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Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Tailoring Business starting guide

If you have the knowledge of cutting and sewing clothes, then you start a good business. There was a period when people lacked employment, they did not have many options to earn money, but gradually the country changed, people in the country Apart from farming, many different types of employment opportunities started coming, due to which there was a change in the standard of living of the people and their living habits, this change is also clearly visible in the clothes of the people. Gives preference to different types of clothes, if you want to go to the office, then simple pants and shirt will do, different types of clothes for the party,Different types of clothes are seen in festivals, due to this, today clothes cutting and tailoring are also coming in front as a good employment tool. So let's know in detail what is tailoring business and how much is the earning potential in it. 

What are the qualifications required to start a tailoring business?

If you want to do the business of tailoring and cloth cutting, but you feel that you do not have the necessary knowledge, then there is no need to be disappointed, today many universities and colleges have opened, which provide you with the cutting and tailoring business of clothes. If you want, you can learn the work of tailoring by studying here, although no criteria related to degree have been kept for pursuing tailoring course, yet there are some institutes which provide tailoring only to those people. Those who have studied up to class XII, apart from this, there are some such institutes, whose criteria are only that it is necessary for the person doing the course to know Hindi, but even if you have studied only up to the eighth standard, you can still do this. You can make a career in the field, education never comes as a hindrance in this, apart from this, even if you have not studied at all, you can start this business. 

Age Limit for Tailoring Course

If we talk about the age limit, then all these institutes have their own policies, where there are some institutes which offer tailoring courses even after they are 14 years old, while there are some such institutes, in which the minimum age to take admission is 18 years. So it is every college's own decision. 

What is the duration of tailoring course 

The duration of the tailoring course is also different for every college, it also depends on what you want to learn. Lasts from 3 months to 6 months, there are also some colleges that give you the knowledge of designing as well as tailoring, the duration of the course in such colleges can be up to 2 years, so now it depends on you How long do you want to do the course

What is the fee for tailoring course

Tailoring fee is determined on the basis of how many facilities the college is giving you 200 per month, whatever raw material will be required while learning, he will have to bring it himself, whereas in private colleges, this fee ranges from Rs 5000 to Rs 15000.

What is the scope of tailoring business

Tailoring business is a business that never stops, today people have an increased desire to wear tailored clothes, if we talk about 2 decades ago, then the trend of people suddenly went towards readymade clothes, which Because of this, some danger clouds had hovered over this business for a short time, but today the time is not the same, today people get clothes tailored, especially in the women's section, this thing has increased a lot, whether it is a woman or a girl When it comes to If it is traditional dress, then she prefers to wear clothes tailored to her own choice instead of readymade clothes, thus if tailoring business has a good market at this time

What are the requirements to start a tailoring business?

If you want to do tailoring business, then some important things are required for it, with the help of which your business can run very well, you will need all these things to start tailoring business.

1)  The first requirement related to the business of tailoring is a room, where you can sit and do your work easily, now it is to be noted here that the room should be made at home or outside because some people are more They like to work from home because of fear of getting money, but here it is important to see how much traffic is there in the location where you want to set up your shop, can people reach there easily if such a place is in your home. But if it is, then you can do this business from home, but if a good location is found outside the house then it will be better.

2)  You will have to build a hanger, counter, racks etc. in your shop

3) At  the beginning of the business, you should buy at least 2 or 3 sewing machines, in which if you want, you can also give a job to any other tailor, you can sit a woman tailor on a machine who sews only women's clothes. In the same machine men can sew coats, paints etc.

4)  Apart from this, you will also have to take a scale, catchy, thread, darning machine etc. You will get all these tools in your own city. 

How to market tailoring business 

In today's era, the influence of marketing has increased a lot, if you want to accelerate your business, then you can take the help of marketing for this, you can choose school, college, hotel etc. for marketing in school. Students do not have to get the dress sewn every year, if you want, you can give them some offers like you can give them some discount, by doing this you can make your business very famous. 

Some important things to keep in mind in the business of tailoring

There are some things in this business that should be kept in mind

1) Never lie to the customer, if you cannot give the customer's work for the stipulated period, then you should tell him in advance
2) If you have more work, and the work is not being completed, then you should This work should be completed by going to another shop so that you can order the customer on the due date.
3) Give salary to the tailors who are working with you on time.
4) Never get involved in fights with customers because of this. You will have a negative image Always talk to your customers politely 

How much investment will be required to start a tailoring business? 

The main investment of tailoring business is in the purchase of machines, after that some money is spent in making necessary furniture etc. Talking about the total investment, it will be between Rs 30,000 to 40,000, you can start a good business by investing this much money. 

How much can you earn from tailoring business? 

Earnings in tailoring business are calculated according to the time because the investment that is made in sewing a pair of clothes is almost negligible but then the cost of getting a pair of paint shirts is above Rs 500. Even if you want to get a chain, it also costs around Rs 30, so it can be estimated that how much you can earn, if you sew even 5 clothes a day, then it becomes up to Rs 1500.

There is no doubt that tailoring business is a very good and profitable business that can be started with very little investment.

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