Uber Cabs Business,How to join? Benefits and Earnings

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Uber Cabs Business Guide - Earn huge

How to start a business with Uber Cabs – Hello friends, you are thinking of doing a business and you have your own car in good condition, then you can start your business with Uber Cabs and earn lakhs of rupees per month. can

Uber Cabs is a taxi booking company whose name is popular everywhere in the world with the help of uber cabs mobile app you can book taxi in minutes and within minutes taxi comes to pick up the customer.

If you have your own commercial license car, your driving skills are good and you are thinking of getting your own commercial car, then you can start business by becoming a partner with salvage.

What is Uber Cab ?

Uber is an American company founded in 2008 and its headquarter is in San Francisco USA and this company provides taxi service to the people, if you want to book a taxi, then you can book a taxi very easily through the Uber Cabs mobile app. And this company has more than 250000 business partners in 26 cities of India and 532 cities all over the world and it is growing rapidly.

Benefits of joining Uber Cabs 

1) More Earning – What are the benefits of joining Uber, you can guess that Uber has more than 250,000 business partners in India who are earning a lot of money by joining Uber.

2) Get business all the time – Another advantage of joining Uber is that with the increasing demand for Uber, you get bookings all the time

3) Nearest Fares – You can easily get the nearest fares through Uber, you get booking within 3-4 kms and most of the fares come within 1 km.

4) Choose your own working timings – The best advantage of joining Uber is that you can work according to your own timings, there is no timing fix in Uber.

5) Every week the payment goes to the account – Uber gives its business partner every week according to the payment ride and those payments go directly to your bank account

6) Car discount and loan schemes – If you do not have a car and you want to buy a car to drive in Uber, then you will also get discount and loan scheme in the vehicle from Uber company

7) Uber Driver Phone Application – Uber's application is Uber Driver which you can use easily and its training also gives you Uber company

How To Attach Car With Uber

1)  First of all you can apply for linking with your car company by calling the local salvage office this salvage main branch

2)  You can register by visiting the official website of the salvage company to connect your car with the salvage. Register From Here 

3)  You need to submit your required documents to link your car with the salvage company

4)  Your car should be new and in good condition

5)  If you have a vehicle then it should be T permit because in salvage only yellow number plate vehicle i.e. commercial vehicle can be driven.

6)  If your car is old then it should be less than 5 years old, if it is more than 5 years old then you cannot add your car with salvage

7)  Before attaching the car to salvage, the condition of your car must be checked at the local salvage office

8) The company will give you a smartphone with the Ubar App installed

9)  The employees of Ubar Cab will inform you about the company's guidelines and offers

10)  After all this you have toopena current account in the bank

Uber Cabs Required:

Documents required to link your car with Uber Cab

1) The  most important document for adding a car to the company is PAN card, driving license, address proof, original paper of the car.

2)  You will also have to get police verification done

3)  Car insurance paper will be required

4) Tourist Permits

5) Valid à¤•à¤¾à¤° Rc Book

6)  Fitness Certificate (Fitness Certificate)

How much can I earn after adding a car ?

If we talk about earning from salvage, then salvage is the company which gives more incentive to its business partner than other cab company in India, the company sends money to the bank account every week.

1) Earning from Ubar cab is based on how many rides you do in a day

2) If you get booking in Peak Hour (7am to 12.30pm and 5pm to 11pm) then company will give you 250 bonus in peak hour for a single ride

3) The company also gives you a bonus of 80% of the fare on a single ride in peak hour

4)  If you get the airport ride in the peak hour, then the company gives you a bonus of Rs 800 in one ride.

5)  If you take more than 8 bookings in a day, then the company gives you a bonus of 700 rupees for booking

Uber Cabs Business starting guide.Know the step by step guide , How to add your car? Know the profits and uber benefits.Eligibility to join

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