Xerox Lamination Business,How to Start? Profits,Choose Right Place

Updated On : 22-Jun-2024

Xerox Lamination Business Plan

How to start Xerox and Lamination Business – Friends, the field of education is expanding and its structure is changing day by day. In such a situation, whether to make any application today or to take advantage of any government scheme etc., we have to put photocopies of documents together. In such a situation, we have to go to the photocopy shop to get the photocopy done.

Apart from this, there are many such important documents like your marksheets etc., which you have to keep safe for life time because there is no trust, if water falls on the paper, then your document is of no use. For this, you get the lamination done on it, not only this, you also get the Aadhar card or your identity card laminated. That is why the business of photocopying and lamination is going on in full swing in the market today. You too can earn a lot of money by starting your own photocopy and lamination business.

What is needed for this business ?

Firstly, the advantage in this business is that one does not have to take any license for this and you can start it from your home also. For this, you must first buy both Xerox machine for photocopying and lamination machine for lamination. Apart from this, you will have to buy row material for both these works.

You can easily get most of these row materials from the stationery shop near you. Apart from this, you will have to hire one or two workers for photocopying etc. After all these arrangements, you will be able to start a Xerox and Lamination business easily.

Raw Material For This Business

To do Xerox, you have to buy paper of every size like A four size etc. in the Xerox machine. Apart from this, things like lamination cover packet, scissors, stapler etc. will be needed for lamination. Remember, the lamination cover also comes of different quality, so buy it keeping that in mind.

How Much Investment Required for Xerox and Lamination Business ?

For this business, you will need a maximum of 1.5 to two lakh rupees. Because you have to invest on machinery and furniture etc. Although you will get the machine of photocopy and lamination for less, but we would suggest you that it would be better if you invest up to one lakh on both the machines. With this much investment, you will be able to easily start your Xerox and Lamination business.

Where is it Right to Open Xerox and Lamination Business

Before opening the business of photocopying and lamination, it is very important for you to decide where you will open it. If you make a mistake in the selection of the location, then your business may be closed before it can run. It would be better that you open this business near the government office like collectorate etc.

Apart from this, you can also open this business school, coaching center, near college. If you want to start the business of photocopying and lamination from home, then keep in mind that your home should also be near the moving market where your customers can come.

Things To Keep in Mind

In the business of photocopying and lamination, you need to keep many things in mind. First of all you should know how to operate both the machines properly. If you do not know how to operate, then you will not be able to give photocopy to the customer properly. Along with this, you also have to keep in mind that in which paper size the customer wants the photocopy.

Whenever you give photocopies, pin them up with a stapler. While laminating, take care that the machine does not get too hot. Do the lamination only after the machine has warmed up to the proper level. Otherwise, the required document of the customer may get damaged. Always buy quality paper only and copy it on the same. If possible, keep the rate of photocopy at Rs 1.5 per copy so that you will have more customers.

How much will be the profit in this – Profit on This Business

When you do photocopy, it will cost you around 30 paise per photocopy, on which today someone takes one rupee per copy, then someone 2 rupees per copy. In this business, you can install one or two photocopy and lamination machines according to your work. In this you will be able to earn at least 2 thousand rupees per day. So friends, today we learned how you can earn a lot of money by starting a photocopy and lamination business.

Xerox Lamination Business starting guide.Learn how to start Xerox Business in your city.What is profits ? What is the investment ? Details

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