Top 10 Businesse Ideas for Village People,Profitable and Low Cost

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Not all business are suitable in rural area or village. You have to select wisely, otherwise you cant run the business successfully. We have listed the business opportunity for specially who lives in village. Checkout these business details and you can have very knowledge about the business.

Top 10 Businesse Ideas for Village People that can be started without any risk

1) Supply of drinking water –

The business of water is a business of increasing speed. Well, you need to spend more money to set up a bigger plant. But you can install on a small scale even without expensive machines. To do this you need to buy water from RO plant and sell it along with the bottles. After some time you can grow your business by using your own water plant. This business will last for a long time and can be very profitable for the villagers. You don't need big space and big money for this business.

2) Snacks and food shop –

Snacks and food shop is also one of the business ideas of the village. You can manufacture daily consumption of snacks and meals and sell them in the shop. You will get a high margin and profit in this business. Debos Now everyone eats fast food and snacks whether they are kids or adults, everyone loves it. This business will give you daily income and you will get high profit with this business.

3) Open Franchisee of a big company –

Opening a franchise is also another best business without any thought. Marketing and other things will be done here by the company. Profits will be shared by the company and you. You can open a Franchisee of Nandini, Amul, Patanjali, Courier Company, etc.

4) Flour milling business –

A flour mill is an easy business to start. Additionally, you can start this business both in the city and rural areas. In addition, a flour mill offers a wide range of manufacturing opportunity to entrepreneurs. Roller flour mill is a process industry for milling grains and providing endosperm in the form of various fractions: flour, semolina, and flour. The skin or bran is separated from the endosperm and sold as animal feed. The domestic demand for all these products is substantial. In addition, there are export possibilities as well.

Generally, atta, maida, semolina and cornflour are the basic ingredients of a wide range of processed foods. Additionally, these are items for household daily use. Moreover, the bakery industry of our country is highly dependent on these ingredients as raw material. Hence flour mill project is a financially profitable business in our country. Basically, you can start a business in two ways. And two different business models demand different infrastructure and investment. One is you secure a small retail space. Install an atta chuck there. And let people bring grain. And you'll get a fee for grinding those gradings. It is a comparatively easy model and demands small capital investment. Moreover, it is a very traditional model of flour milling business. However, this model is not appreciable for sustained business in the long run.

5) Medical store business -

You can also build a new medical store in your village or near the hospital. You can also enter into a tie-up with the hospital. To run a medical store you should hire a worker doing B.Pharma, D.Pharma, M.Pharma who study its diploma in 2-year course with workers in your shop.

6) Barber and beauty parlor shop –

Barber shop business is also an essential service business idea that you can set up shop and hire a person who does the work as well. Since it is an essential service, the profit from which will also be more i.e. the profit will also be more. Along with this you can also open a beauty parlor, its demands for women are also high in modern times and can be highly profitable during the marriage season.

7) Fertilizer production business -

Farmers buy fertilizers from the city with high cost. Now you can build a small manufacturing unit and produce fertilizer. You will get a sale in your village and you can also sell it in nearby villages.

8) Set up a petrol pump station in your village –

Most of the newly constructed petrol pumps are not in urban areas as there is a lot of land scarcity and the cost is also high. In this time, people are considering the land of villages to build a petrol pump near the main road. It's certainly profitable, but you'll have to do research and find the best place where traffic stops or near popular restaurants. You need a lot of money to get started with this. If you have the budget, you can search online for further information. If you have good budget and looking for huge profit then this is the best business idea in rural area.

9) Making candles and incense sticks –

In India, customers do not look at the brand name at the time of buying candles and incense sticks. People only want good smell and quality. This is why you don't show up after building your brand name. All you have to do is find a right retailer store, store with good candles and agarbatti sales and provide him/her commission for selling your product. It is profitable in rural areas due to low labor cost and most of your products will be sold in the local market only. This is a profitable manufacturing business idea for rural area as there are still many villages where electricity is not yet reached and they still use candles and diyas.

10) Cultivation of Mushroom –

Mushroom is in good demand in urban areas and in many hotels as its benefits are expensive in India due to low production. It requires a good amount of land to grow and proper soil. It can be easily found in rural areas. It doesn't take many people to start it. All you need to do is hire farmers and supply the necessary things like proper sunlight, fertilizers and water for plant growth. It will be profitable for the best business to start in rural areas if you are thinking to start a business in farming sector.

So these are some business ideas for you that can be done in rural areas.

Know Top 10 Businesse Ideas for Village People. These business are profitable and yet very low cost required. You can start today.

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