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Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Hello friends, so today we will give all the information related to how to start the business of tiles and marbles in this post, today we will tell you how much money it will cost to start the business of tiles and marbles, as well as we will also tell you how to start this business. What are the things to keep in mind before doing it?

Doing business is not an easy thing, but if you take all the knowledge and take care of the loss, then your business will climb the stairs of success faster and you will have to face least difficulties.

If you want to know what is the business of tiles and marbles? How much money can you earn from this business, then you have come to the right place, in this post we will give you all the information about the business of tiles and marbles, so if you want to start the business of tiles and marbles, then definitely read this post till the end. .

What is the business of Tiles and Marbles? :

You all must know that what is tiles and marbles, today more than half of the houses in the world have tiles and marbles installed. Tiles and marbles business means supplying tiles and marbles through any company or you can make and sell tiles and marbles yourself. Today there are people who can earn good money by doing business of tiles and marbles.

If you want, you can buy tiles from any company and start supplying them, or you can make and sell tiles yourself, you can make a lot of profit by making tiles and marbles yourself. You can choose any method as per your choice and start the business of tiles and marbles.

Today in our country of India, all the people are middle class. And day by day the number of middle class people is increasing. The economic condition of the people of our country is improving, now people are getting prosperous. Somewhere the wish of all the people is that we should also have a dream house which is big as well as beautiful, to fulfill all these purposes, today everyone is installing tiles and marbles in their homes.

Gone are the days where there used to be cement floors, today everyone wants to install tiles and marbles in their homes so that their house shines. Today, while building a house, tiles and marbles are the first choice of these people. So let us now know more information about this business.

What is the scope of tiles and marble business ?

Any business depends only on the demand of the customer, it is the demand of the customer that determines how much profit you will get after doing this business, how much loss, if you want to know about the business scope related to tiles and marble , then Looking at the situation today, it can be said that the future of this business is much better, today tiles and marble are being used in every house, as well as the people who did not use it in their homes, they should also get the houses rebuilt today. and are getting tiles etc. installed in the houses, so it can be said that the future of this business is better. 

Make a successful plan to start tiles and marble business 

Any business can be successful only when its plan has already been successful in your mind, this is not a business where you will get more chances to make mistakes, so it is necessary to get complete information, only then you can start the business of tiles and marble . Step into this otherwise you can incur a lot of loss in this business due to incomplete information. 

Execute the plan 

Once a person is clear in his thoughts, he starts seeing very clearly what he has to do and how to do it, then it does not take long for the person to be successful. You should be sure that you have got all the information related to the business of tiles and marbles .

Then you start putting your plans on the ground, the thing you need the most to start your business is a good location.

Relationships Create 

If you want to be successful in tiles and marble business, then you should keep building good relationships because it is a business that runs on the basis of trust. Sometimes even in your bad times, they will be able to keep the supply of material to you by trusting you, along with this you also need to maintain good relations with your customers.

Indian customers pay a lot of attention to how the behavior of a person was towards that person. Hold meetings with suppliers as much as possible, in today's world the competition has increased a lot, take special care that your supplier should not break ties with you because many competitors can make such plans. 

Talk to someone who is in tiles and marble business

You will need to learn a lot in tiles and marble business, only then you will be able to understand the nuances of the business very well, so you should talk to as many people as possible who have already lived in this business, they can also face all those problems. You have done what you are doing today, so on many occasions this experience will be useful to you.

You can buy an established company if you want 

Many people believe that instead of starting the business of tiles and marble, one should buy a company that is already an established company, it can have many advantages, one of its few advantages is that you will get the necessary equipments for the company. Also, there will not be all the mistakes that happen from a startup company. 

You can also make your own showroom for tiles and marble business. 

If you are new in business and you do not have much information related to tiles and marble business, then you can adopt a great way. There are big companies, those companies definitely want to sell their products.

For this, you establish contact with those companies, and tell them about your business, after that such companies give you many tiles and marbles for free so that you can promote them, in this way you establish contact with many companies and more. Try to collect as many samples as possible, in this way you will save money on buying tiles and marbles in the beginning, you will benefit a little and you will also get some experience. 

Tools needed for the business of making tiles 

The first thing you will need is a cement and concrete mixing machine, this machine can be bought online or offline, the cost of this machine is up to 1 lakh, we need molds to make tiles. It is available in a variety of designs

If you want, you can buy molds in many different ways, its cost will be around Rs 50,000,  after that you also need raw material, this raw material is easily available in the market, the raw materials for making tiles include cement, concrete. More water is required You will also need a big tank to store the water. 

After this you need many small equipment, it is necessary to make the mixture, if you are planning to start a business on a small scale, then you do not need a license etc. Still, if you want, you can get a license. You will need about 8 to 10 laborers in business. 

How to make tiles ?

As soon as you have arranged all the equipment, you have to start making tiles and marbles after that you have to follow these steps to make the tiles

Mix cement, concrete and water
, bring the mixture in the correct form,
fill the mixture in the mold of the tiles,
take them out after a few hours
, paint the tiles according to
your choice, make designs of your choice.

Now your tiles are for sale, now you have to focus on how to sell your tiles only and only.

If you want to sell marbles too, then let us tell you that marbles are not made, marbles are buried in the ground. Somewhere people sell it with the help of machines by giving it polish and good finishing.

Increase your network

To increase your network, it means that now you have to start dealing with people somewhere, you will have to go to the people and pitch to sell your tiles, only then you can sell more and more tiles.

You have to have a good relationship with your retailers, due to which they can make you profit. While increasing your network, you have to keep in mind that you give free delivery to your retailers.

Buy and sell Tiles and Marbles from the company:

If you want, there are many companies with whom you can deal and sell their tiles and marbles. You have to talk to the owner of the company about this so that you can become a distributor of their company. In this way you earn as commission.

But it costs you less to do business like this. To do this type of business, you will need only some laborers and tempo and truck.

What is the total cost to start tiles and marble business

If the cost falls between 8 to 10 lakhs from the beginning of the business to the purchase of the entire product.

Profit in tiles and marble business 

If you talk about the profits from the tiles and marble business, then if you do the business of making tiles, then its profit is less in the beginning because it takes time to establish this business, if you see the cost of making 1 tiles, then it It is around 15 to 20 rupees, which you can easily sell for 30 to 40 rupees, if you are able to sell more tiles in a day, then your profit will also increase. 

Where to sell ready made tiles ?

To sell tiles etc., you will have to increase contact, you will have to go to wholesale shops and talk to them to buy your tiles or if you want, you can also sell these tiles directly to the customers. 

There is no doubt that the business of tiles and marble is a very profitable business, if you have capital, then of course you can start this business on a big scale, but if you have less capital then you can start a bigger business. Do not think about starting the business on a small scale and try to grow it gradually.

Conclusion :

So friends, try this post today to get information on how to start the business of Tiles and Marbles, We hope you will definitely like the post, if you have liked this post then do not forget to share it and if related to this post If you have any question then definitely tell in the comment section.

Learn how to start Tiles Marble Business in India.Tools needed for the business of making tiles.Profit in tiles and marble business

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