How to Start Yarn Reel Making Business?Raw materials and Profit

Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Start a business of making yarn reels. Thread Yarn Reel Making Business

Clothes are one of the three essential things for us – roti, cloth and house. Nowadays, different clothes are worn for every occasion, due to which the cloth merchants only benefit. But starting a clothing business is not a matter for everyone because it involves a lot of expense and cost. But today we are going to tell you about a business on which the clothing business also depends. That is, start the business of making reel of thread. Thread thread Reel Making Business

Yes, the business of making thread reel can be very profitable or you can say it is beneficial. The whole fabric business is threads, so if you start the business of making yarn, then there is no harm in it. Because thread is used from small to large level. Then whether it is a factory or you have to sew on your clothes at home itself, it will take thread.

So let's know how to start the business of making thread reel.

Machinery for making thread reels

To start the business of making yarn reel, you need machinery to make yarn. Talking about machinery, two types of machinery had to be taken.

1. First Machinery – Thread Making Machine

2. Second Machinery – Thread Building Machine

Talking about thread making machinery, its price starts from 50 thousand in the market. Which increased according to the quality. The same if we talk about thread building machine, then this thread is more expensive than making and it starts and keeps on increasing according to the quality. Thread building machine automatic is also available in the markets but this price is expensive in price. The price of this starts from 5 or 6 lakhs. You can take machinery according to your capital and get them setup.

Raw material for yarn |

To start the business of making yarn reel, you will have to take raw material. But first you have to consider which thread you are going to start making. Because there are many types of threads like silk thread, zari thread, cotton thread and plastic thread. For this you have to first fold which thread you want to do business of making.

If you want to make silk thread, you will need silk for that. To make cotton yarn, yarn is needed. Plastics may require state fibers and synthetic fibers to make plastic yarn.

According to all these, you will have to take the raw material again.

Thread Reel Making Process

Making a reel of thread is not a very difficult task, if you are starting this business, then you can do this work easily. So let's know the process of making a reel of thread.

1. First you have to setup the machinery. Then that good material will have to be fitted properly in that machinery, whose thread you have to make.

2. After fitting it properly, you have to start the machine. Then you have to concentrate on the moving machine and see how the machine is making thread.

3. With this, you have to start the process of making reel in another machine and you have to set up your machine in the same way as you want the reel.

4. After this your yarn reel will be ready and then you have to pack it and make it ready for sale.

This is not a difficult task, it can be done easily and can go to the market and sell it like this.

cost of thread reel

As you must have read above that you needed two machinery. Whose price reads between 2 to 3 lakhs. The same if you install automatic machinery, then you can read to spend 5 to 6 lakhs. It is up to you which machinery you use.

After this, if we talk about raw material, labor and other expenses, then in this business you can read to spend a total of 10 to 12 lakhs of capital.

License and registration for the business of making yarn reels

If you are starting a business then it is very important to get its license. With this, your business gets legal recognition and the trust of the people also increases. It is also necessary for you to get a license to start the business of making yarn reel.

Along with this, it is also necessary to get the GST number after registering the business so that the government has complete information about your business and you pay tax on time. With this, you will have to put a BIS stamp on the quality of your goods, for which you will also get a license on the quality.

For license and registration, you need to submit your necessary documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, Voter card. Providing bank pass book, electricity bill, gst number and current account information.

profit margin |

Talking about profit margin, in this, 30 to 35 thousand months profit is made in the initial days. After that, as your work increases, if you give good quality people, then this profit will go into lakhs, getting even better.

If you also want to start this business, then by reading this article you must have got the answer to all your questions. This is a very good business which can be done easily. You just have to decide the machinery and which thread you want to make according to your capital. You will get all the rest of the information in this article.

Learn how to start Yarn Reel Making Business in India.Know the intial investment and raw material details.Thread Reel Making Process

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