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Updated On : 08-Dec-2023

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Although the Pizza originated from Italian land, over the years, it is now a global cuisine. Pizza is featured in almost every menu of Asian restaurants and Indians have adopted pizza with open arms.

Oyalo Pizza Franchise - Cost, Requirements & More

It is difficult for anyone to resist freshly baked piping hot pizza, coming directly from the heated oven. Due to the crisp crust, the aroma and taste of melted cheese, diced tomatoes, onion rings, paneer, capsicum, sweet corn, mushrooms, jalapenos, olives and other toppings of vegetable and non-vegetable choices, this meal is a meal it’s all pizza. Flexibility to serve in different sizes viz. 6 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches and flexibility to determine different toppings and different types of cheese make a more versatile meal. Not only does oregano cheese and toppings and sprinkles make a tasty and tempting pizza but it also makes a healthy choice.

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The Emergence of Pizza in India:

In early 2000 multinational pizza joints began operating in India and made fast food snacks accessible. However, over the last few years, Indian brands have also evolved and now have such tasty pizza, which can stand up to the foreign competitors in terms of pricing, flavor and proportion.

Oyalo Franchise Model:

When we look at the outlet arrangement that exists, we can easily understand the low-cost model. It can also be noted the type of customer base as well as the franchisees they are targeting. They want to offer pizza in an instant – that’s also in a smaller part, which is a novel idea itself, we never thought a slice of pizza could be sold but here’s Oyalo with this great idea.

The price of a pizza slice is between 45 and 160.

From our observations, we can say that they are not focusing on inbound dining model because they are operating with a low cost model where space requirement is low, you only want a 200 to 250 square foot space where you can fix a freezer because these are frozen pizza and that seems to be why they kept it limited to vegetables. If no one tells you, you can’t pretend you had frozen pizza because it tastes so good. Whether it’s cheese, crust or various toppings of the veggies, everything seems to have perfected and the icing on the cake is pricing.

Hatsun agro seems to think differently about Oyalo than the traditional franchise businesses we’ve seen before. According to our observation, their target is online food delivery customers. With the emergence of food delivery aggregators such as SwiggyZomato and Uber eats, it is impossible to ignore the online food ordering users. This model will not only give users a pocket pizza option but will also allow them to choose a slice of pizza instead of ordering a whole pizza.

Most of the current outlets are from the southern states of India, but as the company said that they have ambitious expansion plans, we may see Oyalo in different states besides the south in the future.



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Why Oyalo Pizza?

Oyalo Pizza It is one of the fast growing pizza chain brands offering Hatsun Argo Product Ltd. and located in Chennai. Hatsun Agro is a giant in Southern India that deals with ice cream, milk and other dairy products and has ambitious plans to expand its dairy network to other states like Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Hatsun also has popular ice cream brands Arun and Lbaco and even Arokya milk.

Oyalo is currently in over 90 cities in India. It is also noteworthy that, unlike many other foreign players, it is a single vegetarian pizza joint chain and this is important in a country like India.

Oyalo Pizza Franchise FAQ Answered:

1. How to get an Oyalo pizza franchise?

The inquiry form is given on their official site, which can be duly filled out and sent to their management. Here is the link for your ready reference: Oyalo Franchise Inquiry.

Alternatively you can contact 044- 24501622.


Door no. 1 / 20A, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Karapakkam, Chennai – 600097, India.

2. How much does it cost to open an Oyalo pizza franchise?

Nowhere is it clearly stated about its space and investment needs and its royalty structure, but it seems to be operating with the structure at a low cost and therefore we believe that space should be 200-400 square feet and 4-6 lakh for investment as a requirement for them to start a franchise. Still, we recommend contacting a business as mentioned earlier in the inquiry form to get the precise details.

3. What are the Oyalo pizza franchise requirements?

No precise requirements are stated on their site; however, it should be 200 to 400 square feet of space, 3 to 6 lakh of investment, and does not require large staff, a skilled chef, etc. We strongly recommend that you contact the site business inquiry form already given above.

Alternatives to the Oyalo Pizza franchise:

  1. Pizza Hut
  2. Domino’s
  3. US Pizza
  4. Laziz Pizza
  5. Naples Pizza
  6. Chicago Pizza
  7. Smokin ‘joes’ pizza
  8. Pizza Vip
  9. Pizza Go69
  10. Bon pizza
  11. Slice Newyork
  12. Pizza da dhaba
  13. Pizzeria
  14. pizzerio
  15. Longlive pizza
  16. Central pizza
  17. I own pizza
  18. A bit of cheese
  19. Woodee Pizza
  20. Lapino Pizza
  21. Tell pizza
  22. Pizza studio

Final Words:

In India, the pizza market is steadily growing as we see competition increasing day by day and domestic MNC players are also emerging in this very competitive market.

Oyalo currently only serves vegetable pizza and we don’t know if the company has plans to launch a non-vegan menu or not. In this case, they are losing a large customer base who love non-vegetarian pizza.

For a franchise, it seems like a plug and play. Almost everything is ready and system oriented. As they serve frozen pizza, a professional chef / chef may also not be needed because the process is simple – take the frozen pizza from the freezer, place it in the oven with a preset timer and serve it hot with condiments .

While it is not easy to win market share of huge MNCs such as Domino’s and Pizza Hut here, this Indian brand will take the slice of their pizza.

Start an Oyalo Pizza franchise and serve delicious pizzas to your community. Apply online for a successful and rewarding pizza business.

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