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Updated On : 15-Jul-2024

Ladies Garment Business Plan

How to start a business of ladies clothes –  This fashion era is going on. In this fashion era, everyone wants to wear well. I want to live a good life. In this fashion era, today we are telling you about business ideas related to fashion. Today we are talking about Ladies Garments Business, that is, about the business of girls clothes. And if it comes to the girl's fashion, then the chances of this business being successful become more. Because girls' dress is available at all cost and every type and girls also do more shopping.

Clothing is one such item which is a special part of our life. Therefore, its business has been very successful not only in India but also in other countries over the years. Because cloth is needed by every person, whether it is poor or rich, village or city, everyone needs it. Therefore, the chances of being successful in the clothing business are high. That's why the clothing industry in India has seen a lot of growth in the last few years.

The textile industry has played an important role in the country's economy since time immemorial. Which is growing at a growth rate of about 30% . Textiles account for 13% of the country's total industrial exports . Similarly, the textile industry is also the source of employment for a total of 105 million people. If you are also looking for a business, then let's know  the complete information about Ladies Garments Business . Where we will tell you how to start this business, how much it will cost, how much profit will be there etc.

Few Steps to Start Ladies Garment Business

1) Business plan and market research -

Ladies Garments is one such item that comes in every price, which costs up to lakhs. Therefore, before starting this business, you should plan your business well and know your budget. Plan all these things in advance, what type of range of items you want to keep, branded or non-branded.

Apart from this, local market research is very important to start this business because in the present time there is a lot of competition in the clothing business. Whether it is online or from small cities to big cities or malls, there is more competition in the clothing business in all these places. Therefore, before starting this business, get information about your local market competition.

2) having the right location

It is very important to choose the right place to start a ladies garment business. For this, you should choose a place where people will come and go. The location should be in a main market etc. Apart from this, you can also do this business by setting up your stall everywhere.

In which you will also get less cost. You can change your location or city from time to time by setting up a stall and selling it. You can earn good money by setting up your stall at every event where there is a possibility of more sales.

3) How to keep  ladies clothes collection

Having the right clothes collection is very important in the business of ladies garment. Because any clothing shop becomes famous only when it has a good collection of clothes. That is, the customer can easily like the cloth. Cloth is one such item whose thousands of types.

Be it according to the rate or according to the design or according to the fashion, there are thousands of types of it. Apart from this, there are different types of trends in every state in India, so keeping all these things in mind, keep a good collection of clothes.

Some Kinds of Ladies Garments

Designer Kurti
Ladies Jeans
Ladies Undergarments, etc.

How much will it cost to start a ladies garments business?

According to the interview of a businessman associated with this business, if you take a shop in a market, then the cost of taking the shop is in lakhs which depends on that area. But if your budget is less then you can start this business by investing 40 to 50 thousand by setting up stalls from place to place .

If you put 50 thousand then you can take ladies kurti for 20 thousand, take 20 thousand leggings, jeans, children's capria, etc. For the remaining 10 thousand, you can take palazzo ladies undergarments and other ladies items. In this way you can start your business in 50 thousand.

How much will you earn from Ladies Garment Business

Talking about earnings, this is a high margin business, in which you can take margin up to 100% . That is, if you have a cloth worth 100 rupees, then you can sell it up to 200, thus you will get a profit of 100 rupees on 100 rupees clothes. By the way, talk about standard margin, this margin depends from where you have taken the goods.

For example, if you take from Gandhi Nagar, Delhi, then your margin can be from 30 to 60% . If you take from Bangalore then this margin can be from 20 to 40% . If you take Tripura from Tamil Nadu then this margin can be from 20 to 30% etc.

Where to get goods for ladies garment business

For ladies garment business, you can take goods from Delhi's Gandhi Nagar or from Surat. Which is the largest clothing wholesaler's market in India.

Address (Solanki Textiles. Wholesalers Of Dress Materials, Churidar, Sarees, Kurties,  505, New Shree Ram Market, Ring Road, Surat, Gujarat 395002) 

What is the Challenge in Ladies Garments Business

This business is as much margin and profitable as it is a challenging task, as new fashions are always coming in the market to maintain it. A sudden change of fashion due to which the former does not sell. Removal of defective piece. More competition in the market, etc. Like things have to be faced in this business.

Ladies Garment Business starting guide.Know Ladies Clothes Business profits,intial cost ad right location selection - Start business today

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