What is eSIM? What Are its Benefits

Updated On : 24-Sep-2023

eSIM Technology


Whenever we buy a phone, we definitely put a SIM card in it. Because without a SIM card, we can neither make calls, send messages nor take advantage of internet services from the phone. In such a situation, a SIM card is necessary. But now we will not need to insert SIM card in the phone. Because eSIM (e-SIM) will already be installed inside the phone . Which will work exactly like a physical SIM card. But the question is what is this eSIM ? And how does it work? Also what is the process to activate and deactivate it? Let us know in detail.

In the beginning we used to use Mini SIM Card. But over time the size of the SIM card kept getting smaller. And the trend of Mini SIM to Micro SIM and then Nano SIM started. But now the short form of Nano SIM, ie eSIM card has come. Which is a Virtual SIM Card (Virtual SIM Card).

This is to say that along with the size, the technology of the SIM card has also changed completely. And the physical SIM card is now a thing of the past. Now is the era of Virtual SIM Card. That is, of eSIM card, which is a new technology. It is very easy to use and advanced. Also fully ready to replace physical SIM card. But the question is, what is this eSIM after all? And how will it replace the physical SIM card? Come on, let's know.

What is eSIM?

eSIM stands for Embedded SIM ( Embedded SIM ). That is, Embedded Subscriber Identity Module . (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module). It is actually a virtual SIM card, which is embedded with the phone in the form of a chip. That is, it is connected with the phone. Or say that there is a part of the phone itself, which you cannot separate from the phone. And since eSIM is a virtual SIM card. That is why it works with the help of software.

Simply put, the eSIM card is like the internal storage of the phone. In which you can write any data. That is, it is Rewritable . Also comes pre-installed inside the phone. In such a situation, you cannot remove it from one phone and put it in another phone. But if you are going to sell your phone, then by deactivating the number with eSIM present in it, you can activate it in another phone. Let us tell you that the eSIM card can be configured with any network operator.

How does e-SIM work?

When you buy a phone with eSIM, the e-SIM present in it is completely empty. In such a situation, one has to contact the service provider (Airtel, Jio etc.) to activate it. The service provider gives you a QR code , which gets activated as soon as the eSIM present in the phone is scanned . And you can take advantage of all the facilities. This whole process takes about 2 hours.

we would like to tell you that currently Airtel and Jio are the only service providers in India who are providing eSIM service. This facility is not available with other telecom companies. In this case if you are not a customer of Airtel or Jio. So you have to get your number ported in Airtel / Jio. Only then you will be able to take advantage of eSIM service. But the question is, what is the process to activate eSIM? And what are the documents needed for this? So for this, both Airtel and Jio have different methods. Come, let's know about both.

How To Activate eSIM?

First of all you have to decide whether you want to get a new number? Or want to convert your existing number to eSIM? If you want to convert existing number to e-SIM. And you do not have a SIM card of Airtel or Jio. So you can get your existing number ported to Airtel or Jio. But if you do not want to port your number, then you can also buy a new number of Airtel or Jio. Your wish is yours. Well, now it's time to activate eSIM. So it is not a very difficult task. Rather it is very easy.

How To Activate Airtel's eSIM?

If you are a customer of Airtel . And want to convert your existing number to eSIM. So type eSIM<space>Registered Email ID and send it to 121. For example, if your email id is example@gmail.com, then type eSIM example@gmail.com  and send it to 121. As soon as you send this message, you will receive a confirmation message. In which you will be asked whether you really want to convert your physical SIM card to e-SIM? In response, you have to send a 1 which means 'yes'. And you have to give this answer within 60 seconds. Because after 60 seconds the message will expire.

Well, after confirmation, a mail will come on your email ID, in which you will get a QR code. You have to activate your eSIM by scanning this QR Code . But the question is how? So the answer is very simple. If you are an iPhone user then go to your phone's Settings and tap on Mobile Data. After that tap on Add Data Plan. And finally by tapping on Scan QR Code , scan the QR code with the help of Camera.

If you are an Android user then go to the Settings of your phone. And tap on Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Advanced > Carrier and Add Carrier. And finally by tapping on Scan QR Code, scan the QR Code with the help of Camera.

How To Activate Jio's eSIM?

If you are a Jio User . So take your eSIM enabled phone and go to the nearest Jio Store or Reliance Digital Outlet. And submit your CAF Form by filling there . In the form, definitely write your Jio number and IMEI number of the phone . Because it is necessary. After submitting the form, the Jio Executive Officer will check your form. And will verify the details given by you. And after that POS ( Point-of-Sale ) will generate a QR Code through the machine . This QR code will be scanned from your phone. And after that your eSIM will be activated.

Advantages of eSIM

If E-SIM is called the technology of the future , then nothing will go wrong. Because in the coming time only eSIM will be seen in every Smartphone . Now you will ask why so? So it is because eSIM has many advantages. Which benefits? Come on, let's say.

1. Space Saving: Due to E-SIM, there is no separate SIM card tray in the device. This saves space. And this remaining space can be used for other important components.

2. Anti-Theft: This is the biggest advantage of e-SIM card. That it can neither be lost nor stolen. Yes, if the phone is stolen, then it is a different matter. But it also has an advantage. Actually the thief cannot remove the SIM card from the phone. And that's why it's easy to catch.

3. Less Battery Consuption: Works with the help of e-SIM software. That's why it consumes less battery than a physical SIM card.

4. Network Switching: With the help of e-SIM, it is very easy to change the service provider. Like if you are an airtel customer. And want to take service of Jio. So you can take advantage of Jio's services without changing your number and without changing the SIM card.

5. Best For Travelers: eSIM is no less than a boon for travelers traveling in India and abroad. Because it saves travelers from Roaming Charges.

6. Better Security: If experts are to be believed, then e-SIM is more secure than physical SIM. In such a situation, if we look at the security point of view, then eSIM is a better option.


Overall, eSIM has many advantages. But there is also a disadvantage. Actually it cannot be removed from one phone and put in another phone. Because it is connected with the phone. In such a situation, if your phone is going to shut down due to low battery. And you want to take out the SIM card and put it in another phone. So that important calls and messages are not missed. So it's not possible. However, it can be resolved through Call Forwarding. But for this also it is necessary to have a second phone and SIM card.

We hope you got eSIM Kya Hai through this article And how does it work? A lot of useful information would have been found in this subject. If you still have any question regarding this topic. So you can ask in below comment box. 

Learn about eSIM technology, an embedded SIM revolutionizing mobile connectivity and IoT devices in the telecommunications industry.

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