Low Cost Fast Food Franchise in India

Updated On : 08-Dec-2023

Who doesn’t love to eat fast food? All kinds of fast food articles are opening all over the country to provide different types of food items to rejuvenate the taste buds of the customers. If one wants to invest in a low cost fast food franchise in India, they should take a look at the following list:

Franchise Frankie 1. Tibb’s

It is one of the cheapest fast food franchises in India Frankie Tibb on. Named after the West Indies cricketer Frank Worell, Frankie Tibb is a fast-food chain fast-serving serving quality food to its customers. Frankie Tibb is the founder of Amarjit Singh. Starting in 1969 in the city of Mumbai, the company, the company today, is present in 15 cities in India with over 300 outlets. The franchisee benefited a lot from the Frankie Tibb-based brand name.

The area that one needs to establish the Tibb’s Frankie franchise is approx 50-150 square feet. In addition, at least 3 to 5 people are needed to run Frankie the Tibb’s outlet.

The cost of the investment that the franchisee will have to pay to set up Tibb’s Frankie store is around 5 to 10 lakh rupees.

The profit margins of Frankie Tibb are really big as it is India’s top food franchise. A franchisee can expect to get the amount of the investment back in 10 months.

2. Chick Franchise Blast

Starting in 2009, Chick blast considered to be one of the fastest growing fast food chains in India. The company is renowned for their burgers, wraps, grilled chicken etc. There are many benefits to being involved with Chick Blast as a franchisee. The first benefit is that the company provides full support and guidance to the franchisee, including the training of employees, to assist him or take her up the shop. Another benefit that the franchisee does not have is having any royalty or franchisees pay fees to the company.

The franchisee must have a distance of between 100 to 1,000 square feet to open up a Chick Blast outlet.

Minimum amount of money an individual needs to be the owner of the Chick Blast franchise 7 lakh rupees.

The return on investment by Chick Blast franchise is expected to be around 30 to 40 percent.

3. Kathi Junction Franchise

Kathi Junction Another of the low-cost food franchise franchises is making its mark in India. Starting in 2009, Kathi Junction is today the Kathi Roll and Shawarma company. The company sells more than 2000 shawarmas and over 5,000 Kathi rolls every day. Since its inception, Kathi Junction has become an established brand name that is of benefit to an investor who wants to become a franchise owner of Kathi Junction.

Kathi Junction offers investors two types of food franchise opportunities. The first is the Kathi Junction Food Court Express. The area required to set up such a franchise is approx 200 square feet. The cost of the investment that a franchisee has to bear in order to become the owner of the Kathi Express Court Food Express Junction comes to about 7 lakhs. Apart from this, the franchisee also has to pay a royalty of 4 percent of total sales to the company.

The other type of franchise business opportunity offered by Kathi Junction is Kathi Junction Dining restaurant. In this type of franchise, an area of ​​approximately 600 square feet is required to set up the Kathi junction store. About 10 lakh rupees comes in the investment needed by the franchisee to set up the Kathi junction franchise. Franchisee also pay a royalty fee of 4 percent of total sales to the company.

Kathi Junction profit margins are very attractive. The return on investment is around 50 percent and the investment money can be earned back in 6 to 9 months.

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The cheapest fast food franchise in India

If someone is looking for a cheap fast food franchise to invest in from which they can earn a good profit, then one of the cheapest fast food franchise options out there Pizza Central. The company, located in the city of Lucknow, aims to provide healthy and tasty food to satisfy its customers. The minimum area required for a Central Pizza franchise is 100 square feet. Setting up a Central pizza shop will require at least 3 lakh rupees. The results are also attractive because the profit margin on Pizza Central products is about 30 percent.

So, it is the cheapest fast food franchise in India based on our Pizza Central list.

Faqs About Best Food Franchise In India

Which are the most profitable food franchises in India?

Amul and Dominos are considered to be two of the most profitable franchises in India.How much does the Burger King franchise cost?

The cost of the Burger King franchise outlet will come in at around Rs 2.5 crore rupees.What is the cheapest franchise to start?

Below is a list of some low-cost franchises:
1. Amul Franchise
2. Bean here Franchise
3. Pizza Central Franchise
4. Samosa Junction Franchise
5. Sweet World Franchise
6. Franchise Cream Lounge

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of entities in the food franchise business in India today but not all of them are profitable. an investor should conduct appropriate research before deciding which company to invest in. The companies listed in this article are thriving and growing day by day. The cost of the investment required by an individual to set up a franchise for any of the companies mentioned is also not high. So if one wants to invest in fast food franchise in India with low investment, this article is surely bound to help them.

Discover low-cost fast food franchises in India for profitable opportunities. Start a thriving fast-food business without breaking the bank.

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