is an investment related problem when your franchisee does not run for a few months and you have to pay the fees at equal time. If you have talent and dedication along with money ,then you will be able to fix trouble and become successful. By doing this business you will be able to earn up to 3 times of your investment easily every year.

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