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Updated On : 08-Dec-2023

Learn how to apply for Flipkart Delivery Franchise to get started.Follow the complete tutorial step by step.

For those who are interested in logistics and supplier companies and want to know about these companies so that they can invest in it, be a franchisee and make a lot of profit, this is the right place. This article will talk about the Flipkart Delivery Point franchise and how readers can apply for a Delivery franchise for Flipkart and what can happen. Flipkart is a logistics partner. This article will also help you decide why you should invest in the Flipkart Courier franchise.


Today the world is moving very fast. People are so busy with their work and their personal lives that they have no time to eat, drink or think. When this happens time becomes more valuable than money. And in such a fast-paced environment on earth, the people who are most valuable are the ones who can help save other people’s time. One class of people who help save time is those who run delivery and courier companies and deliver goods and products to people’s doorsteps. People place their orders on e-commerce websites on the internet and these e-commerce companies take the help of supply chain companies to deliver these products to the public.

Flipkart is a company that is different from others in the delivery and logistics business. Flipkart One of the biggest names in the e-commerce sector in India. The company has its own logistics and delivery service called Ekart, which delivers goods and products from one place to another and delivers these products to people living in different parts of the country.

About the company

Flipkart Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company dealing in e-commerce. The company was started in 2007 and is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the two people who founded the company. Both were pass-outs from the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi and were former employees of Amazon. In the early years, the company’s main focus was on book sales, but over time, things changed and Flipkart began selling other categories of products such as electronics, fashion, lifestyle products, groceries and home accessories. It did.

The company’s main competitors are Snapdeal and Amazon. As of March 2011, Flipkart has a market share of approximately 39.5 percent in the e-commerce segment. Phone Pay, a mobile payment service, is also owned by Flipkart. In August 2018, Flipkart was acquired by US retail giant Walmart to control 77 percent of the business. Walmart bought the stock for সং 16 billion.

Flipkart has a subsidiary called Ekta Logistics, which the company bought from WS Retail Services. The Flipkart website uses subsidiaries to provide products available to customers.

How to get Flipkart Logistic franchise?

There are many benefits associated with owning a Flipkart franchise for investing and delivering in logistics and delivery companies like Flipkart Delivery. The value of the brand that Flipkart brings to the table is a huge bonus for the franchisee. This can help him get more business and earn sales and total revenue. No investor has to pay a lot for the Flipkart Delivery Agency franchise. A minimum security deposit is enough for investors to get things started.

Among other things, the latest technology to maintain records is used in Flipkart’s franchise stores. This has increased the benefits for franchisees as well as customers. The owner of the Flipkart Delivery Point franchise also takes a training program that the company conducts itself. This is done so that the franchisee knows how the supply and demand business works. He will be more aware of their responsibilities as a franchisee and it is better to run the store successfully to have some things that an individual should know before applying for a franchise of any organization. The same situation with the Flipkart distribution center franchise.

The following is a list of people who own a Flipkart delivery franchise:

Flipkart delivery franchise costs

An important factor that every investor should consider when making a decision is whether he should be in a company. The same is true of the Flipkart Delivery Point franchise. Investors need around Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh as initial investment to get ownership of Flipkart’s logistics franchise. The cost of investing may vary depending on the location of the store.

Flipkart franchise profit

There is no official data on the internet that can highlight the profitability of the Flipkart Courier franchise. But with a market share of about 40 percent, Flipkart is one of the biggest names in the e-commerce sector. It should be a good idea for investors to invest in the company and own the supply. Flipkart franchise.

Flipkart franchise requirements

Like any other franchise, there are certain requirements that an individual must meet in order to own a Flipkart parcel delivery franchise. The first requirement is about the area or outlet space required to set up the shop. The area should be sufficient to accommodate the equipment and allow the workers to roam freely during their duties. An area of ​​400 to 700 square feet is considered sufficient to establish a Flipkart Delivery Center franchise.

Other requirements relate to the equipment needed to run a franchise store. The owner of the franchise store needs to provide printers, invoice labels, computers, barcode scanners, etc. to ensure that the store is functioning properly.

Contact details

If anyone has any questions and would like to contact Flipkart’s support staff for answers, they can use the following information:

Head office addressFlipkart Internet Pvt.
Vaishnavite Summit, Ground Floor,
899 Main, 80ft Road, 3rd Block,
Koramangala, Bangalore – 560034
Flipkart franchise contact number1800 208 9898

How does Flipkart Logistics work?

Flipkart has its own delivery service called Ekart which the company uses to deliver its products to customers.Which courier does Flipkart use?

Flipkart uses Ekart courier services to deliver to customers.What is the unity of Flipkart?

Yes, Flipkart is owned by Ekart.Which is the largest courier company in the world?

DHL is the largest courier company in the world.

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Flipkart is an iconic brand in India. Through its superior customer service and high quality products, the company has been able to gain the trust of the people and also build a loyal customer base for itself.

The importance of logistics and supply is increasing over time. People want to save more time and delivery companies want to help them. So investors have a great opportunity to put their money in a logistics company especially in a company like Flipkart Delivery, which has a very big name in the country and it will definitely help the franchisee in juicy profits.

So, if you have the money to invest and you are interested in investing in a distribution and logistics company, you can’t go wrong with Flipkart.

Explore the Flipkart delivery franchise, including expenses and potential profits. Start your delivery business with a leading e-commerce platform.

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