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Updated On : 24-Sep-2023

Learn how to apply for Jio DTH Franchise Dealership in India to get started.

Every once in a while, a company or brand comes onto the market that shapes things for everyone. This is exactly what happened to come Jio in the telecommunications sector. Reliance Jio has been able to attract large volumes of potential customers by providing telecommunications services at very low costs without compromising quality or performance. The prices were so low that the competitors never stood a chance against Jio. The broadcasting sector, which has revolutionized over the years – from having a single television channel to a cable connection to multiple channels and then switching to set top boxes, is about to undergo some tough changes again. It was launched on 5 September 2019, Jio DTH aims to changing the way people consume content by providing DTH and internet services at relatively lower prices. Apart from the traditional TV channels, the services provided by Jio Fiber and Jio DTH services will include gaming and high-speed internet.

Jio DTH Franchise Dealership,Cost,Profit -  Apply Online

Business Model:

The business model adopted by Reliance for Jio DTH is quite simple. The company plans to earn money by selling Jio top boxes and subsequently through monthly or annual fees that subscribers will pay for the continued availability of JioFiber and Jio DTH services.

Jio DTH Franchise:

There are many benefits to joining Reliance Jio. It is a case of maximum profit with a low risk rate. One of the advantages of owning a Jio DTH franchise is that investment volume is the lowest in the entire DTH industry. Fixed top boxes of standard definition and high definition will be available at budget-supporting costs. Customer care services will also be available 24 × 7 to the franchisee should he or she address any questions or queries.

Jio Franchise Opportunities Depends:

A person seeking to become the owner of a Jio DTH franchise must fulfill certain obligations to acquire the seller. The first requirement that the prospective franchisee must meet is that he or she must have an area or space of approximately 150 to 250 square feet, required to set up the store. The applicant can own or rent the place. To become the owner of the Jio DTH franchise, one can go to the company’s official website and fill out the application form there or they can visit the nearest Jio center. Documents such as PAN card, Aadhar card, 6 passport size photos, bank statements for the past six months, photos of the highest space or home and the highest qualification degree must be submitted with the application form to apply make a JIO DTH vendor.

Cost and Requirements:

The cost of investing for a Jio dealer depends on the type of franchise an individual chooses. There are two types of franchises for Jio DTH. The first type of deal is where the franchisee will be responsible for maintaining, activating sim cards and all recharge related services, whether monthly, quarterly or yearly. In the second type of deal, the franchisee has the sole responsibility of selling Jio’s hardware products and providing all related support to customers. Another factor that determines the cost of the investment is the place of business. If the area is rural, then the cost of investment will be lower as there will be a lack of customers. Also, only limited services will be available for that repository. For a shop in an urban area, the cost of investment will be in lakhs. While no type-specific or site-specific cost breakdown is available on the internet, the following shows the general costs that may be required to find a Jio vendor:

Profit or Return on Investment (ROI):

While the precise figures of monthly returns from the Jio DTH franchise are not available on the internet, a Jio franchise owner can bring home between 50,000 rupees to 2 lakh rupees a month in profits.

More About the Company:

Jio is an Indian telecommunications company which is a subsidiary of Reliance Industries. The company’s headquarters is in the city of Mumbai. The company was registered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on 15 February 2007 as Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited, but it was not until 2015 that the company commenced operations. After a soft launch in December 2015, Jio was made publicly available on 5 September 2016. Today, with over 355.17 million subscribers, Jio is India’s second largest mobile network provider and is in 4th place is on the list of the world’s largest mobile networks. Apart from mobile network services, the company has also entered other business areas. Examples include an affordable phone line called ‘Jiophones’, wi-fi routers called ‘JioFi’, a multimedia app on Google Play. Having already made its mark in the telecommunications sector, Reliance Jio is starting to shape things in the broadcasting industry along with its new services such as Reliance JioFiber and the Jio DTH service.

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Jio DTH Franchise FAQ:

1. How do I get a Reliance Jio franchise?

There are two ways one can apply for a Jio DTH vendor. The first is that he / she can go to the official website of the company and fill out a dependency Jio distribution form to apply for a franchise and wait to hear back from the company. The other option is to visit the nearest Jio center.

2. How many Jio DTH franchise types are available?

A Jio vendor can be of two types. Under the first type, the franchisee is in charge of sim cards, their maintenance, activation, and all recharge related services. Under the second type, the sole responsibility of a dealer is to sell Jio hardware products and provide technical support to the customers.

3. What is the area or space necessary to open a Jio franchise?

An area of ​​between 150 and 250 square feet will be needed to set up the store.

4. What factors determine the cost of investing in Jio’s franchise?

A number of factors come into play when getting the cost of your investment to find a Jio DTH vendor. First, it depends on the type of franchise the dealer chooses. He / she can sell Jio hardware products or take responsibility for sim cards and all related services. Another factor that influences the cost of the investment is the location of the business. The cost of investment in rural areas will be low as there would be few customers. If the site is in an urban area, the cost will be higher and will probably run up to many lakhs.

5. Can someone run the Jio DTH and Jio mobile franchise at the same time?

The answer is Yes. When someone applies to become a franchise owner for Jio DTH, he becomes an official franchise partner. However, the dealer must ensure that he or she is following the terms and conditions of the various services they are offering to the customers.

6. How long is the franchise agreement valid?

The agreement is usually valid for one year; thereafter, it must be renewed again.

7. Is a Jio DTH franchise or vendor profitable?

Yes. Jio DTH dealer can earn anywhere from Rs.50,000 to Rs.2,00,000 in profits in one month.

8. What is the amount of investment required to find a Jio DTH vendor?

The capital investment costs around Rs.2,00,000. The store also produces 3 to 5 lakh rupees. Just pay a deal fee of Rs.50,000. The one-off refundable amount payable to the company may be Rs.15,000, Rs.50,000 or Rs.75,000, depending on the store location.

9. What documents are required to apply for a Jio DTH vendor?

The list of documents that must be submitted with the application form includes a PAN card, Aadhar card, 6 passport sized photos, bank statements for the past six months, photos of the space or home and the highest degree of qualification.

Final Words:

By providing top quality products and services at the lowest prices available, Jio is killing the competition in all sectors. In less than 3 years, the brand has gained over 300 million trailers. This shows Jio’s path of rapid growth and development. So if one is looking to invest in DTH business, there is no better option than Jio

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