ok Mother Dairy Franchise,Cost, Profit - 2023

Mother Dairy Franchise,Cost, Profit - 2023

Updated On : 21-Jun-2024

Learn how to apply for Mother Dairy Franchise in India.

Dairy is now a part of Indian food culture. No matter whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, dairy always comes in one form or another. It can be in the form of milk, curd, cottage cheese or just some ice cream after dinner. Mother’s Dairy It’s a brand that has established itself in the dairy sector. With its wide range of high quality products, it has achieved a loyal customer base. By adhering to its tagline ‘Happy Food, Happy People’. Parent dairy, with its diverse range of products, has been successful in managing to cater for people of all ages and demographics. Ongoing growing at a rapid pace, the company is making its presence known in various major cities of the country and especially in northern India.

Mother Dairy Franchise,Cost, Profit - Apply Online

The Company:

Mother & Vegetable Dairy Fruits Pvt Ltd. It is an Indian dairy company known for milk, dairy and other edible products. Products like paneer (cottage cheese), ghee and ice cream come under the Mother Dairy brand. Apart from dairy products, the company is also involved in the manufacture and sale of fruits and vegetables, edible oils, frozen and processed foods such as pickles, fruit juices, jams, etc.

The company came into existence in 1974 when it was commissioned as a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Starting under Operation Flood which was a dairy development program, Mother Dairy aimed to ensure that there was an adequate supply of milk in the country. A significant portion of the company’s liquid milk requirement is met through sourcing from village-level farmer organizations and dairy co-operatives. In previous days, the company’s main focus was on Delhi and other parts of the National Capital Region. Later, the company began to grow and expand into different areas of the country.

Sa FMCG Industry, Mother Dairy is considered the second best company. In a 2015 survey, the company was ranked 39th in the list of India’s Top 100 Companies to work for.

The ‘Safal’ company has vegetable arm names through the company’s sale in Delhi and Bengaluru of fruits and vegetables. Safal has made its presence known in over 40 countries including places like the United States, Europe, Africa, etc. Mother Dairy has another brand called ‘Dhara’. The brand, launched by NDDB under the Operation Golden Flow program, sells edible oils nationwide.

Product Range:

Through various sub-brands, Mother Dairy manufactures and sells a diverse range of products. For dairy, the following is a list of products that Mother Dairy sells:

Business Model:

The business model adopted by Mother Dairy has helped them to achieve success. By eliminating the middle men, they went straight to the farmers to get milk that was of benefit to both the company and the farmers. After milk, Mother Dairy followed the same process as fruits and vegetables and thus, the company was able to reach new heights.

Mother’s Dairy Franchise:

Types of Mother Dairy franchises:

Mother’s Dairy Franchise Requirements:

Area: The first or must fulfillment requirement to find a Mother Dairy vendor is the outlet space or area. An individual claims an area of ​​5,000 square feet or more is eligible for a Mother Dairy vendor.

Staff: At least one member is required to run the Mother Dairy outlet. The person needs to be trained in how to operate the machinery and also how to interact with the customers.

Cost of Mother Dairy Franchise:

Owning a Mother Dairy franchise requires an investment of 5 to 10 lakh rupees. Otherwise, a franchisee must pay the company a franchise fee of 50,000 rupees.

If one wants to open multiple units, then the cost of investment can cost up to 1 or 2 crore rupees. It can also range from 2 to 5 crore rupees depending on store location and city.

Otherwise, the company assists in promotion, setting up the milk vending machine and keeping the store up to date with the latest IT equipment.

How to get a Mother’s Dairy franchise?

The question arises as to how to apply for a Dairy Mother franchise. The process is very simple. Simply visit the company’s official website and complete an application form applying for a Mother Dairy vendor. You will need to fill in personal and official details on the application form.

Following the acceptance of the application, the franchisee will be trained and provided with necessary training manuals. He or she will also be given field assistance so that they gain maximum benefit from their location.

Mother’s Dairy Deal:

Today, people look at shops where they can buy a large range of high quality products instead of going to their local vendors. And as for these stores, Mother Dairy is one of the best. To date, Mother Dairy has more than 1,000 exclusive outlets and around 1,400 retail outlets in Delhi alone.

The company is operating all over India, so opening a franchise site is not a problem. So investing in a Dairy Mother franchise is a great option. Company staff also provide additional support and guidance to assist the franchisee in setting up the shop and the franchisee is not required to pay the company any royalty fee.

Mother’s Dairy Distribution Margin:

Whether someone is asking if you should invest in Mother Dairy or not, it must be pointed out that the Dairy Mother distribution margin is quite significant. A 30 per cent return on investment can be expected in the first year of operation and it will take about 2 years for a franchisee to reach the break-even point. A person looking to invest in a Dairy Mother franchise can earn a profit of about 44,000 rupees every month.

Mother Dairy Franchise Contact:

For any Mother Dairy franchise inquiry, the following information may be used:

Private Dairy Fruits and Vegetables Private Limited.
A – 3, Sector – 1, Noida, Uttar Pradesh – 201301
Landline Phone Number: +91 – 120 – 4399500/4399501
Fax No: 91 – 120 – 4399527
Email ID: consumer.service@motherdairy.com
Website: www.motherdairy.com

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Dairy Franchise Franchise Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to get a Mother’s Dairy franchise?

Just go to the official Mother Dairy website and fill out an application form there to apply to the seller. The individual will be required to fill in important official personal details in the form.

2. Who is the CEO of Mother Dairy?

S. Nagarajan is the Chief Executive Officer of Mother Dairy.

3. Is the Mother Dairy franchise profitable?

Yes, the Mother Dairy franchise is very profitable. Mother Dairy’s distribution margin is great. An investment of 30 per cent can be achieved in the first year of opening. One can earn a monthly profit of about 44,000 rupees.

4. What is the outlet area required to apply for a Mother Dairy vendor?

An area of ​​approximately 5,000 square feet is required to qualify for a Mother Dairy vendor.

5. What are the requirements of the Mother Dairy franchise?

One must have an outlet space of approximately 5,000 square feet. At least one person is required to run the store. The seller needs an investment of 5 to 10 lakh rupees. Finally, the franchisee has to pay the company a franchise fee of 50,000 rupees.

6. What is the cost of the Mother Dairy franchise?

Investment of 5 to 10 lakh is required and a franchise fee of 50,000 rupees is also required. If one wants to open multiple units, the cost can go to 1 to 5 crore rupees depending on the location of the outlet.

7. What happens after a vendor application is accepted?

After the company accepts the dealership application, the franchisee is given training and field assistance to help him or her set up the shop.

8. Does the owner of the Mother Dairy franchise have to pay the company a royalty fee?

It is not necessary. The franchisee does not have to pay the Dairy Mother any royalty.

Final Words:

Mother Dairy is not a brand that has just come out of nowhere and is popular with the public. The company has existed for many years providing quality products to customers and growing rapidly. The statistics, coupled with the brand value of the company, make A Mother Dairy a great investment choice for anyone out there. Accordingly, he was deeply concerned with the dairy franchise. I hope this article helps you to make an informed decision. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

Own a Mother Dairy franchise and provide quality dairy products. Apply online to join a trusted brand in the dairy industry.


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